Governor Larry Hogan Announces Statewide Violent Crime Initiatives

Includes Targeted Assistance for Baltimore City, Truth-in-Sentencing Legislation, Intelligence Sharing to Combat Gangs and Criminal Networks Across Maryland

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Governor Larry Hogan today joined with federal, state, and local law enforcement officers and officials to announce a series of initiatives to combat criminal gang enterprises and repeat violent offenders responsible for terrorizing Baltimore City and participating in violent crime throughout the state. The governor’s announcements include state and federal law enforcement assistance targeting the violent crime ravaging Baltimore City; legislation to ensure that violent criminals serve their full prison sentence; and a new, collaborative data-sharing network to help prosecutors and law enforcement bring down criminal networks across the state.

Joining the governor to make the announcement were Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford; Johnny Hughes, U.S. Marshal for Maryland; Colonel William “Bill” Pallozzi, Superintendent of the Maryland State Police; Colonel Woodrow “Jerry” Jones, Chief of the Maryland Transportation Authority Police; Colonel Robert “Ken” Ziegler, Superintendent of the Maryland Natural Resources Police; Colonel Mike Wilson, Chief of the Department of General Services, Maryland Capitol Police; Colonel John Gavrilis, Chief of the Maryland Transit Administration Police; Glenn Fueston, Executive Director of the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention; Walter “Pete” Landon, Director of the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security; Chris Shank, Chief Legislative Officer; and Keiffer Mitchell, Senior Advisor to the Governor. Representatives of several federal law enforcement partners also attended, including Special Agent in Charge of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms Dan Board; Special Agent in Charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration Don Hibbert; and Special Agent in Charge of the Homeland Security Investigations Baltimore Field Office Andre Watson.

“Let me be crystal clear – I have absolutely no tolerance whatsoever for these repeat violent offenders or these criminal gangs causing lawlessness in our streets,” said Governor Hogan. “Our focus is to give law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and judges the tools they need to get these violent criminals off the streets and into prison.”

In 2016, more than 330 drug trafficking organizations were identified as operating within Maryland, and law enforcement agencies identified over 10,000 individuals associated with gangs and over 5,000 firearms involved in crimes. The Baltimore Police Department has reported that nearly 90% of homicide victims have criminal records averaging over 10 arrests, and nearly half have been previously arrested for gun crimes.

To address the critical levels of violence in Baltimore, the governor announced several immediate steps state and federal agencies are taking to assist the Baltimore Police Department (BPD) in going after violent criminals. The governor directed the Maryland State Police and other state police agencies operating in the city to expand their patrols in order to establish a more visible police presence in high-crime areas. He also announced that the state police will assist the Baltimore Police Department with serving high-priority warrants for violent crime-related arrests, and that over 200 state Parole and Probation officers will partner with city officers to locate repeat violent parole offenders.

Governor Hogan also announced that the U.S. Marshals Service will be sending over 80 marshals and federally-designated officers to conduct an aggressive sweep of Baltimore City to assist the state and city with high-priority violent arrest warrants. Finally, the governor directed the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development and the Maryland Stadium Authority to work directly with the city to identify vacant properties in the highest-crime areas for expedited demolition under Project C.O.R.E., the joint state-city initiative that has already removed over 1,200 blighted properties across the city.

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Update On The Maryland Gerrymandering Case – Supreme Court To Hear Argument – Wisconsin Result As Well

Commentary:  Here is the latest from my source on the Gerrymandering Case.

I believe this case is more significant than Wisconsin for two reasons.  First, unlike in Wisconsin, the three-judge panel in Maryland held that the districts were not an unconstitutional gerrymander.  The Supreme Court didn’t have to intervene here because the Maryland District Court essentially preserved the status quo.  The fact that the Supreme Court did intervene in Maryland is a strong indication that they’re willing to consider constitutional gerrymandering claims.  Wisconsin’s three-judge panel did the opposite and ruled, for the first time ever, that a state legislature had engaged in an unconstitutional partisan gerrymander.  The U.S. Supreme Court essentially had to intervene there.  Second, the issue in Maryland is far narrower than the issue in Wisconsin.  Maryland is a district specific challenge, whereas Wisconsin is a statewide challenge.  Wisconsin’s theory would’ve mandated a proportional representation scheme in the Constitution where there is none.  This would’ve potentially held perfectly compact, non-gerrymandered districts as unconstitutional “partisan gerrymanders” simply because there are more Republicans or Democrats statewide than there are elected representatives.  This “proportional representation” scheme is simply nowhere in the Constitution and is why Judicial Watch submitted an amicus brief in support of the State of Wisconsin.  In contrast, Maryland is a challenge to the Sixth District only and had evidence that the state targeted individual voters based on their voting history in the Sixth District in violation of the First Amendment and intentionally placed them in a different district in the last redistricting cycle.  In my view, this is a much better theory.

