Help Save Maryland – Fight Hate – Join Help Save Maryland Monday, January 23, 7pm, in Rockville

Help Save Maryland is participating in an important forum on Hate Crimes, Monday, January 23, 7PM, at the Montgomery County Council Building in Rockville.  


Hessie Harris of Help Save Maryland will be taking on a stacked panel of speakers to ensure the citizens of Montgomery County and all of Maryland are heard.  


Please attend if you can to support Hessie and Help Save Maryland.  


As you know Help Save Maryland is constantly attacked through hate speech by the Southern Poverty Law Center, The Montgomery County Council, MoCo Police Chief Tom “Barney Fife” Manger, and the illegal alien support group CASA of Maryland.

Sentinel Hosts Live-Stream Roundtable on Hate Crimes

ROCKVILLE –  The Montgomery County Sentinel will be hosting a live stream roundtable discussion on hate crimes in our community and solutions for dealing with them.


The roundtable discussion will be held on Monday, January 23rd, in the Council Hearing Room (3rd floor) in the County Council Building at 100 Maryland Ave., Rockville.


Brian J. Karem, the executive editor for The Sentinel Newspapers will moderate the event which is scheduled from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. 


Participating in the roundtable discussion will be:


 Montgomery County Council Member Craig Rice

Montgomery County Chief of Police Tom Manger

 Ron Halber, Executive Director of the JCRC of Greater Washington, 

Daryl Davis,  community activist and author of Klan-Destine Relationships, 

Hessie Harris of Help Save Maryland, and 

former Montgomery County High School Principal Fred Evans.


The general public is invited to the event as well as local and national media.


Attendance is limited to a first come and first serve basis.


Any questions can be sent to  or by calling the Montgomery County Sentinel at (301)838-0788.



Hate-Crime Legislation Is a Good Idea That Went Bad

January 17, 2017 

by Victor Davis Hanson//National Review


The labeling of hate crimes has become so politicized and ill-defined that the entire concept is unworkable.


Last week in Chicago, a white special-needs teenager was held captive by four black youths. The victim was bound, gagged, tortured, forced to drink toilet water, partially scalped, and subject to racially and politically motivated verbal abuse. The perpetrators streamed portions of their violent savagery on Facebook.


After the victim escaped from his assailants and was found on the streets by a police officer, a Chicago police commander initially said he was unsure whether the attack constituted a hate crime — as if that distinction might calibrate the crime’s viciousness.


President Obama was likewise initially hesitant to label this cruelty as a racially motivated hate crime — which was odd given the president’s prior readiness to jump into and editorialize about racially charged cases such as those of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates and Trayvon Martin.


Yet it is hard to imagine what additional outrages the Chicago youths might have had to commit to warrant hate-crime status. After public outcry, Chicago prosecutors — along with Obama — confirmed that the attack did indeed, in their opinion, qualify as a “hate crime.”


Many in the media still sought to downplay that classification.

“I don’t think it’s evil,” editorialized CNN anchor Don Lemon, who instead attributed the violence to the offenders’ problematic upbringing.

What are the lessons from all the verbal gymnastics concerning “hate crimes”?


Sadly, we are learning that the labeling of hate crimes has become so politicized and ill-defined that the entire concept is unworkable.

The idea of identifying hate crimes gained currency in the 1980s, when reformers wanted lighter penalties for most criminal offenses but also wished to increase punishment for criminal acts that were deemed racist, sexist, or homophobic. So hate crimes emerged as new enhancements to criminal punishment, as a way to tack on stiffer penalties for affronts to liberal society at large.


The rationale for designating hate crimes relied on force multipliers in criminal sentencing — such as premeditation that can make murder a first-degree offense. But after years of confusion, how do we consistently and fairly define perceptions of bias or hate as a catalyst for criminal violence?

After all, crimes such as murder and rape are already savage and brutal by nature. Is the killer who shouts bigoted epithets more dangerous to society than the quiet sadist who first tortures his murder victim without comment?


It can be dangerous to redefine a single criminal act as a hate crime against society, given the incentives for manipulation and political distortion.

Recently there arose a spate of reported fake hate crimes in which supposed victims complained that their race or religion earned them violent responses from bigots, suggesting a post-election epidemic of intolerance. Authorities often found that the victims had concocted their stories, either to enhance their political agendas and their own sense of victimization, or simply to win attention and perhaps compensation.


Again, who or what defines a hate crime?


