Help Save Maryland – Special Event, Tuesday, Oct 17, 7pm, Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins in Bethesda! – Maryland Trust Act Update!!!!

FYI:  Received word last night that, Senator Ron Young of Frederick County is on a mission to get the Trust Act passed this Assembly session.  One can assume, that Young is working hand in hand with Casa’s law team to re-craft the bill, along with, from what I found out, AG Frosh, who is also working on the details to try to make it full proof.  If passed, Hogan will veto, leaving it up to the next session in 2019, and if a Democrat is elected Governor and the Senate, which has override majority, will overturn the veto. 

Sheriff Chuck Jenkins and Attorney General, Jeff Sessions

Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins, Maryland’s leading law enforcement officer and elected official, pays a visit to Montgomery County to enlighten all MD citizens about real law enforcement.  His talk will focus on how his team successfully cooperates with Federal Officials in identifying, detaining and arresting illegal aliens in his jurisdiction, including MS-13 gang members. 


The Sheriff will also talk about the so-called “Maryland Trust Act” which will be raised yet again in Annapolis in 2018.  Sponsored by a group of Hispanic lawmakers in Annapolis, if passed it would make the entire State of Maryland a sanctuary for Hispanic and other illegal alien criminals.  Sheriff Jenkins would be stopped from working with Federal officials. This lawless piece of legislation was stopped last year only because of the horrific rape of a 14 year old girl in a Rockville High School bathroom.  The citizens of Maryland must be ready to do battle with these same Hispanic lawmakers in 2018.  Stay tuned!


Sheriff Jenkins actually arrests illegals BEFORE they commit crimes and harm citizens.  As important, legal immigrants are always welcome in Frederick County.


Maybe our own Montgomery County Police Chief, Tom “Barney Fife” Manger, will stop by to pick up a few pointers about how real law enforcement works.  Manger is begging the Montgomery County Council, the State and even the Federal Government  for more of our tax dollars (yet again) to fight MS-13 and other violent Hispanic gangs in our neighborhoods.  His policy of ignoring Federal detainers and allowing Hispanic illegal alien criminals to walk our streets is a disgrace does not work.


Chief Manger, an expert on post-mortem policing, after the carnage has taken place. He needs to arrest Hispanic illegal aliens BEFORE they kill and maim our fellow citizens.  


Maryland citizens do not care if illegal aliens are afraid of the local police as they have no moral or legal right to be in our communities.  Citizens care about the safety and well-being of their families and friends. 


We are paying our Police Department to actually enforce the law, not make nice with Hispanic illegal aliens and their partners at CASA of Maryland (under the leadership of the corrupt and self-serving Gusstavo Torres).


This is a free event and NOT sponsored by Help Save Maryland.  We are letting citizens know about this as part of our community service activities.


Brad Botwin, Director, Help Save

Red, White & Blue Montgomery:

Free Speech Forum

Speaker Series 2017 – 2018


When: Tuesday, October 17 

7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Where: Barking Dog

4723 Elm Street, Bethesda, Maryland 20814 




Public parking garage located at Elm Street Garage

Speaker: Guest Speaker:  

Frederick County MD Sheriff Jenkins

  • How is Frederick County dealing with illegal immigration?
  •  MS-13 violent gang crime, should you be concerned?
  • What you need to know about the growing heroin crisis.
  • Implementation of the 287g program, and more.
This Month’s Special Guest Speaker:

Chuck Jenkins was born and raised in Frederick County, Maryland.  In 2006, he was elected the Sheriff of Frederick County and is serving in his third term.  Sheriff Jenkins maintains a strong stance on illegal immigration enforcement has effectively partnered with ICE to participate in two major programs – the 287g Immigration Enforcement Program and the Federal Inter-Governmental Services Detainee Housing Program. In 2014, his testimony before the Maryland House of Delegate’s Judiciary Committee was instrumental in blocking the passage of the so-called Maryland Trust Act that would have made Maryland a sanctuary state.

