FAIR and Help Save Maryland Action Alert!! – Contact Maryland State House Over Sanctuary Bills – Link Provided

Make Your Voice Heard in the MD Legislature

The Maryland General Assembly is currently considering several bills to address dangerous sanctuary policies.  Sanctuary policies prohibit or restrict law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration officials, allowing criminal aliens to live and work freely in communities.

The General Assembly will be holding hearings on critical measures to defeat sanctuary policies in the state.

  • On February 21, the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee will hold a public hearing on Senate Bill 830, which requires enhanced state and local cooperation by requiring correctional facilities in the state to notify ICE at least 72 hours before an individual with an immigration detainer is released from custody; and
  • On March 7, the House Judiciary Committee will hold a public hearing on House Bill 598, which will prohibit sanctuary policies and require local governments to fully cooperate with federal immigration officials.

The General Assembly also has scheduled hearings for dangerous legislation to obstruct immigration enforcement.

  • On February 21, the Senate Judiciary Proceedings Committee will hold a public hearing on Senate Bill 835, a dangerous bill that prohibits Maryland officials from engaging in any immigration enforcement activities, including mere cooperation with federal authorities with regard to criminals in custody; and
  • On February 28, the House Judiciary Committee will also hold a public hearing on House Bill 1362, a similar bill that blocks Maryland from engaging in any immigration enforcement activities or cooperation efforts.

http://p2a.co/RmDJupX  Submit your voices to the State House

Contact your lawmakers today and tell them you support ending dangerous sanctuary policies!

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Action Alert – Maryland Senate Bill 830 has been introduced in the Maryland General Assembly – Would Require To Work With Federal Law Enforcement On Illegal’s

Senate Bill 830 has been introduced in the Maryland General Assembly.  Essentially, it would require notifying Federal immigration authorities of the pending release of inmates subject to Federal immigration detainer orders.  This is a common sense bill; getting criminal aliens out of the State and protecting Maryland citizens. 


Please ask the members of the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee to give SB830 a Favorable Report.  You may copy and paste their e-mail addresses into your e-mail address box:  













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Hannity – On Illegal Immigration And Their Crimes – In Texas, 642,000 Crimes Committed

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Help Save Maryland – ACTION ALERT: Dems In Annapolis Try to Overturn MoCo Citizens on Term Limits!!

Term Limits Supporters of Montgomery County are OUTRAGED !


Why ??


Despite 70% of voters (300,00 out of 430,000) VOTING FOR TERM LIMITS

that would foster a more level playing field,

 Delegate Al Carr is trying to pass HB 348 in Annapolis that would UNDERMINE the EFFECT of TERM LIMITS by allowing Montgomery County to “stagger” elections for council members, meaning some would run during the gubernatorial election (as they ALL currently do now) and some would run during the presidential election.


Del. Carr’s main pitch is that more people would cast votes for council members because more people turn out during presidential cycles. 

 According to Carr, more voters enhances the democratic process.  

Sounds good, right ? 


Not so fast. 


How would Term Limits and implementation of staggered elections work ?


Delegate Carr’s office said:


The implementation of the bill would actually cut terms short


But the bill says NOTHING about WHICH COUNCIL MEMBERS terms will be cut short by two years to fall into the presidential cycle. 


How will it be decided ?


Choose the member who is the least popular ?? Choose the DISTRICT that is least popular ?? Draw straws ?? 

Political Russian Roulette ??


The bill does not specify how this will be determined. 


SOME officials —  who were democratically elected —  would have their term arbitrarily CUT IN HALF !







Yep, we don’t think that is democratic either. 



We JUST got Term Limits AND Public Financing of local elections; 

Let’s give them a chance to see if they make our local elections more robust and increase voter turnout !






We’re sick and tired of our elected officials NOT LISTENING TO US, we the people. 






So what can you DO ??


CALL or at least EMAIL the above message to the Economic Development Committee  who can OPPOSE THIS BILL, HB 348.



CALL or EMAIL Delegate Al Carr’s office and tell him to WITHDRAW THIS BILL !!



Annapolis is OPEN ON MONDAY, FEBRUARY 20th. 




You have until 9:00 a.m. Thursday February 23rd which is when the next hearing is, to KILL THIS BILL !






240 292-4598. 



