****Help Save Maryland Newsletter**** DEMS Choose Illegal Alien DACAs Over American Citizens – They Shut Down U.S. Government

From Brad Botwin, Help Save Maryland, Director

Shocked but not Surprised.  The Democrats in the U.S. Senate, led by Senators Chuck “Shutdown” Schumer and Dickey Durbin, and with the full support of Congressman Nancy Pelosi, told the American People last night what their priorities are for the nation.  Getting AMNESTY for these so-called DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals- but really adults), not funding the U.S. Government!

There are probably about 800,000 to 1 million (some argue 4 million since they are living in the shadows) in this category of illegal aliens.  They are not the top of their class in their taxpayer funded K-12 schools.  Only 49 percent have a high school diploma.  And ONLY 900 of the 800,000 DACA illegals joined the military. 

DEMS also want AMNESTY for the so-called DREAMERS. There are millions more in this category as well, as they could not sign up for DACA.  But don’t be confused they are illegals too!   

So since the President and the GOP refused to give amnesty to these illegal alien border jumpers, the DEMS shut down the U.S. Government which will cut off paychecks to millions of federal workers including our men and women in uniform and cost the taxpayers billions in lost services and waste. These are tax-paying U.S. citizens being harmed by the DEMS, not illegal alien deportable criminals!   

Read the facts about these DACA illegal alien border jumpers in the article link below.  DACA and DREAMERS are about 90 percent MEXICANS, so why do they deserve a special category?  Mexicans comprise over 80 percent of the total U.S. illegal alien population of 30 million or more.  We have know all along what the problem is…Mexico.  That’s why we need the BORDER WALL with Mexico.

Frankly the BORDER WALL which will cost $18-$24 billion is a bargain. Do the math and figure out how much it costs for K-12 education, ESOL programs, free healthcare, welfare, housing, printing everything in English, food stamps, energy assistance, WIC, paying for the birth of all these anchor babies, crime, law enforcement, incarceration, the justice system, drivers licenses, In-State College Tuition, I could go on.   

Again don’t be confused because we don’t have lots of Mexican illegals in the area.  The Mexicans are focused reconquering the American Southwest and California for the most part.  The El Salvadorians with Help From CASA of MARYLAND are all about Maryland and Virginia.  





2018 –  Illegal Border Crossings are Down – BUT NOT IN MARYLAND 

Illegal Border Crossings are at 40 year low and interior arrests of illegals have skyrocketed, thanks to President Trump and his enforcement priorities. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, who risk their lives every day, especially in Sanctuary States and Cities, made a 40 percent increase in arrests from when Barak Hussein Obama was still occupying the White House. 

 ICE also reported that illegals being deported, after being arrested away from the border, jumped 25 percent to 81,603. 

Compared to the 20-30 million illegals wandering freely in our country its not much. But think to only a couple of years ago when Obama was trying to give amnesty to every Tom, Dick or Juan, it’s an amazing shift, with much more to come.


UNFORTUNATELY IN MARYLAND  (Montgomery County, Prince George’s County and Baltimore City), the number of illegals continues to grow.  The Department of Homeland Security reports that while less Mexican illegals are crossing the border, the number of Central Americans – unaccompanied children and families – continue to pour in.  They come primarily from El Salvador (MS-13 Gang Country), Guatemala and Honduras and seemingly head to Maryland to setup shop.  

WHY MARYLAND?  For starters, Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties, as well as Baltimore City are sanctuaries.  Montgomery and Baltimore City politicians, and their elected friends in Annapolis, amazing spent more time and effort (and tax dollars) removing “dangerous and upsetting” CONFEDERATE STATUES, but did ZERO to detain and arrest wanted and dangerous illegal alien criminals.  

In Montgomery County, the only actions our County Council takes is to raise our taxes to build new schools and provide more medical and social services for the growing population of illegals and their anchor baby offspring.  Citizen offspring who eventually can petition to bring additional south-of-the-border family members into our country via CHAIN MIGRATION.  

Montgomery County citizens took action to fight this if you recall.  It was called TERM LIMITS.  These same lawless county politicians will now be job hunting come November 2018 thanks to Montgomery County voters who represented the entire political spectrum.  