 This Event is Free !

Full food and drink menu available.

Please arrive by 7:00 pm if placing a food order.

Individual checks available and please tip your server generously!

Speaker starts promptly at 7:30.





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Commentary:  As you know, this past General Assembly session, we were extremely successful in defeating “The Maryland Law Enforcement And Trust Act” to make Maryland a Sanctuary State.  Guess what, they’re bacccccccccck.  The progressive left in Maryland are already readying themselves for another shot at making Maryland the California of the East Coast.

You ask, how do I know this?  Well, I only put commentary out there from VERY reliable sources.  Well the hens have come home to roost and I got the word.  If many of you who follow our website and activism know, my sources are very accurate and on target.

Let’s take a look at the possible lawless, unscrupulous politicians who may be in play pushing their Anti American, Anti Lawful Immigrant and Pro Crime sycophants.

The usual suspects:  Casa De Maryland, their Delegates and Senators who helped craft the original bill with Casa’s law team, with the assistance of Maryland’s Attorney General, Brian Frosh along with his pro sanctuary Deputy States Attorney’s.  Remember, he is the one who issued the guidance memorandum after the failure of “The Trust Act”.  GuidanceMemorandum

Let’s start with the Counties who are now Sanctuary Status, requiring their law enforcement not to cooperate with Federal Authorities and Law Enforcement on detainers.  PG County, Baltimore County, Montgomery County, Howard County, Baltimore City.

Democrats running for Governor with Pro Sanctuary progressive views.  Rushern Baker, Kevin Kamenetz, Richard Madaleno

Liberals running include the following:  Ben Jealous, former NAACP CEO, Baltimore Lawyer, Jim Shea

Socialist Party, if she declares, Maya Cummings, the wife of the first black Socialist Party Member in Congress.

You can read about these individuals here:

Once again, we will have another fight on our hands, however, since Maryland has been in the spotlight nationally as a Hub for MS-13, 8th St. Gang, Los Zetas and all the Murders, Rapes, Drug Trafficking that have taken place over the last year, one can surmise, that any attempt, to once again, put this lawless legislation in as law is going to be met with a tremendous amount of resistance, more than even the last session.  My advice to all of you, start getting your groups together and strategize.  Let the fight begin.

Jeff Werner, Social Media Director, Help Save Maryland

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***UPDATE FROM YESTERDAY’S MS-13 MURDER IN ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY MARYLAND*** – ICE Issues Detainers on 5 Charged With Killing Annapolis-Area Woman

Hat Tip:  WCBM 680 and WBFF TV Baltimore

MILLERSVILLE, Md. (WBFF) — Anne Arundel County Police have charged five people including a woman with the June murder of a 21-year-old woman.

The body of Jenni Rivera Lopez was discovered in a wooded area of Crownsville, just outside of Annapolis.

Later Wednesday, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement also confirmed that immigration detainers had been issued for the five suspects.

I.C.E. put out a statement that it had “lodged detainers” on the suspects for probable illegal immigration.



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***UPDATE*** Six MS-13 gang members charged in Maryland man’s April murder – Frederick County, Maryland

Commentary:  Not sure I have sent this out yet, but I believe I did, however, this just reaffirms Maryland as a central hub of vile, vicious and heinous acts committed by what I call, MS-13 Terrorists.  I think the Justice Department and FBI should label them as Domestic Terrorists.  We must continue to put pressure on the Governor of Maryland and Attorney General to start cooperating and speaking out against this.  So far, nothing but silence from Governor Larry Hogan and AG, Brian Frosh. 


  • Victor Antonio Turcios-Valle, 37, was found in a shallow grave in June
  • Men with ties to MS-13 are accused of his murder
  • Three men, Carlos Javier Hernandez Diaz, 24, Darwin Alberto Arias-Meijia, 24 and Carlos Javier Hernandez Diaz, 21 are accused of his murder
  • Three other suspected gang members also wanted in connection with the death 

Authorities in Maryland have charged six alleged members of a violent Central American gang in the death of a man in April.

