From HSM Director, Brad Bowtin – Publishes Washington Times – Illegals erode more than borders

The title of Donald Lambro’s recent op-ed “This bizarre election year” (Web, July 14) teased the reader into thinking the piece was a fair and balanced review of the two 2016 presidential candidates. Instead it was a one-sided attack on the basic tenets of Donald Trump’s plan to control our southern border, end sanctuary havens for illegal immigrants and enforce laws to preserve employment opportunities for law-abiding citizens.
The consequences of the Clinton-Obama team’s open borders and lack of immigration-policy enforcement — seemingly endorsed by Mr. Lambro — have been already negatively affecting local communities throughout the country. In my own Montgomery County, Maryland, Police Chief Tom Manger, himself an immigration non-enforcement rock star, recently held a press conference to discuss the staggering increase in local MS-13 gang violence. There have been more than 10 horrific murders and multiple people injured in less than a year.
The Clinton-Obama team’s opposition to deporting illegal immigrants also has tremendous economic implications. As a sanctuary county, our elected officials (all Democrats) openly welcome supposedly non-violent Central American “refugees” and other illegal immigrants to our jurisdiction.
There is a financial cost for this naive policy of open county borders. The Montgomery County Council and county executive just passed a massive 8.7-percent property tax increase, merely a downpayment for expanded elementary, middle and high schools, social services, health care and welfare needs of the never-ending tsunami of illegal immigrants. Our elected officials caused this growing financial fiasco through their blatant pro-illegal-immigration policies. And Montgomery County taxpayers are forced to pay the bill.
Elected officials are expected to improve our quality of life and standard of living, not erode both through thoughtless policies that allow illegal immigrants to live and work in our communities with impunity from the law. Bring on that wall.

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Help Save Maryland Newsletter – Re: Help Save Maryland – Hispanic Gang Violence Out Of Control In Montgomery County

Eating Crow – Montgomery County Police Chief Tom Manger Chows Down
Last July 21, 2015, Montgomery County, Maryland Police Chief Tom Manger testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee which was examining the Obama Administration’s misdirected immigration enforcement policies and the impact on public safety. As a self-appointed expert on why local law enforcement agencies should not be bothered with arresting and detaining illegal immigrants in our community, Chief Manger spent his morning, at taxpayer expense, lecturing the committee on his policing priorities.
Parroting the Obama Administration, Chief Manger brazenly peddled the party line that the trust and respect of the illegal immigrant community was vital to fighting crime in the community. He postulated that if illegals see “their police” as immigration agents, their fear of deportation will cause non-reporting of crimes, thus further encouraging criminal activities.
Manger famously stated to the committee that his priority is the prevention of crime and the protection of the public we are sworn to serve. “Surely no member of the Committee would want to hear from their own community that we did not respond to a call for help because we were off enforcing immigration laws”. Manger had the chutzpah to say this in the face of other committee witnesses who had lost loved ones at the hands of illegal immigrant criminals.
What a remarkably dishonest approach to serving and protecting the taxpaying, law abiding citizens of Montgomery County.
Let’s fast forward to June 23, 2016. This time Chief Manger found himself testifying before a Montgomery County Council committee on the topic of exponential growth of gang violence in the county. During the past eight months, Montgomery County Police have been forced to investigate at least 13 Hispanic gang related murders and countless other acts of crime, all under Manger’s watch. The latest victim was subjected to 40 stab wounds by his illegal immigrant killers. This heinous crime was only topped by the December 2014 stabbing, scalping and ripping out of the victim’s liver by yet another MS-13 illegal immigrant gang member. Yet another example of Manger protecting of the public he is sworn to serve.
Seems the unnaturally diverse communities of Montgomery Village and Gaithersburg are the epicenters of this illegal immigrant slaughter house. These jurisdictions targeted by the Montgomery County Council and local illegal alien support groups like CASA of Maryland and Identity Inc., are forced to accept untold numbers of Central American illegal immigrants.
Chief Manger refuses to blame this massive crime wave on the County’s sanctuary policies or his own rules for not allowing his police officers to contact federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) when crossing paths with suspected illegals. Instead he blames the Government of El Salvador for getting tough with the criminal gang members in their country. How dare they enforce their laws! This somehow in Manger’s mind then makes our county’s MS-13 illegal immigrant gang members go crazy like werewolves to the full moon.
Councilman Sydney Katz, former Mayor of Gaithersburg and sanctuary supporter, had an equally stupid response. He blames the rise in murders on the lack of education of these El Salvadoran illegals. Really? So that’s why homeowners and businesses are being forced to pay a new 8.7% property tax increase, to build schools and educate those without moral or legal right to be here. I have a better and more cost effective solution. Why allow illegals sanctuary in Maryland in the first place?
Gang violence is out of control because of the lawless approach to illegal immigration and public safety instituted by the Montgomery County Council and Police Chief Manger’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” immigration enforcement policy. Montgomery County is now home to tens of thousands of illegals which has stimulated the growth of 35 different gangs with over 1,300 members who commit crime with impunity.
We eventually hear about the gang murders, but Manger’s officers are being coerced to underreport robberies, muggings and break-ins, to convince the public that all is well. Yet at the same time Manger has quietly raised the number of gang detectives from 13 to 18. Still short of what is needed and still operating under regulations which stymie the ability of officers to detain, arrest and fully cooperate with ICE to help deport illegal immigrants.
And where was our County Executive Ike Leggett when the latest MS-13 Hispanic butchers were doing their thing? Seemingly oblivious to the carnage and crime sweeping our county, Leggett was co-hosting a lovefest with the Islamic Center in Germantown to “make sure our Muslim Community knows they are valued and appreciated. They are an integral part of our County’s celebrated, diverse, makeup”. Maybe so, but it seems like more misguided priorities by our elected officials.
Leggett’s answer to the ongoing gang violence? Work with ICE? No his solution is to partner with groups like the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (are Hebrews crossing the border illegally?) and Catholic Charities Legal Services to provide free legal advice to MS-13 and other Central American border jumpers to help them obtain legal status.
A huge wall across the southern U.S. border and term limits for the Montgomery County Executive and Council, soon to be on the November 2016 voting ballot, never looked so good.
Brad Botwin, Director, 240-447-1884,