MARYLAND’S OTHER ATTRACTION?  We are cursed with having illegal alien support groups like CASA OF MARYLAND and CAIR (COUNCIL ON AMERICAN-ISLAMIC RELATIONS) operating around our state.  These FIFTH COLUMN groups continue to lobby and agitate against the will of the taxpaying citizens.  We need to seal the southern border with THE WALL and stop refugee flows from certain radical regions of the globe.  That will cut these groups off at the knees as their life blood is an endless supply of malleable non-citizens. 

MARYLAND TRUST ACT – Another session in Annapolis began January 10 and you can bet that the illegal alien supporting politicians from Montgomery, Prince George’s, Baltimore City and elsewhere will be pushing the so-called Maryland Trust Act yet again. Remember this sick piece of legislation pushed by the leading pro-illegal representatives in Annapolis – Delegate Gutierrez, Senator Ramirez, Maryland Attorney Frosh and supported by nearly all the clueless African American delegates and senators (the Hispanic illegals are taking resources once targeted at the struggling Black Community). Here in Montgomery County Nancy Navarro of the County Council is a big supporter of the Trust Act. 

If the so-called Trust Act is passed, it would make the entire state of Maryland a sanctuary just like California.  Illegals including the exploding population of MS-13 gang members would have free reign to rape, rob and kill without any intervention by law enforcement.  Even the state’s leading law enforcement official, Sheriff Jenkins in Frederick County, would be stripped of his ability to enforce the law and work with federal immigration officials.  

Maryland citizens were spared from this TRUST ACT lawlessness last year ONLY BECAUSE of the horrific rapes that took place in a Rockville High School boys bathroom.  Two adult illegal alien students from south of the border repeatedly raped a 14 year old girl in the bathroom.  Even the Democrats in Annapolis could not sweet talk the Trust Act legislation though into law with that sick crime.  A crime, like hundreds of other murders, rapes, and robberies, etc., caused by their weak policies of fighting illegal immigration. 

But its 2018, and the illegal alien rapes are history.  Be ready to work with Help Save Maryland and other law abiding organizations, citizens and officials now through the end of the legislative session in Annapolis to stop the new Maryland Trust Act push!


“Every illegal alien vote is a civil rights violation”

Tom Fitton, President, Judicial Watch


 Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for El Salvador – IT’S OVER!

This is very good news.  The usual 18 month renewal of the TPS – code for come to America at our expense and then stay effectively forever at our expense and have lots of anchor babies –  is coming to an end.

This scam has been in place since 2001 following an earthquake in El Salvador.  There are over 200,000 Salvadorian TPS types in the U.S.  And an amazing 1.5 million TOTAL SALVADORIANS here.  That is about 20 PERCENT of all SALVADORIANS.  What is with that?  Since we educated, taught them English, and provided free medical, welfare, etc. to these huge population, they will be a major boost to the El Salvadorian economy when they return.  Ending TPS will also put a major dent in the MS-13 Gang violence corridor into America. And since we taught the basics to the Salvadorians returning, they will also assist their political system.  ITS a win for America and its a win for El Salvador.  




“ICE strikes deal with Florida sheriffs to hold illegal immigrants”

Agreement is test for national detainer authority



Ann Coulter: ‘Nothing Michael Wolff Could Say About Trump Has Hurt Him as Much as DACA LoveFest’

9 Jan, 2018 9 Jan, 2018

New York Times best-selling author and populist conservative columnist Ann Coulter says “nothing” in Michael Wolff’s recent salacious book Fire and Fury could “hurt” President Trump as much as his statement on Tuesday that an amnesty for illegal aliens will be a “bill of love.”

During a meeting at the White House on giving amnesty to nearly 800,000 illegal aliens shielded from deportation by the President Obama-created Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, Trump called an amnesty deal a “bill of love” for illegal aliens.

“This should be a bill of love, truly. It should be a bill of love, and we can do that,” Trump said.

“I really do believe Democrat and Republican, the people sitting in this room, really want to get something done,” Trump said.

Coulter says that Trump’s comments on amnesty for illegal aliens is far worse that Wolff’s recent Fire and Fury book, in which he says Trump is “wnorse than everybody thought.”

Trump’s seeming promise to give DACA illegal alies amnesty is a break from his populist campaign promises and pro-American immigration agenda, where he once said, “There will be no amnesty.”

Under a DACA amnesty, Breitbart News reported, the number of citizen children of illegal aliens — commonly referred to as “anchor babies” — on federal welfare would increase, according to new estimates by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

A DACA amnesty would leave American taxpayers with a potential $26 billion bill. About one in five DACA illegal aliens, after an amnesty, would end up on food stamps, while at least one in seven would go on Medicaid. Since DACA’s inception under Obama, more than 2,100 illegal aliens have been kicked off the program after it was revealed that they were either criminals or gang members.