The Frederick News Post reported Tuesday that police say the suspects are members of MS-13.

The El-Salvador-based gang consists chiefly of immigrants or descendants of immigrants from Central America.

Three men, Carlos Javier Hernandez Diaz, 21, and Denis Aristides Rivas-Aldana, 24, both of Silver Spring, along with Darwin Alberto Arias-Meijia, 24, of Greenbelt were charged with first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit first-degree murder.

Two other suspects remained on the loose Tuesday while a third man is also in custody elsewhere.

Authorities allege that the six suspects participated in the death of Silver Spring resident Victor Antonio Turcios-Valle.

The 37-year-old’s body was found in a shallow grave north of Frederick in June.

Maj. Tim Clarke, a spokesman for the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office, said authorities are investigating whether the victim was a gang member.

He was identified through DNA, tattoos and other evidence collected shortly after a hiker led Frederick County sheriff’s deputies to where the person had found the body in a shallow grave in June.

Montgomery County police had a missing person report for Turcios-Valle, who was last seen by his family in Silver Spring on April 2.

The indictments provided very few details other than a few names and dates.

The MS-13 gang is notorious for its links to cartels and organized crime, and its ability to access high-powered weapons.

Because of unrest in Central America, many of the original gang members had guerrilla warfare experience, making them more deadly than other criminal groups.

MS-13 is a ‘transnational criminal organization’ engaged in such crimes as drug trafficking, kidnapping, human smuggling, prostitution, murder and extortion.

There are at least 30,000 MS-13 members in a range of countries, including 8,000 in the United States.

Read more:
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5 charged in gang killing of Annapolis woman missing since June – 3 Bodies Found Murdered By MS-13 Gang Members In Anne Arundel County, Maryland

October 10, 2017

Five people are facing murder charges in what Anne Arundel County police describe as a plot to kill an Annapolis woman later found buried in a secret grave last month in Crownsville.

Jenni B. Rivera Lopez, 21, was driven June 24 to a remote spot on or near the grounds of Camp Barrett, a youth camp on the outskirts of Annapolis.

Watch the video update:

It was there, police said in charging documents obtained by The Capital, that Rivera Lopez was beaten to death and buried. Police found her body Sept. 20 after an unnamed source provided police with information about her death. She was reported missing to the Annapolis Police Department on June 28. Five people were charged in connection with her death in arrests Sept. 28 and 29.

The charges were the subject of two news conferences held Sept. 29 and on Friday by county police Chief Tim Altomare, who said charges had been filed in three gang-related killings but declined to provide details. The chief did not identify the gang, but members of the community familiar with the investigation have identified it as MS-13.

The El Salvadoran gang, which has gained strength in the Washington, D.C., suburbs in recent years, has been linked to recent violent crimes in the Annapolis area.

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner ruled Rivera Lopez’s death a homicide, and police noted in charging documents that she suffered significant trauma.

Police said the homicide was orchestrated by at least five people in varying ways — Darvin E. Guerra-Zacarias, 25, of Silver Spring; Francisco Ramirez-Pena, 22, of unknown origin; Brenda Y. Argueta, 18, of Silver Spring; Ervin N. Arrue-Figuero, 18, of Annapolis; and Ronald Adonay Mendez-Sosa, 19, of Edgewater.

All five are being held without bond, court records show. They are represented by the state Office of the Public Defender. Their attorneys could not be reached for comment.

Argueta began contacting Rivera Lopez days before the killing, police wrote, and she convinced the woman to go out with her and other suspects June 24.

The woman and the others, including Guerra-Zacarias, Ramirez-Pena and Arrue-Figuero, then took Rivera Lopez to Crownsville where she was killed, charging documents state.

Mendez-Sosa allegedly drove to the spot with the others, where police say they met with Rivera Lopez.


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