What does this all mean?  Who knows.  The Supreme Court can sometimes be very unpredictable.  The Court heard argument in the Wisconsin case back in October and will issue a ruling sometime between April and June.  I’ll keep you posted.

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Attorney General Sessions Outlines New Immigration Approach – Baltimore City Maryland

A.G. Jeff Sessions and Homeland Security Secretary Kristjen Nielsen spoke in Baltimore of how gangs thrive due to immigration policies.

By Elizabeth Janney, Patch Staff | | Updated

BALTIMORE, MD — Federal officials announced new proposals for securing national borders Tuesday during a press conference in Baltimore. While the focus was to be on MS-13 and how current immigration policies have fostered its growth in the U.S., officials prefaced their remarks with the latest on the New York subway bombing attempt; the news conference took place the day after a man from Bandladesh attempted to blow himself up in a New York subway.

“We can’t wait longer,” U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said. “As yesterday’s New York events show in the starkest terms, the failures of our immigration system are also a national security issue.”

In the last two months, there have been two terrorist attacks in New York City by “men who are here as the result of failed immigration policy,” Sessions said.

Watch the full 27 minute video.

Check out this video from AG Sessions:

This You Tube Video is from Illegal Immigration discussion in Baltimore.

He was referring to the Halloween truck crash in Tribeca, New York, by Sayfullo Saipov, 29, who was from Uzbekistan and came to the U.S. in 2010, and the New York City subway bombing by Akayed Ullah, 27, who came to the U.S. from Bangladesh in 2011. Both reportedly earned green cards.

President Donald Trump is proposing a shift in immigration policy from one based on lottery and relatives to a merit-based system that is rooted in the likelihood of a person contributing to society, he said.

Echoing the approach that Session laid out, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kristjen M. Nielsen said the U.S. has an “outdated” visa system and “we need to focus on merit-based” systems. She mentioned Canada and Australia as examples where merit-based immigration policies have worked.

“We know that decades of failed immigration policies have encouraged law enforcement officials to look the other way, and these have had real consequences to our public safety,” Nielsen said. “The American people have paid the price. One tragic example is the resurgance of MS-13 in our country.”

She said there were thousands of MS-13 gang members and their associates in the U.S.

“The brutality of MS-13 is unmatched,” she said, citing an example from Wheaton, Maryland.

“Only 10 miles from our nation’s capital, gang members earlier this year ambushed, choked and stabbed a victim more than 100 times, cut off his head, tore out his heart and then buried him in a national park where families bring their children to play,” Nielsen said. “These savage criminals are in our communities, and they are a deadly consequence of our unsecured borders and our failed immigration policies.”

According to Nielsen, ICE arrested 796 people who were associated with MS-13 this year. In a a 30-day period in New York, she said 39 associates of MS-13 were arrested.

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Montgomery County Council Approves Resolution Urging Protections for TPS and DACA Recipients and Creation of a Path to Permanent Residency – OUTRAGEOUS!!!

Councilmembers call on federal government to ensure legal status of beneficiaries of Temporary Protected Status and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

ROCKVILLE, Md., December 12, 2017—The Montgomery County Council unanimously passed a resolution today calling on national leaders to extend Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for eligible recipients from all nations currently covered, and to create a legal framework that would create a path to permanent residency for TPS holders, as well as beneficiaries of and people eligible for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Ambassador of El Salvador Claudia Ivette Canjura de Centeno, General Consul Ena Peña, and Maryland Delegate Ana Sol Gutierrez attended the Council session to voice their support for the resolution, which was introduced by Councilmember George Leventhal and Council Vice President Nancy Navarro, was co-sponsored by all other Councilmembers.

“Countless TPS holders and DACA recipients call Montgomery County home. They are our neighbors, our co-workers, our colleagues and our friends.” said Councilmember Leventhal, who serves as chair of the Council’s Health and Human Services Committee. “To kick them out of the Country, without regard to how it would affect our economy or our schools is short-sighted, thoughtless and cruel.”