Uncle Sam’s Solution to the illegal immigrant tidal wave from Central America?
What better way to solve the flood of Central American and Mexican Illegals coming across the border than to continue to extend the free pass in America given through the Department of Homeland Security’s Temporary Protected Status (TPS) program.
On July 8, Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson again extended the TPS for eligible nationals of El Salvador (and those without nationality who last habitually resided in El Salvador) for an additional 18 months effective September 10, 2016.
This nonsense has been going on for decades and includes Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Haiti, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, and multiple other nations.
When do we actually end these TPS extensions and require those taking full advantage of this program to go home?

Late last month, President Obama met with the leaders of Mexico and Canada, dubbed the “Three Amigos”. Another group name of three comes to mind rather than Amigos.
What was most disturbing about the meeting was the continued non-diplomat language used by Mexico’s latest corrupt President, Enrique Pena Nieto.
The Washington Times quotes El Presidente Nieto and his Foreign Policy Secretary Claudia Ruiz-Massieu (a female lacking a diplomatic touch) in their usual anti-American, anti-Donald Trump statements.
Why do Mexican nationalists think they have the same Constitutional rights and privileges as American Citizens? Comparing a U.S. candidate for President with Adolf Hitler?

“Mr. Pena Nieto doubled down on his previous comparison of Mr. Trump with fascist dictators Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, saying he is wary of a leader who is “choosing a road towards isolationism and destruction.”
“In the past some leaders addressed their societies in those terms,” Mr. Pena Nieto said. “Hitler and Mussolini did that. And the outcome is clear to everyone. It resulted in devastation. It turned out to be a tragedy for mankind.”
“Mexican Foreign Secretary Claudia Ruiz-Massieu said Mr. Trump’s rhetoric “is not only offensive or disparaging to Mexicans, I think it should be worrisome for anyone that believes that people have the same rights.”
“You should not use stereotypes or negative categories to talk about countries and peoples that are your friends, your allies — and should be accorded the same respect as anyone else,” she told CBC News.”
Is Mexico actually an ally of the United States? I can’t think of one U.S. operation overseas in the Middle East or Asia where Mexico provided moral or financial support to the U.S., let alone provide combat troops or logistical support. Their “army” is always busy helping illegals cross the border into the United States.
I can also count on one hand the number of times Mexico has voted with the United States in the United Nations on anything of substance.
Let’s make sure Mexico pays for the coming Border Wall with U.S. dollars, not their worthless Third World Peso Currency!
Brad Botwin, Director, Help Save 240-447-1884

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Help Save Maryland
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Paul Ryan’s Treason

Paul Ryan’s Treason

By Daniel Greenfield

June 22, 2016 , 8:00 am

In an awkward interview with the Huffington Post, House Speaker Paul Ryan threatened to sue Donald Trump if he were to ban Muslim immigration or build a border wall with Mexico. Considering the current track record of suing Obama over abuses of power, this is little more than a confession of impotence.

And yet it’s deeply troubling that a top Republican is willing to go to such lengths to fight for Muslim migration or for that matter illegal immigration in general.

