Sign Help Save Maryland’s Petition To Tell Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland, “NO TO OBAMAS EXECUTIVE AMNESTY”


In January 2015, before the swearing in for Governor-elect Larry Hogan, Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh took it upon himself to set immigration policy for the new Hogan Administration.

Acting alone, AG Frosh signed on to an amicus curiae or “friend of the court” brief with 11 other states in support of President Obama’s controversial executive amnesty for illegal aliens. This questionable brief was submitted in opposition to the formal legal challenge filed by the State of Texas and 25 other states which argued that the President’s unconstitutional amnesty would be a financial burden on the states.

During the 2014 Maryland campaign for governor, Candidate Hogan stated on multiple occasions that he opposed illegal immigration in Maryland. And Maryland citizens fully understand that Governor Hogan was not in office when AG Frosh signed on to the original January court brief supporting Obama’s executive amnesty.

But on March 12, 2015, AG Brian Frosh did it again! This time signing on to another “friend of the court” brief demanding that the Federal Court of Appeals overturn a lower court action delaying implementation of the President’s amnesty.   This was done without so much as a peep from Governor Hogan’s office.

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

Obama’s Executive Amnesty means 5 million more immigrant lawbreakers will take additional jobs, healthcare and social services from deserving Maryland families. With a social security card illegal aliens will obtain federal and state tax refunds, “earned income tax credits”, access to even more government services and the ability to register to vote in Maryland elections. Maryland taxpayers already spend nearly $2 billion annually for the education, healthcare and incarceration costs of illegal aliens.

Please sign the Help Save Maryland Petition. Tell Maryland Governor Larry Hogan to:

  • Immediately withdraw the State of Maryland from the “friend of the court” briefs signed by Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh. Maryland citizens are tired of paying for illegal aliens in our communities.
  • Put our state on record with the federal courts and the American People that the law-abiding citizens of Maryland refuse to support President Obama’s Executive Amnesty.
  • Order Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh to cease and desist from providing any further verbal or written support for the unconstitutional Executive Amnesty being promoted by the White House.  

This past November, Maryland citizens voted for dramatic “Change” through the election of Larry Hogan as Governor. Eliminating blatant support for Maryland policies and programs that promote illegal immigration was a key component of the expected “Change”.

Tell Governor Larry Hogan to stop Attorney General Frosh and Maryland’s immigration lawlessness! Even New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has stepped up to oppose Obama’s executive amnesty. It’s now time for Governor Hogan to do the right thing.




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Has all of Ohio become a sanctuary state under Governor Kasich’s nose?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 29, 2015

Did you see the tragic news from Lake County Ohio yesterday? Another illegal alien (known to law enforcement) has been arrested in what appears to be a random shooting of a 60-year old woman, the wounding of another woman and the attempted rape of a 14-year old.

Ohio illegal
Another alleged illegal alien killer: Juan Emmanuel Razo
Here is the story at (hat tip: Cathy):

PAINESVILLE, Ohio — Lake County sheriff’s deputies learned that Juan Emmanuel Razo was in the U.S. illegally from Mexico more than two weeks before his arrest in the death of a 60-year-old Concord Township woman.

Razo made his first court appearance Tuesday in the death of Margaret Kostelnik where a judge set a $10 million bond. He’s also accused in the attempted rape of a 14-year-old girl and the shooting of another woman who survived.

Razo pleaded not guilty to a charge of attempted murder, but still faces possible murder and other charges in connection to the other incidents.

Lake County Sheriff’s Det. Brian Butler said during the court hearing that during a July 7 traffic stop, deputies contacted border patrol agents who advised the sheriff’s office not to detain Razo despite his status as an undocumented immigrant.

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Obama Cuts Funding For Vets, Gives Out Free Cash To Amnesty-Granted Illegals

President Barack Obama announced Thursday evening that as a part of his newest executive order, which will grant amnesty to five million illegal aliens, he will also be cutting federal spending on military veterans by a staggering 65%, with those savings being handed out to those illegals who will be getting amnesty.
During a major immigration reform speech held Thursday, President Obama will detail his amnesty plan, which will allow five million illegal immigrants to stay in the United States, with work visas. But his executive action will also be giving out a year’s worth of Medicaid coverage and $500 cash to each of those illegals, costing US taxpayers $97.8 billion, money which he’ll be taking from the Veteran’s Association.
“Let me be clear, this isn’t a hand-out,” Obama declared during the speech. “We aren’t giving these immigrants anything unfairly. These folks have had a very difficult time assimilating themselves with our culture and our economy. They’re working jobs under the table where they’re often treated unfairly, and aren’t protected by the same labor laws so many Americans take for granted. So this will help these immigrants integrate themselves into our society and will help put them on a path to citizenship quicker and easier than they could otherwise.”
As for the cuts to the VA, Obama claimed he’d thought long and hard about the decision. “This wasn’t something I came to easily. But part of governing is making tough choices, and I had to make one of those here with this executive order. We’ve spoken with officials over at the VA, and they’ve assured me they can trim some fat and cut through some bureaucracy to save some money. And as I stated earlier, it’s important that these immigrants are given a footstool to help them climb out of the substandard conditions they’ve been facing.”
The news came as a shock to many, particularly Republicans, who have been opposing Obama’s executive order publicly since he first announced his plans. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) gave a fiery interview Thursday morning where he vowed to fight the Obama administration “with every ounce of being I have.”
“It’s absurd, the things Obama thinks he can get away with,” Cruz said. “He’s not a king, he’s not an emperor. This is simply outrageous. Taking money away from American war heroes, veterans who served this country bravely and proudly, and handing it over to people who aren’t even American citizens, and don’t speak our American language. It’s insulting to know this man is still president.”
– See more at:

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Illegal immigrant ordered freed by feds now suspected of murder in Ohio

An illegal immigrant suspected of murdering one woman, wounding another and attempting to rape a 14-year-old girl was released earlier this month by Ohio sheriff’s deputies after U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents told them not to hold him, law enforcement officials said Tuesday.

Juan Emmanuel Razo, 35, was arrested Monday after a shootout with police following a crime spree police say began with the attempted rape of a girl in a park in Painesville, about 30 miles northeast of Cleveland. He later shot a woman in front of her children and murdered a 60-year-old woman in nearby Concord Township, according to police. While Razo is being held on $10 million bond, authorities are trying to explain why he was allowed to remain in the U.S. illegally after local authorities questioned him just three weeks ago.

“I can’t set a bond high enough.”

– Painesville Municipal Court Judge Michael Cicconetti
“I have somebody who we don’t know who he is, why he is in this country, why he is here illegally and why he allegedly committed a murder,” Painesville Municipal Court Judge Michael Cicconetti thundered at Razo’s arraignment, noting the suspect has no green card, birth certificate or driver’s license.

“I can’t set a bond high enough,” he continued. “How in the hell do I even know it’s him?”

Cicconetti later told Fox News he did not understand how federal authorities could have ordered Razo released on July 7 when local deputies questioned him and contacted Border Protection officials, given that no one could even verify his identity.


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