When fanatical Army Major Nidal Hasan in 2009 slaughtered non-Muslim soldiers at Fort Hood — shouting “Allahu Akbar!” (“God is great”) as he mowed down his victims — was that a religiously driven hate crime? The politically correct Pentagon thought not. Instead, it labeled Hasan’s murderous rampage as “workplace violence.”


Progressives originally envisioned hate-crime legislation as focusing mostly on a white majority that presumably had a monopoly on prejudice. But FBI hate-crime statistics show that African-Americans commit a disproportionately large share of hate crimes.


The media usually associate religious hate crimes with offenses against Muslims, and warn against endemic “Islamophobia.” Yet statistically, Jews, not Muslims, are the far more frequent victims of religious hate crimes.


Americans can now reasonably wonder whether a reported hate crime might have been staged. In November, for example, a black church in Mississippi was spray-painted with “Vote Trump” graffiti and set afire. Nearly two months later, authorities charged a disgruntled African-American parishioner, not a supposed white supremacist, with the arson.


Sometimes hate-crime status is added to a crime not on the basis of clearly evident prejudice but based on the race of the offender and victim, as the political spin that follows the crime seeks to make larger indictments against society.


In our hypersensitive and litigious society, too many agendas have warped the once-noble idea of hate-crime legislation. It has become a fossilized relic of the 1980s that was well-intended, became incoherent and politicized — and now should be scrapped. 





Brad Botwin, Director

Help Save



Tax Deductible Donations to Help Save Maryland are always welcome.  


Donate by credit card at  or postal mail your donation to:


Help Save Maryland

PO Box 5742 

Rockville, MD  20855



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#NoSanctuaryHoCo Further Updates And Contact Information To Let The Voices Be Heard


January 23 at 4:30 pm work session for CB9-2017 at the George Howard Building:

1.      Listen to expert discussion for and against CB9-2017

2.      Gather talking points for use in campaign letters and phone calls to county council members

3.      Wear red shirt

4.      Bring signs

5.      Sit in first 3 (and so) rows of hearing room.  Council members need to feel the pressure from the opposition

6.      Please attend!

January 24 – February 6:

1.      Ramp up the volume of tweets and Facebook postings against CB9-2017. The county council members are reading the tweets and Facebook postings.  Continue to post #NoSanctuaryHoCo #No2CB9

Twitter addresses:

2.      Talk to your neighbors and friends about CB9-2017

3.      Call and email your county council member to vote NO on February 6:

Jon Weinstein, (410) 313-3110
Calvin Ball, (410) 313-2001
Jen Terrasa, (410) 313-3108
Mary Kay Sigaty, (410) 313-2001
Greg Fox, (410) 313-2001

4.      You can send a fax to 410-313-3297 – Simply send #NoSanctuaryHoCo

Thanks to Calvin Ball, illegals will be targeting Howard County as a sanctuary destination. Say No to Howard County Sanctuary!

February 6 at 7:00 pm county council members vote on CB9-2017 at the George Howard Building:

1.      Arrive at 6:00 pm

2.      Wear red shirt

3.      Bring signs

4.      Sit in first 3 (and so) rows of hearing room.  Council members need to feel the pressure from the opposition.

5.      Important meeting – please attend!

Social Event:
January 26 at 6:30 pm CB9-2017 Grassroots Movement and inaugural celebration at Smokin Hot Grille in Glenwood, MD Hosted by Howard County Republican Club.  Greg Fox and Allan Kittleman may join us at this social event – waiting for confirmation. Excellent opportunity to meet both and discuss CB9-2017 and to celebrate the next 4 years of economic prosperity.
Directions to Grille

Future Dates:
CB9-2017 does not stop once Allan Kittleman vetos the bill! The bill returns to County Council where they will vote on overriding Allan’s veto. The time between Allan’s veto and county council override vote is crucial.  Jon Weinstein (council district 1) needs to know his seat is in jeopardy if he overrides Allan’s veto. Jon is looking for a future in politics – tell him his political future ends with a Yes to override Allan’s veto.
Future dates to follow in next email.

Here are some easy tweets to send out or tweet your own. Use #NoSanctuaryHoCo hashtag in your tweets.
Let #CalvinBall know #NoSanctuaryHoCo.

Twitter storm pre-populated messages – just click and tweet.

  • Click on the blue http link below the tweet.
  • It will open up Twitter with the tweet you select.
  • If you are not logged in it will ask you to do so.
  • All you have to do is hit tweet.