“The families and young people who are TPS holders and DACA recipients are an integral part of Montgomery County,” said Council Vice President Navarro, who serves as chair of the Council’s Government Operations and Fiscal Policy Committee.  “They make extraordinary contributions to our County. Terminating the status for TPS and DACA recipients would be destabilizing for our community, and would have a significant negative impact on our tax base.”

The current administration has announced that it will no longer renew TPS for nationals from Nicaragua, Haiti, and other nations, breaking with decades of precedent. The Department of Homeland Security is currently reviewing possible termination of all other TPS programs, including TPS benefits for 250,000 Salvadorans and 57,000 Hondurans, two nationalities which comprise the majority of Maryland’s TPS holders. The status of all 800,000 DACA recipients, also known as Dreamers, will likewise expire in March 2018 if they are not provided with a path to legalize their status.

“It is wrong to send away our resident who have become such an integral part of our community,” said Councilmember Katz.  “It is also important to protect our children who are a valuable resource and represent our future.”

Maryland is home to the second largest population of TPS holders nationally, with 19,800 from El Salvador alone, as well as more than 9,700 Dreamers. The termination of TPS status and the DACA program would result in annual economic losses of approximately $1.6 billion to Maryland, as well as putting individuals and families in perilous conditions and separating parents from their U.S.-born children.

“For more than 20 years we have welcomed refugees from all over the world, allowing them to build a life in our community,” said Councilmember Elrich, who serves as chair of the Council’s Public Safety Committee. “They have obtained jobs legally and worked hard, started businesses, paid taxes, purchased homes, had children, and built rich lives for themselves in their new home. They are valued members of our community, yet this new policy threatens to tear families apart—to separate children from parents, breadwinners from their families, spouses from one another. It is the antithesis of family values, and will leave a hole in the fabric of our community and our country of immigrants. I join my colleagues in urging the federal government to find a legislative solution to the crisis created by the termination of TPS status and the DACA program.”

The full text of the resolution can be viewed at:  .

For more information, contact Walton Harris in the Office of Councilmember Leventhal at 240-777-7945 or at



Sonya Healy

Additional Contact:
Delphine Harriston

Stay Connected:
Council Website, Facebook, TwitterYouTube , Instagram

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National Sheriffs’ Association Has a Direct Message for Jeff Sessions About Sanctuary Cities

Commentary to the Maryland Sanctuary Counties and Cities, and you know who you are.  Many of us have already contacted the DOJ regarding the Sanctuary Policies of Maryland.  I wouldn’t be surprised if your requests get blocked as well.  Go a head and try ramming through the Maryland Trust Act, you will lose.  Never fear my Marylander’s, OAG Brian Frosh will feel free to abuse your tax dollars in court over funds being blocked.  #NOSANCTUARYMARYLAND #NOSANCTUARYSTATE #NOMS13 #NOMARYLANDTRUSTACT

By Anders Hagstrom
December 11, 2017 at 4:05pm

The National Sheriffs’ Association came out in favor of the Department of Justice Thursday in Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ push to withhold funds from Chicago and other sanctuary cities.

The NSA — which represents more than 3,000 sheriffs nationwide — will file an amicus brief in support of the DOJ in ongoing litigation between Sessions and the city of Chicago, The Daily Caller News Foundation has learned.

Chicago sued the DOJ in August over his order to withhold certain funding grants from sanctuary cities, and the city won the case in September, but the DOJ has appealed the decision.

Notably, the judge’s September ruling included a nationwide injunction on Sessions’ order, which effectively blocked funds from reaching non-sanctuary jurisdictions as well.

“The problem we have is not so much about sanctuary cities,” NSA Executive Director and CEO Jonathan Thompson told TheDCNF. “It’s that the political actions of one jurisdiction should never affect thousands of other counties.

The actual federal grants involved are the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grants.

Chicago received $2.3 million in Byrne JAG funding in 2016 and has applied for $2.2 million in 2017.

The DOJ hopes to impose requirements that, in order to be eligible for funding, cities must share immigration status data with ICE officials, not bar ICE officials access to police stations, and give ICE officials 48 hours notice before releasing illegal immigrants from detainment.

Chicago argues the requirements are unconstitutional and that Sessions has no authority to impose them.

“The executive branch of the federal government may not arrogate to itself the powers that our Constitution reserves for Congress, on the one hand, or to state and local governments on the other,” the lawsuit claimed.

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