Economic Development Committee:


Ariana Kelly, Chair – Democrat, Legislative District 16; Phone: 301-858-3642 / 410-841-3642;



Maricé Morales, Vice-Chair — Democrat, Legislative District 19; Phone:  301-858-3528 / 410-841-3528



Sheila Hixson – Democrat — Legislative District 20; Phone:301-858-3469/410-841-3469 



Anne Kaiser – Democrat Legislative District 14; Phone:301-858-3469/410-841-3469



Kirill Reznik – Democrat, Legislative District 39; Phone:301-858-3039 /410-841-3039



Jeff Waldstreicher – Democrat, Legislative District 18; Phone:  301-858-3130 / 410-841-3130



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O’Reilly On Illegal Immigrant Daniel and His Father – Criminal Illegal Aliens – Father Was Deported 8 Times

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Four Illegal Aliens Arrested After ‘Savage’ Gang-Related Killing of MD Teen – MS13 – Breitbart Picked Up The Story

by Katie McHugh 17 Feb 2017

Imported gang violence continues to afflict Virginia: authorities charged illegal alien suspects with murder and all ten suspects for gang participation and abduction on Thursday for the “brutal” slaying of 15-year-old Damaris Reyes Rivas.

Police arrested ten in connection with Rivas’ death: four adults and six teenagers. FOX5 reports “Jose Ivan Castillo Rivas, 18, Springfield, Wilmer A. Sanchez Serrano, 21, Cindy Blanco Hernandez, 18, and Aldair J. Miranda Carcamo, 18” are adults. Another 17-year-old, Venus Iraheta, who has lived in the U.S. for the past ten years—making her a “DREAMer” eligible for amnesty under an Obama executive order—is also in police custody. Police did not identify the other five juveniles. All ten face charges of abduction and gang participation. Rivas and Serrano are charged with murder.

Rivas died horribly on or close to January 8 of upper-body trauma in a “savage, brutal killing,” Fairfax County Police Chief Edwin Roessler said. Police reportedly found video evidence of Rivas’ death and declined to name the gang connected to the teenager’s murder. According to Maria Reyes, Rivas’ mother, her daughter had gotten involved with the El Salvadoran gang Mara Salvatrucha or MS-13 recently. She told FOX 5 she is receiving violent threats from gang members “blaming her for the arrests” and is afraid for her own life.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement placed detainers on the four adults charged with murder and has asked Fairfax County to alert them before they are released from custody.

One-fifth of the total population of El Salvador lives in the U.S. “El Salvador is the top country of birth for immigrants to Virginia,” the Associated Press reported in 2014. Nearly a quarter, or 23 percent, of Northern Virginia residents are foreigners, and 68 percent of the state’s foreign-born population lives there, researchers found in 2014. In 1970, only one in 100 residents in Virginia was foreign-born—but now, it is one in nine.

Roughly 247,000 illegal aliens live in Virginia, according to one estimate, meaning the state ranks in the top ten states with the largest populations of illegals. Among those are nearly 40,000 illegals from El Salvador. Another estimate pegged the total number of illegals at 275,000 in 2012, or 3.5 percent of the state’s population. Similarly, immigration led to a boom in the Latino or Hispanic population in Old Dominion since the 1990s: “The Latino share of Virginia’s population grew from 2.6 percent in 1990 to 4.7 percent in 2000 to 8.6 percent (or 707,962 people) in 2013,” according to the American Immigration Council.

Without immigration from El Salvador, there would be no MS-13 in America and fewer machete murders and dismembered bodies buried in idyllic parks. Since the 1990s, MS-13 has operated in the Washington, D.C., area with thousands of members.

Obama administration policies encouraged hundreds of thousands of Central American illegal aliens to surge into the U.S., and the administration helped them along by shipping them unannounced to unsuspecting American communities.

MS-13 leaders stationed in El Salvador had told the U.S.-based gangs to rebuild, and the large influx of young illegal aliens made the task easier. The Obama administration shipped illegal alien minors with clear MS-13 ties to MS-13 strongholds. One Department of Homeland Security official noted an “uptick” in MS-13 gang violence in the past two years, according to FOX5: “He said 18- and 19-year-olds in high schools work to recruit younger kids to help them carry out crimes because they are aware charges are less serious for juveniles.”

El Salvadoran nationals involved in gang violence at home bring their connections and plans for expansion to the United States. Chairman of the Northern Virginia Regional Gang Task Force Douglas W. Keen pointed to “increased recruitment of unaccompanied minors” illegally arriving in the U.S.

“When we debrief some of the arrestees they are telling us they were recruited at a young age and encouraged to commit crimes of assaults and larcenies. Then they move to narcotics and more violent crimes,” Keen told the Washington Post.

Director of the task force Jay Lanham also told FOX5 that gangs “are recruiting people as young as children in elementary school and they lure them through social media and parties where they offer them drugs, alcohol, and sex.” Taxpayers, of course, foot the bill for the illegal aliens’ schooling, social services, trials, incarceration, and the specialized task forces required to keep their explosive violence under control.


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