@CalvinBallTeam @MaryKaySigaty @HC_JonWeinstein @JenTerrasa RWe aCounty of No law&order? ObeyUr OathOf Office #NoSanctuaryHoCo
Keep HoCo police safe; they have a family too. Call your county councilperson and tell them to vote NO on CB9-2017
GregFox Only Adult in Room standing up4Voters rights& their tax$$. Obeys His Oath Of Office. Call @CalvinBallTeam 2VoteNo #NoSanctuaryHoCo
@CalvinBallTeam legacy he is proud of-No sugar 4you- Tax rain-Ur Taxes 2fund his campaign &Now Ur govt benefits2illegals #NoSanctuaryHoCo
@CalvinBallTeam Defying OathOfOffice in support of CB9-2017. Fed&MD law require legal entrance into US. All else is Illegal #NoSanctuaryHoCo
@CalvinBallTeam continues to divide instead of unite. Read his inflammatory comments in CB9-2017 #FailedPoliticianBall #NoSanctuaryHoCo
@CalvinBallTeam harkens back to the days of the Wild Wild West where no law and order existed. #NoSanctuaryHoCo

The following letter to the county council was forwarded to us by an acquaintance of the letter writer. Manda asked us to share the letter with you and you may share the letter with your neighbors, relatives, co-workers.  CB9-2017 must not be allowed pass!

To: The Respected Council members of Howard County:

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I am writing this letter as an immigrant, who opposes the Bill #9-2017.
I fled my homeland Iran because of the Islamic takeover. It took 18 months
for me, as a political refugee and the wife of an American citizen to get a visa
and enter to the United States, with a thick folder of my life history. Honorable Council; there are many other Immigrant communities, right here in Howard County, who have waited in line, some   as long as 11 years, before they could get permission, Visa, to enter the United States. Immigrants come here for freedom, and opportunity to work and be independent sovereign humans.  I have lived in Europe, and I know that this is the only western country that provides abundance of opportunities to work, prosper and keep your human dignity. Therefore, allowing only a certain group of people who have disrespected America’s laws by entering without permission, and even offering them sanctuaries against the laws of your own country, is considered a great act of discrimination to us, the immigrants who suffered, but stood in lines, learned the language, and saved, to deserve the honor of citizenship of this great country. We; the legal immigrants, protest against the Bill number 9-2017 on the grounds that it is not only discriminatory, but destroys the core principal of self-reliance and human dignity. Treating people like pets is against the laws of humanity.  This Bill looks more like a political activism, to train dependent voters by bribery, and not humanitarian by any means. Please do not vote for it.

With Respect
Manda Zand Ervin

Like us on Facebook No Sanctuary Howard County
Visit often to keep up with news articles and press releases. We will be creating an event calendar on Facebook of scheduled dates for active participation. Look for events such as Twitter storms, Facebook posts sharing, email blasts; all events you can join in on from your home or mobile device.

If have any questions or comments or to sign up for the literature drop, email us at

Thank you,
Laura Walsh
Frank Mirabile
Carol Loveless

Grassroots Organizers

When tweeting or posting on Facebook Use:
Share this email with friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbors who are in opposition of Sanctuary bill CB9-2017.  Ask them to join our email list.  They can send an email to

This is a huge grassroots movement!

There is always strength in numbers. The more individuals that you can rally to your cause, the better.

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63% Of Howard Countians Oppose CB9-2017 – #NoSanctuaryHoCo

Over 20,000 people participated in the Baltimore Sun’s January online poll regarding CB-9, the bill to make Howard a Sanctuary County. Have you signed the petition yet? Click to add your name & oppose this legislation today!

I oppose CB-9, the Sanctuary Bill because:

Sign Petition here:

  • CB-9 is nothing more than political propaganda aimed to divide Howard County. Naive proponents of this bill see this as an anti-discrimination measure, but in reality this bill will give undocumented immigrants a false sense of security that living in Howard County means they may avoid deportation.


  • Sanctuary status in Howard County makes residents less safe because it frustrates the relationship between the Howard County Police Department and Federal law enforcement during investigations of gang activity, human trafficking, and drug trafficking among others in cases when a deportation may result.


  • CB-9 brings unnecessary and unwanted attention to Howard County’s legal immigrant population who reside and contribute to the well being of our communities. Our political leaders should be celebrating them for their diversity among other reasons, not attempting to divide these communities for political gain.