Paul Ryan insists that he will continue to “speak up in defense of our principles, in defense of not just our party’s principles, but our country’s principles”, but it’s telling that these principles seem to involve illegal immigration and Muslim migration.

Since when are either of these representative of our party’s principles or our country’s principles?

And yet they are indeed core principles for Paul Ryan.

Paul Ryan had complained that a Muslim ban was, “not reflective of our principles not just as a party but as a country.” Like Obama, Ryan speaks of “our principles” without actually referencing specifics. While a constitutional conservative, speaks in terms of the Constitution, Ryan uses the “values” language of the left which references no laws, only general sentiments attributed to no specific law or document.

Though Paul Ryan claims that he wants to maintain the traditional separation of powers, and quotes the exact basis for it, he seems reluctant to do so when he claims that a Muslim ban would be wrong. Ryan knows quite well that his opposition to a Muslim migration ban is not based on the law. Like his support for illegal alien amnesty, it is based on the values construct of the left and not on the Constitution.

Paul Ryan was a longtime supporter of illegal alien amnesty. Back when amnesty was still being disguised as “immigration reform”, Ryan was a key player in pushing it forward. Ryan was so notorious for his support for illegal alien amnesty that he had to promise not to move forward on it under Obama in order to gain enough support to become Speaker. And yet despite this Ryan continues to sound amnesty notes.

Like most of the left, Paul Ryan describes illegal aliens as “undocumented immigrants.” Last year, he once again endorsed some measure of legalization for illegal aliens. Even now his website’s top 5 issues includes a call for “immigration reform” which remains a euphemism for illegal alien amnesty.

As is typical of stealth amnesty bids, up front are a raft of security measures and at the very back is a plan for more guest workers and finally a call to “give people a chance to get right with the law”.

That is yet another amnesty euphemism.

Paul Ryan’s amnesty pledge expires when Obama leaves office. That means that, if we take his website at its word, he would like to push amnesty measures under the next administration. A few years ago he was anticipating a move on “immigration reform” in 2017. And so it is not surprising that he remains less than fond of any calls to crack down on illegal immigration.

While Paul Ryan has currently been fairly quiet about amnesty, there was a time when he was one of the more vocal national legislators throwing out amnesty talking points about a “broken immigration system” and “de facto amnesty”. Ryan was certainly not the only prominent Republican to climb on board the amnesty express, but he remained aboard it long after it was leaving the station.

Despite the general shift in the GOP, there is no sign that Ryan has abandoned it. Instead he views Obama’s divisive tone as having poisoned the wall on amnesty. He’s still the same politician who complained two years ago, “People say, ‘amnesty!’ No, it’s taking a problem that’s intractable, that’s been around forever, and trying to fix it in a way that as best guarantees as you can that we’re not going to be in the same [situation] ten years from now.”

Trump’s victory has made it quite clear that Ryan’s view of amnesty, once mainstream in the GOP, is now on the outs. If Trump were to win a national election, then the country would have ratified a rejection of amnesty. The thing that Ryan once fought so hard for, turning illegal aliens into guest workers, was thoroughly rejected by Republican voters.

But there is no sign that Ryan is willing to give up or give in. And that is the problem.

Paul Ryan insists that a ban on Muslim migration would be wrong because, “Muslims are our partners.” That would come as news to all the Americans killed at home and abroad by “our partners” from Saudi Arabia to Muslim refugees and terrorists operating in the United States. And yet even after the latest Muslim terrorist attack in Orlando, Paul Ryan shows no sign of being willing to reconsider his position.

And that’s not surprising.

Paul Ryan doesn’t represent any kind of national Republican consensus. Instead he is a vocal and effective spokesman for the point of view of his backers and sponsors. That is why Ryan not only supports illegal alien amnesty, but also backs “sentencing reform”, a euphemism for freeing criminals.

Despite the anti-establishment election, Paul Ryan continues to represent a particular strain of elitist establishment politics which is concerned with the advocacy of very specific and specifically destructive policies without regard to their consequences, whether it involves criminals, illegal aliens or Muslim terrorists. These principles are often put forward as conservative, but in fact they are a particular species of libertarianism that has very little regard for national interests and none for their victims.

Ryan’s support for illegal immigration and Muslim migration is treasonous. And yet the deeper treason is his treason to the ordinary Republicans whose views and interests he simply does not seem to care about. This is a problem that did not begin with this election and is not likely to end with it.

And yet it is a problem that must be confronted.

The GOP came dangerously close to endorsing amnesty because special interest agendas mattered more than national interests and community interests. And we are not out of the woods yet.

Paul Ryan represents everything wrong with allowing a handful of special interests to set the agenda for the GOP. The agenda has been repudiated at the polls, but it will take far more work to repudiate it in the GOP.


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