If chain migration — the process whereby newly naturalized citizens can bring an unlimited number of foreign relatives to the U.S. — is not ended as part of a DACA amnesty deal, there could be an unprecedented chain migration to the country, where potentially between 9.9 to 19 million foreign nationals arrive over the next few decades.

John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder.



US freezes $125 million grant to Palestinian ‘refugees’

January 6, 2018

The Trump administration froze a payment of $125 million to the UN agency for Palestinian “refugees” and is reviewing any future funding of the organization.

By: World Israel News Staff

The US froze a $125 million grant to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, Israel’s Channel 10 News and the American Axios news site reported on Friday.

Citing three Western diplomats who asked to remain anonymous, the reports said the grant was due to be delivered on January 1 and that the amount frozen is one-third of the US annual funding to UNRWA.

For now, the money has been frozen while the US reassesses the situation. US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley announced earlier in the week that the Trump administration will halt aid to the Palestinians unless they agree to come to the negotiating table and participate in peace talks with the Israelis.

President Donald Trump “doesn’t want to give any additional funding until the Palestinians agree to come back to the negotiating table,” Haley stated on Tuesday.

On that same day, Trump tweeted, “We pay the Palestinians HUNDRED OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS a year and get no appreciation or respect…with the Palestinians no longer willing to talk peace, why should we make any of these massive future payments to them?”

Incitement to terror against Israel in UNRWA schools along with the documented use of its facilities as storage spaces for Hamas rockets and weapons have made the agency the target of vociferous criticism by Israeli officials.

Earlier this year, Israel’s UN ambassador Danny Danon called on donor countries to investigate UNRWA’s alleged ties with the Hamas terrorist organization that controls the Gaza Strip. The envoy made his request after several reports emerged of UNRWA employees’ election to the Hamas political leadership.

“In light of these disturbing revelations, it is crucial to conduct a thorough investigation of the organization’s operations in order to ensure that no employee who is involved in terror play any role in UNRWA or the UN,” Danon wrote in a letter to ambassadors from a number of countries that financially support the agency.

“It is time to put an end to the absurd reality in which UNRWA staff, who are expected to provide humanitarian assistance, are instead acting on behalf of terror organizations,” he said.

Palestinian refugees unlike all others

UNRWA was established in 1948 to assist the 750,000 Palestinians who had left Israel. Since then, it has been promoting the Palestinian cause, funding as many as five million “refugees” – the majority of whom never left the homes where they were born in the Gaza Strip, Judea and Samaria, eastern Jerusalem or Arab countries – to the tune of $1.23 billion annually.

UNRWA treats Palestinian refugees differently than other refugees around the world. The UN defines “Palestinian refugees” to include all descendants of the original refugees from the year 1948—the only exception to the legal definition of refugees in the world. Meanwhile, the nearly-one million Jewish refugees in 1948, as well as their children and grandchildren, are not considered refugees by the UN and are not allowed to return to their homes in Arab lands.

Additionally, unlike other refugees, only Palestinian refugees have their own UN Agency: UNRWA. Because the children born to the 1948 Palestinian Arab refugees are also considered refugees, Palestinians are the only refugees whose numbers are increasing exponentially from year to year.

Many in Congress have been saying since 2012 that the majority of Palestinians are permanently settled and should not be under the jurisdiction of a refugee agency.



If You Hate America, Why Not Go Back to Your Country?

by Majid Rafizadeh
January 6, 2018 at 5:00 am


  • No matter what the Islamists’ current status or situation, they would lash out at the US, the West and Americans. Meanwhile, American taxpayers were providing hundreds of thousands of dollars to them in scholarships, free accommodation, and often even a monthly stipend. By comparison, many American students struggle to pay their own tuition and housing; many graduate with debt.
  • Some believed that the US was simply supposed to do these favors for them for free of charge. Others argued that this was an opportunity to take advantage of America, and should be done for the sake of furthering Islamic political and religious views.
  • The US has been funding the lives of these extremists as they endanger our country and the lives of all Americans, and spread hatred towards America, Christianity, Judaism and the West. Is this how American taxpayers want their hard-earned contributions to be used?




