July 6, 2023

Mexican President Interferes With U.S. Elections,
Pregnant Illegals in Maryland Get Free Healthcare,

Illegal Aliens Protest in Florida

Also in this edition:

"Biden purges immigration judges appointed by Trump"

"Biden prioritizes illegal aliens’ applications over those who came here lawfully"

"Majority of Americans support military war against Mexican cartels"

See HSM Director Brad Botwin's 9 minute post-event interview with journalist Karen Tully, at the Patriot Club of America's June 5 gathering in Timonium, Maryland.

To see the one-hour Brad Botwin, HSM Director presentation at the June 5 Patriot Club of America event go to:

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May 26, 2023

Special Event!
Join HSM Director Brad Botwin at Patriot Club of America Meeting

Timonium, MD

Mark Your Calendar - Monday, June 5 - 6pm-8:30pm


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May 2023

"The City Is Being Destroyed By the Migrant Crisis!"

NYC Mayor Adams Demands Ending Biden Funded Buses.  Panic at DHS as Title 42 Expires - DC Staff Threatened With Border Duty

What's happening in
San Diego? El Paso, Texas?
Silver Spring, Maryland?

Everywhere USA

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April 2023

Maryland's U.S. Attorney Attempts to Take Down Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins! More Biden Healthcare Goodies For Illegals

Download "HELP SAVE MARYLAND NEWSLETTER - April 25 2023.pdf"

March 2023

"Montezuma's Revenge" Biden Style Illegal Alien Sanctuary Facility Identified in Montgomery County American Citizen Falsely Charged in Alien Death

Download "HELP SAVE MARYLAND NEWSLETTER - March 16, 2023.pdf"

January 2023

Maryland Pays the Price For Supporting Sanctuary Policies With Montgomery County Leading The Way!

Download "HELP SAVE MARYLAND NEWSLETTER - Jan 6 2023.pdf"

Illegal Alien Invasion Numbers Continue Rising Unabated Can You Spell "IMPEACHMENT" For The Big Guy?

Download "HELP SAVE MARYLAND NEWSLETTER - Dec 20 2022.pdf"

"The Great Replacement?" - Biden's Demented Immigration & Border Policies Bring Aliens, Drugs & Crime To America By Any Means Necessary Maryland Citizens - Time To Vote!

Download "HELP SAVE MARYLAND NEWSLETTER - Oct 26, 2022.pdf"