  • The Council’s deliberation over CB-9 is disappointing because it takes time and resources away from important legislative priorities involving the Howard County Public School System, job creation, rebuilding Ellicott City, and affordable housing initiatives.


  • CB-9 jeopardizes an estimated $12 million worth of federal funding currently allocated toward local infrastructure and transportation projects. Under federal guidelines, “Sanctuary” jurisdictions can see their federal funding pulled. The incoming administration has stated they intend to do this within the first 100 days after taking office.
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Update On Howard County Santuary Bill CB9-2017 – The Stare Down Continues as We Build a Red Wall to Contain CB9-2017 and then Drain the Local Swamp

The following is the current scheduled for the County Council.

Monday, Jan 23rd Work Session for the Council @ 4:30 public may attend, but not testify. Experts and elected and government officials along with various citizens may be called by members of the council to provide specific information or insight. However, this is not a public hearing.

Thursday, Jan 26th Pre-file deadline for Council & Exec for amendments: posted on-line later in day. This is not a meeting, but a deadline for the Council and the County Executive to provide amendments to the legislation. Additional, amendments may be filed after that time or introduced during the Legislative Session, but require a 4-1 vote by the council to be considered. Further, amendments to amendments may be introduced at any time prior to the vote is concluded. Pre-filed amendments will be posted sometime after the deadline on the same day.

Monday, February 6th Legislative Session / Voting Session for CB-9 (public may attend). This is also open to the public, but does not involve public testimony.


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Please Attend And Make You’re Voices Heard Against The Pro Illegal Community – Gustavo Torres From Casa Will Be There – Takoma Park to Hold Community Teach-in on its Sanctuary City Status and Commitment

January 17, 2017 On Saturday, February 4, the City of Takoma Park and several community organizations will host a public forum, Takoma Park:  Sanctuary City — Then & Now. The program will explore the City’s 30-year-old Sanctuary ordinance and its amendments, and will underscore the City’s ongoing commitment to protect its immigrant residents under the letter and spirit of the law.  Takoma Park is one of 300+ sanctuary jurisdictions throughout the nation.   The teach-in, sponsored by the City of Takoma Park; the Mayor Sam Abbott Living Legacy Project of Historic Takoma, CASA de Maryland, and Takoma Park Mobilization, will take place at 3:00 p.m. at the Takoma Park Community Center – Sam Abbott Citizens’ Center, 7500 Maple Ave. in Takoma Park.   The program will feature a wide range of speakers, including City, county, and state officials, as well as members of immigrant legal rights and service organizations.  Among the participants are: Takoma Park Councilmembers Terry Seamens and Rizzy Qureshi; Montgomery County Councilmember Marc Elrich; Takoma Park Police Chief Alan Goldberg; City Manager Suzanne Ludlow; Maryland State Delegate Ana Sol Gutierrez; CASA Executive Director, Gustavo Torres; Denyse Sabagh, Esq., Partner, Duane Morris; and Takoma Park Mayor Kate Stewart.    In the early 1980’s, local churches began offering sanctuary to some of the thousands of refugees fleeing brutal civil wars in El Salvador and Guatemala. This led to a series of supporting resolutions initiated and adopted by then Mayor Sam Abbott and the Takoma Park City Council. In 1985, the ordinance was passed making Takoma Park a “Sanctuary City.” Affirmed and amended several times, the last in 2007-08, the Takoma Park Sanctuary law (Municipal Code, Chapter 9.04) prohibits city police and other city employees from asking Takoma Park residents about their citizenship or immigration status. It also prohibits them from cooperating in the enforcement of federal immigration laws that could lead to the deportation of residents.   In his message to the City on Nov. 11, Takoma Park Police Chief Alan Goldberg said, “Our Constitution specifically prohibits a ‘National Police Force.’…We have no interest or authority in the deportation of immigrants. The mission and commitment of the Takoma Park Police Department is the safety and welfare of all our residents….”   Safeguarding and building trust are key community values.  Mayor Kate Stewart warmly affirmed the City’s support for its immigrant neighbors. “We are a City that welcomes those who are the victims of terrorism and violence regardless of their national origins and that refuses to demonize Muslims. We are a City that upholds the right of ALL people to live their lives with dignity and respect.”   Attendees will have the opportunity to speak and question the panel. The event will also include Takoma Park Poet Laureate Merrill Leffler and singer Rudy Arredondo. The program is free and open to the public.



Catherine Plevy

Public Information Officer Takoma Park Police Department Email: Phone: 301-891-7142 Cell: 240-338-2901

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