This is from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, considered a liberal newspaper. Even its editors see through the shameful political trickery exhibited by charter members of the Swamp.  Please share this widely, and take courage from what it says when you next find yourself in a “discussion” about racism.

Reason as racism: An immigration debate gets derailed 

January 15, 2018 12:00 AM

By the Editorial Board / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Calling someone a racist is the new McCarthyism. The charge is pernicious. The accuser doesn’t need to prove it. It simply hangs over the accused like a great human stain.

It has become not a descriptive term for a person who believes in the superiority of one race over another, but a term of malice and libel — almost beyond refutation, as the words “communist” or “communist sympathizer” were in the 1950s.

Moreover, the accuser somehow covers himself in an immunity of superiority. If I call you a racist, I probably will not be called one. And, finally, having chosen the ultimate epithet, I have dodged the obligation to converse or build.

If Donald Trump is called a racist for saying some nations are “shithole countries,” does that help pass a “Dreamers” bill to keep gifted young people in this nation — people who have something to give the United States and are undocumented only because they were brought here by their parents illegally?

That’s the goal, is it not? To save the Dreamers? That’s what the White House meeting last week was about. It’s what the whole week was about, until we went down the “racist” rabbit hole.

We were having an immigration debate. To the president, it is a reasonable goal, and one that most Americans would agree upon, to want to naturalize more people based on “merit.” We want more people who can contribute to our culture and economy, and they tend to come from stable nations.

If the president had used the world “hellhole” instead, would that have been racist?

If he had used the word “failed states,” would that have been racist?

But there are nations that are hellholes in this world. And there are failed states. It is not racist to say that this country cannot take only the worst people from the worst places and that we want some of the best people from the best places, many of which are inhabited by people of color. That’s not racism, it is reason.

Yes, we should take in unskilled refugees. We also want more Indian Ph.D.s and engineers.

If Sen. Dick Durbin wants to disagree about placing merit at the center of our immigration policies, if he wants to take an unlimited number of unemployed and unemployable people because, after all, that’s what most Poles and Irish were called in the 1900s, let him say that. And let Mr. Durbin and the president debate two concepts of American immigration policy honorably and finally find a middle ground where there is agreement and common purpose.

But, when we have a chance to reform the immigration system, and save the Dreamers, and find common ground, let us not get distracted by another cudgel to use against the president. Calling the president a racist helps no one — it is simply another way (the Russia and instability cards having been played unsuccessfully) to attempt to delegitimize a legitimately elected president.

Did the president use a crudity in a private meeting? He says he did not. No one who was there has said he did on the record. But if he did, so what? So what? America today is a sadly crass place where many of us use vulgar, corrosive language we ought not use in private and work conversations. How many of us would like to see and share a transcript of everything we have said in private conversations or at work?

And how many presidents have said crass things in the Oval Office in private meetings? Think of Kennedy, Clinton and Nixon, to name three.

If the president is wrong on immigration — on merit, on finding a balance between skilled and unskilled immigrants, on chain migration, on the lottery — let his opponents defeat him on these points, and not by calling him a racist. If he is to be removed from office, let the voters do it based on his total performance — temperament as well as accomplishment — in 2020. Simply calling him an agent of the Russians, a nutcase or a racist is a cowardly way to fight.

We need to confine the word “racist” to people like Bull Connor and Dylann Roof. For if every person who speaks inelegantly, or from a position of privilege, or ignorance, or expresses an idea we dislike, or happens to be a white male, is a racist, the term is devoid of meaning.

We have to stop calling each other names in this country and battle each other with ideas and issues, not slanders.



Brad Botwin, Director

Help Save Maryland.org








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Donate by credit card at www.HelpSaveMaryland.org  or postal mail your donation to:

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****ACTION ALERT!!!**** Talking points on DACA and action steps – Let’s Get Some Facts Straight on DACA and DREAMERS

To The Media and Legislators and Activists:

Let’s get some facts straight, the Pro DACA and Dreamer legislators have been lying to you.  They have not provided you the true numbers when they say; they want a clean DREAM ACT.  A clean DREAM ACT would include those who are here as DREAMERS versus those who are here as DACA recipients.  The legislators want you to believe that, about 800,000 would be given some kind of legal status or pathway, when, in reality, they want to combine both groups for legal status, that equates to almost 3.9 million aliens.  This stat was given out last night on The Ingraham Angle on Fox News.  We cannot permit this to happen.  Contact your legislators and media and President Trump, to make sure the wool is not pulled over your eyes on these negotiations.  No legal status for Dreamers and no Pathway for DACA recipients.  Please look at the document attached.  DACA – What You Need to Know (003)

Thank You,  

Jeff Werner

Social Media Director, Help Save Maryland






Sent: Wednesday, January 17, 2018 4:07 PM
Subject: Talking points on DACA and action steps

Here are FAIR’s talking points on DACA as we head into a possible threat of a government shutdown.  Please send them out to your trusted fellow activists.

