Sign Help Save Maryland’s Petition To Tell Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland, “NO TO OBAMAS EXECUTIVE AMNESTY”


In January 2015, before the swearing in for Governor-elect Larry Hogan, Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh took it upon himself to set immigration policy for the new Hogan Administration.

Acting alone, AG Frosh signed on to an amicus curiae or “friend of the court” brief with 11 other states in support of President Obama’s controversial executive amnesty for illegal aliens. This questionable brief was submitted in opposition to the formal legal challenge filed by the State of Texas and 25 other states which argued that the President’s unconstitutional amnesty would be a financial burden on the states.

During the 2014 Maryland campaign for governor, Candidate Hogan stated on multiple occasions that he opposed illegal immigration in Maryland. And Maryland citizens fully understand that Governor Hogan was not in office when AG Frosh signed on to the original January court brief supporting Obama’s executive amnesty.

But on March 12, 2015, AG Brian Frosh did it again! This time signing on to another “friend of the court” brief demanding that the Federal Court of Appeals overturn a lower court action delaying implementation of the President’s amnesty.   This was done without so much as a peep from Governor Hogan’s office.

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

Obama’s Executive Amnesty means 5 million more immigrant lawbreakers will take additional jobs, healthcare and social services from deserving Maryland families. With a social security card illegal aliens will obtain federal and state tax refunds, “earned income tax credits”, access to even more government services and the ability to register to vote in Maryland elections. Maryland taxpayers already spend nearly $2 billion annually for the education, healthcare and incarceration costs of illegal aliens.

Please sign the Help Save Maryland Petition. Tell Maryland Governor Larry Hogan to:

  • Immediately withdraw the State of Maryland from the “friend of the court” briefs signed by Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh. Maryland citizens are tired of paying for illegal aliens in our communities.
  • Put our state on record with the federal courts and the American People that the law-abiding citizens of Maryland refuse to support President Obama’s Executive Amnesty.
  • Order Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh to cease and desist from providing any further verbal or written support for the unconstitutional Executive Amnesty being promoted by the White House.  

This past November, Maryland citizens voted for dramatic “Change” through the election of Larry Hogan as Governor. Eliminating blatant support for Maryland policies and programs that promote illegal immigration was a key component of the expected “Change”.

Tell Governor Larry Hogan to stop Attorney General Frosh and Maryland’s immigration lawlessness! Even New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has stepped up to oppose Obama’s executive amnesty. It’s now time for Governor Hogan to do the right thing.




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New Report Strikes Serious Blow Against Obama Administration’s Defense in Executive Amnesty Lawsuit

Hans von Spakovsky /  / 

The Department of Homeland Security’s inspector general, John Roth, has dealt a serious blow against the Obama administration’s defense in the lawsuit filed by 26 states against the immigration amnesty plan announced by President Barack Obama on Nov. 20, 2014.

That plan is currently on hold due to a preliminary injunctionorder issued by Federal District Court Judge Andrew Hanen, an order now being appealed to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals by the administration.

The crux of the defense asserted by Justice Department lawyers in multiple briefs filed in the litigation is that the president’s actions in this regard are simply an exercise of traditional prosecutorial discretion by executive branch officials.

For example, in its opposition to the motion by the plaintiff states for a preliminary injunction, the Justice Department claimed that exercising prosecutorial discretion by deferring action on millions of illegal aliens allows the Department of Homeland Security to “focus limited resources on higher priority aliens.” Those “higher priority aliens” are aliens who pose “threats to national security, border security, and public safety.”

However, in a report published on May 4, Inspector General Roth says that the Department of Homeland Security “does not gather and analyze prosecutorial discretion data.” Therefore, Homeland Security does not have the ability “to fully assess its current immigration enforcement activities and to develop future policy.” Because the Department of Homeland Security is not collecting this data and “does not have a mechanism to continuously monitor its use of prosecutorial discretion,” it lacks the ability to “improve future policy.”

In fact, because the Department of Homeland Security is notactively monitoring the use of prosecutorial discretion, Roth concludes that Homeland Security may “be missing opportunities to strengthen its ability to remove aliens who pose a threat to national security and public safety.”

Even when the Department of Homeland Security knows about serious criminal violations by illegal immigrants in this country, it is still refusing to deport large numbers of them.

So the very reason that the administration is using to justify exercising prosecutorial discretion to grant what amounts to executive amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants—the ability to focus on and remove the most dangerous illegal immigrants—seems to be misleading at best and specious at worst because the Department of Homeland Security is not even collecting the information needed to adequately engage in this type of prioritization of its enforcement efforts.

Even worse, the inspector general identified another “potential issue that could affect DHS employees’ ability to make well-informed decisions when exercising prosecutorial discretion.” Homeland Security field personnel in its Immigration and Customs Enforcement division told the inspector general that they don’t always “have access to an individual’s criminal history in his or her country of origin.”

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Refugees stranded outside gates of Baghdad; fears of ISIS Trojan Horse

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 20, 2015
ISIS on the move!

The Daily Mail reported yesterday (hat tip: Kyle) that thousands of Iraqi refugees fleeing Ramadi are now trapped between the ISIS-controlled city and the safety of Baghdad. (BTW, pundits speculate that Baghdad will fall too.)

Over 20,000 innocent Iraqis are stranded in a deadly no man’s land between ISIS militants in Ramadi and potential safety in Baghdad 60 miles to the east, where they are cruelly being refused entry.

The terror group slaughtered over 500 people over the last few days to seize control of Ramadi – their biggest military victory in over a year – before holding a a twisted celebratory parade on its blood-stained streets.

The thousands who were forced from their homes are now living in the open – many without shelter and dwindling aid – in small towns like Amiriyat Fallujah on the outskirts of Baghdad.

Iraq’s military will not allow them to cross the Euphrates river and into the city because it can not confirm they are not ISIS militants, aid agencies in Baghdad have told MailOnline.

Kind of ironic isn’t it?

The US is bringing Iraqis to your towns and cities at the rate of 1,175 a MONTH at the moment. But, we dare not mention the Trojan Horse analogy and are told to welcome them with open arms.

Where is the UN? Isn’t it their job to go into these danger zones and help the people?

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New Poll Shows Many Americans Are Concerned About Illegal Immigration


Some recent polling results are of significance to states that border Mexico—Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and Arizona. The poll surveyed likely voters, and the results suggest a significant change in attitudes towards immigration.

A Rasmussen Reports poll released in May shows that 77% of the electorate now believes that illegal immigration is a serious problem in America. And 63% of those likely voters said that gaining control over the border was more important than legalizing the status of undocumented workers already living in the U.S. That is the highest level on this issue in nearly five years.

The poll also found that 63% of Americans would favor using the military to control the border. And 51% now believe that border security is a “very serious issue.” Only 30% feel that it is important to legalize those immigrants who are already in the country, the lowest figure on that issue in two years.

Politics plays a part in one’s opinion, not surprisingly. The poll showed that 83% of those who identify as Republicans favor border security; 48% of Democrats want legalization to come first. As for the independents, 65% of them favor border security first.

The results of the poll, and others like it, will undoubtedly affect the 2016 election. Hillary Clinton has just changed her position, moving to the left of President Obama and favoring a quicker path to legalization. On the other hand, Republican Senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio have been in Arizona campaigning for border security.

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