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Help Save Maryland is a grassroots organization dedicated to preserving Maryland’s counties, cities and towns from the negative effects of illegal aliens. Help Save Maryland fosters public awareness and education, facilitates effective engagement by citizens in the Maryland legislative process, and provides an effective voice for citizens frustrated by our out-of-touch Maryland politicians.

Help Save Maryland is a multi-ethnic, grass roots, citizens’ organization with members state-wide. As a volunteer, nonprofit 501(c) 3, we accept donations (tax-deductible) to help defray our costs. Let’s work together through outreach and other activities to educate fellow Marylanders regarding the financial, social and economic costs of illegal immigration. Please donate by credit card online or postal mail your tax deductible donation to:

Help Save Maryland

PO Box 5742
Rockville, MD 20855


6 Responses to About Help Save Maryland

  1. bl says:

    Need to know how your funds are spent before we donate. Please supply financial statements.

  2. Helen M Darby says:

    How do we let our elected representatives know that we want them continue to distinguish between legal and illegal immigrants and that I do not support undocumented, illegal immigrants. I am not discriminatory or racist, but believe all must follow the law. AND I do not want laws enacted or changed to accommodate illegal immigration.

    • You need to do as I do, continue to email, all those pro immigrant advocacy counties, cities, doj, and news outlets. Fox has brought up many of the stories we have posted. You just have to keep on fighting, I have been doing it for years and just finally getting the message through, now that Trump is in charge.

    • Mary Gibbons says:

      If you are in favor of LEGAL immigrants, then you need to communicate to your elected officials the importance of increasing, not decreasing, legal immigration — i.e., vet people, give them visas in a reasonable amount of time, and allow them to come in through official ports of entry. Right now, it is almost impossible to enter this country legally if you are not wealthy and well-connected. People will come as long as there are jobs that Americans do not want. The more highly regulated, LEGAL immigration we allow, the fewer undocumented immigrants there will be. Allowing more people to come in legally will also deprive the Mexican drug cartels of power; someone who has the ability to enter the US legally will choose that route, rather than paying cartel-affiliated coyotes.

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