Please remember to make patch through calls to stop the DACA amnesty by using FAIR’s action alert system to dial McConnell, Ryan, your two Senators, and your representative.

To make patch through calls from your smart phone : Text FAIR to 52886

OR just click on this action alert and follow the directions to make calls and send emails.

Jonathan Hanen

Field Representative



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FAIR Action Alert – DACA – HSM Opinion, No To Any DACA Deal!!!!!

FAIR needs YOU once again.

You helped us last month after the brazen effort by Democrats and anti-borders groups to hold the government hostage to an unconditional DACA amnesty. We held them off in December. Now we must defeat their efforts in January.

Let’s do this. Together.

Here’s what we need to do:

Call your three Members of Congress and tell them that a DACA amnesty in exchange for token and ineffective immigration enforcement provisions is unacceptable.

Tell them “only support reforms that secure the border, increase interior enforcement, and address our highly dysfunctional legal immigration system by ending chain migration and the visa lottery.” Failure to do so?  It will come at a high political cost – tell them that!


Some in Congress say their top priority for January is DACA amnesty. Really? Was that what President Trump promised?

Democrats are again threatening a government shutdown while insisting on attaching an unconditional DREAM Act amnesty to the spending bill that must be passed by Jan. 19. At the same time, key Republicans are letting us down by pushing for a standalone package that pairs a DACA amnesty with meaningless enforcement provisions.

We need to put their heads on straight. What about securing our borders, protecting American jobs, ending chain migration, and stopping dangerous sanctuary cities? These are the priorities of the American people, not amnesty.

The stakes couldn’t be any higher. Unless YOU speak up, the same thing could happen that has happened before: illegal aliens get amnesty, while we get empty promises of weak enforcement.

Don’t let this happen! Here’s the contact information:

Contact your Representative: 202-883-4964

Contact your two Senators: 202-873-9877

Also call House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and urge them not to bring ANY immigration bill to the floor that doesn’t secure the border, increase interior enforcement, and address our highly dysfunctional legal immigration system by ending chain migration and the visa lottery. Remind them that a DACA amnesty for illegal aliens delivers nothing of significance to the people who voted for change in 2016.

Contact Speaker Ryan: 202-858-3626

Contact Majority Leader McConnell: 202-759-7684

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****URGENT ACTION ALERT**** DACA RESPONSE PLAN – Provided By James Simpson


We need immediate action on DACA! This letter is broken into five separate sections. Click on a title in the Table of Contents to jump to that section:


1. The Issue

Our nation stands at the precipice. The Left has made unprecedented assaults on the rule of law, the integrity of elections, the first amendment, the second amendment, our religious liberties, our education, our culture and our national security. It literally threatens our very way of life.

Nothing captures this reality more than illegal immigration. Illegal aliens bring crime, disease, unemployment, epidemic vote fraud and the prospect of terrorism. They swamp our legal system, hospitals and welfare with overwhelming needs, while arrogantly demanding more. Illegals facilitate the drug epidemic, and commit murder and other crimes out of proportion to their numbers. Neighborhoods and schools degenerate while beleaguered taxpayers are forced to shell out to cover the exploding costs.

The big business of cross-border human trafficking also facilitates the illegal entry of terrorists from al Qaeda, ISIS, Hezbollah and others, a growing threat from Central and South America where terrorists have set up shop.

Despite the overwhelming problems and blatant defiance of our laws, almost all Democrat politicians and some Republicans actually encourage illegal aliens. Republicans falsely claim that there aren’t enough Americans workers to fill factories. Democrats cynically use the immigration system, legal and illegal, for the specific purpose of increasing their voting bloc, while calling us all “bigots” if we object to their scam.

This was stunningly revealed in a secret memo exposed by The Daily Caller on Tuesday. It was from John Podesta’s well-connected leftist propaganda mill, the Center for American Progress. Quote:

“If Democrats don’t try to do everything in their power to defend Dreamers, that will jeopardize Democrats’ electoral chances in 2018 and beyond. In short, the next few weeks will tell us a lot about the Democratic Party and its long-term electoral prospects.”

The “Dreamers” of course are the illegal aliens that Democrats (and some really stupid Republicans) want to reward with the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act (aka DREAM Act), granting them amnesty, education subsidies and a laundry list of other taxpayer-funded bennies.

Right now we face a critical issue that requires immediate action. On January 19, the president must sign a budget bill to keep the government from shutting down. Both Congress and the president want to reach a deal on DACA – the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. Somehow, they hope to include this in whatever budget deal they work out.

DACA was one of President Obama’s more outrageous – and illegal – actions; regulatory amnesty. It gave illegal alien youths who arrived in the U.S. before 2007 (but how does anyone verify that?), temporary legal status, i.e. action on their illegal status was deferred. They are referred to as “kids” but almost all are over 19 and half are 25 to 35. This group is a subset of the so-called “dreamers.”

There are about 800,000 illegals signed up in the program, of 1.76 million or more who could quality. They are characterized as “victims” because their families brought them here before they were old enough to decide for themselves.

Their families – also illegal – are still here. This rarely gets mentioned. If they are “victims,” why aren’t their families responsible? Why can’t their families take them back? If these DACA “kids” are amnestied, their families would become eligible as well. The numbers would then swell to as many as 5 million. It would be the largest amnesty in U.S. history.

The Democrats want to amnesty all 1.76 million, that is, all the “Dreamers.” And that is a very conservative estimate. If this is approved, their families go on the short list, and the total amnesty could be even larger. Such an amnesty would change voting patterns permanently and would spell the end of our Republic as we know it. In fact, a recent analysis shows that amnesty for even just the original 800,000 could swing elections in 4 critical states and accomplish the same thing.

Candidate Donald Trump promised to end DACA on his first day in office. Instead he has equivocated. He ended the program in September, but gave Congress until March to come up with a legislative “fix.” Now he’s negotiating with Congress to include this fix in the January 19 budget deal.

2. The Response

Amnesty makes a mockery of our rule-of-law. We should not have to be lobbying Congress and the President to do their jobs by enforcing the law and securing our borders.

Mark Levin has called Trump’s move toward border compromise a “complete surrender.” However, today, Trump pushed back against a proposal by a new bipartisan “group of six” Democrats and RINOs — the usual suspects — that defies his basic demands. He is not budging. So our messaging to President Trump should encourage him to keep the faith rather than pillory him.

We need to insist on a secure border that includes:

1. No amnesty
2. Send them ALL home!
3. Build the Wall
4. End chain migration
5. End birthright citizenship (i.e. anchor babies), and birth tourism.
6. End the Diversity Lottery
7. Enforce mandatory E-Verify
8. Mandatory prison sentences for those who re-enter illegally (like Kate Steinle’s killer)
9. Formally halt ICE’s “catch and release” policy for non-violent offenders
10. No special treatment for Central/South American illegal alien youths – currently able to appeal for asylum, while Mexican illegals can be sent home immediately.

Reps. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), Michael McCaul R-TX), Raul  Labrador (R-ID) and Martha McSally R-AZ), have proposed a new border control bill. HR-4760. DC insiders believe this is the best deal that could possibly be made on this issue. NumbersUSA supports this bill, saying it “greatly reduces overall immigration.”

HR-4760 includes:

1. A renewable 3-year non-immigrant visa for about 700,000 DACA illegal aliens
2. Wall funding, other border upgrades and more border patrol agents
3. Immediate end to chain migration
4. End to Diversity Lottery
5. Mandatory E-Verify phased in over 2 years
6. Defunding sanctuary cities

The bill does not offer green cards, so there is no direct path to citizenship, however NumbersUSA states:

“the bill’s authors expect many of them to eventually obtain a green card through an employer or by marrying a U.S. citizen. I think we should expect that all or most of the recipients of any DACA amnesty will eventually have a path to citizenship.”

This means families could get citizenship too; another 2 – 5 million.

Daniel Horowitz has provided a very good analysis of this bill. He concludes:

If every one of these provisions is a red line and serve as the floor, not the ceiling, for “America first” demands, and if they intend for these amnesty provisions to be the ceiling and not the floor for amnesty, I can stand behind this bill. (Emphasis added)

“However, if they plan to whittle down the demands in the face of inevitable opposition from Democrats and even some Republicans, this bill will backfire because it will only serve as a tool to get Republicans on board with amnesty… Amnesty will become the universal imperative, and we will be left with the same result as the other seven amnesties in recent years: amnesty now and phony promises of enforcement later.” (Emphasis added)

I leave it to you to decide which path this legislation will probably take. As we have said, there is no reason we should have to be negotiating about illegal aliens. They broke the law. Period.

3. Take Action

Following are some of the actions you can take:


Click HERE to join with ALIPAC’s protest

Step 1: Watch, understand and utilize Laura Ingraham’s important broadcast last night on this subject. But keep in mind, Trump has already betrayed us on Amnesty, it is no longer a question of “if Trump does this.” This video needs to be seen by as many Americans as you can show it to fast! Watch then share by email and social media.

VIDEO: Laura Ingraham Warns Trump: If You Break Immigration Promises, ‘Expect a Political Revolt From Base’

Step 2: Pick up your phone and call as many GOP lawmakers in DC as possible. Call to say:

“I am livid that your focus is passing DACA & Comprehensive Amnesty for illegal aliens for enforcement promises we can’t trust! Americans should not be forced to trade Amnesty for secure borders. I want to see all Republicans face primary opponents over this betrayal on DACA!”

Please start with the Republican members of the House and Senate in your state and then expand outward to nearby states. CALL then WRITE as many as you can quickly!

Member websites provide comprehensive contact information:
Representatives | Senators
Contact your Senators/Representatives

      Tweet Your Member of Congress

Click HERE for an Interactive U.S. map, Choose your state and look up your member of Congress.

      Contact the President

Click HERE to email President Trump
Click HERE to tweet to President Trump
White House Comment Line: 202-456-1111
TDY/TTD Comment Line: 202-456-6213

      U.S. Senators’ Position on Amnesty

Click HERE to see where your Senators stand.

      Heritage Action No Amnesty Toolkit

Click HERE to reach Heritage Action’s interactive toolkit. Includes sample tweets, letters, phone scripts and graphics used for effective communications to elected officials and the press.

      One-Step to Find Most Elected Officials

Click HERE for this easy to use tool from the League of Women Voters. It allows you to find your legislators, from the President and U.S. Senate on down to local councils. Simply enter your zip code. Zip code plus four not necessary.

      Effective Ways to Get Your Legislators’ Attention

Click HERE to read this viral article about the best way to get your legislators’ attention.

4. Key Facts & Talking Points

  • GOP suicide pact: DACA amnesty could flip 4 critical GOP states.
  • Amnesty = 5 million New Americans: GOP plan is not amnesty, but would make future amnesty more likely. Democrats will push for it nonstop.
  • DACA Amnesty will cost $26 billion: Advocates claim DACA employees with boost IRS tax revenues. This is false.
  • Families WILL NOT be separated: Pro-amnesty groups whine that if DACA “kids” don’t get amnesty, the DACA families will be ripped apart. How so? Illegal alien parents and children are all here now. Parents need to take their kids home. If the “kids” came here alone, sending them back will reunite them with their families! So no one is being ripped from their family!
  • Illegal aliens take American jobs. Amnesty just makes it legal – rewarding both aliens and businesses that hire them.
  • Illegal border crossings skyrocket: Illegal border crossings plummeted to historic lows early in President Trump’s first year as shown in the chart below. Now they are up again, based on the perception that Trump is softening on border control.

5. Last Thoughts

This is a critical issue and it may be our last opportunity to get real border reforms. We should all make this our number one priority every day from now until January 19. Bury them with your demands!

Good luck and good hunting!


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Document Of Charges Against MS-13 Gang Members In Silver Spring, Maryland – Purple Line worker’s frightening encounter with alleged MS-13 members (Now He Is Dead After Release)

From Kevin Lewis ABC 7 News

MORE: For those who’ve been asking, here are the court documents describing that Purple Line worker’s frightening encounter with alleged MS-13 members. It occurred inside a vacant house that was slated for demolition, but was unknowingly being used as an MS-13 crash pad/hideout.

JUST IN: says it lodged immigration detainer against 18yo Jose Herrera (pictured) in October. On 12/22, Montgomery County released Herrera from jail despite ICE detainer. On 12/24, Herrera was murdered. Had MoCo honored ICE detainer, 18yo would likely still be alive.




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