On Saturday, California Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 1461, the New Motor Voter Act, which will automatically register people to vote through the DMV, and could result in illegal aliens voting.

Any person who renewed or secured a driver’s license through the DMV may now register to vote, or choose to opt out of doing so. Because illegal immigrants are now eligible for obtaining driver’s licenses, they could be allowed to vote in elections if the Secretary of State’s office fails to verify their eligibility properly.

Brown and the California Democratic party know exactly what they are doing; as a Public Policy Institute survey showed, among unregistered adults, 49% lean toward the Democratic Party and 22% toward the Republican Party. Any bill permitting illegal immigrants to vote would cement the Democratic Party’s hold on California.

True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht stated, “This bill is terrible. It makes an already bad situation much, much worse,” adding that California’s registration databases “lack the necessary safeguards to keep noncitizens off the voter rolls.”

Election Integrity Project of California President Linda Paine echoed that AB 1461 “will effectively change the form of governance in California from a Republic whose elected officials are determined by United States citizens and will guarantee that noncitizens will participate in all California elections going forward.” The Election Integrity Project of California had joined True the Vote to demand that brown veto the bill, calling it a path to “‘state sanctioned’ voter fraud.”

Although noncitizens’ driver’s licenses in California feature the phrases “Federal Limits Apply” and “not valid for official federal purposes,” True the Vote spokesman Logan Churchwell pointed out that state officials “specifically chose not to make noncitizen license holders searchable in their DMV database.”

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla countered that the increase in voters will benefit the state, arguing, “The New Motor Voter Act will make our democracy stronger by removing a key barrier to voting for millions of California citizens. Citizens should not be required to opt in to their fundamental right to vote. We do not have to opt in to other rights, such as free speech or due process.”

California follows Oregon, where Democratic Gov. Kate Brown signed a bill in March allowing the automatic registration of all eligible Oregonians to vote when they obtain or renew a driver’s license or state identification card.

But Stephen Frank of California Political Review bluntly asserted that the bill will reduce voter turnout because voters will sniff fraud in the polls: “AB 1461 assures corruption of our elections–our elections will look like those of Mexico and other corrupt nations–and honest people will stop voting since illegal aliens will out vote them.”

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41 New Sanctuary Cities in 4 Months

In July, CIS reported that ICE had identified 276 jurisdictions that, as of September 2014, had policies obstructing immigration enforcement, primarily policies to ignore ICE detainers. ICE updated this list in December 2014 to add another 41 jurisdictions that adopted sanctuary policies.

They are:
• Lafayette Parish, Louisiana
• Rio Arriba, New Mexico
• Prince George’s County, Maryland
• Montgomery County, Maryland
• Douglas County, Nebraska
• All New Mexico counties
• Northampton, Massachusetts
• Chesterfield County, Virginia
• Clayton County, Georgia
“These jurisdictions have been added to our map of sanctuaries. No jurisdictions were removed from the list by ICE,” Vaughan said.

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Message from the U.S. Department of State

The United States of America is the largest single donor to the Syrian humanitarian response, having contributed more than $4.1 billion in humanitarian aid since the conflict began. This funding provides life-saving assistance such as food, medical care, and shelter to millions of vulnerable individuals in Syria and throughout the region.
We understand the huge challenges that the European states are facing and welcome continuing efforts to seek a comprehensive, coordinated response. We have also stressed that any solution to the crisis should focus on saving and protecting lives, ensuring the human rights of all migrants are respected, and promoting orderly and humane migration policies.
Refugee resettlement reflects the United States’ highest values and aspirations to compassion, generosity and leadership. President Obama has directed his team to significantly increase the number of Syrian refugees the U.S. will accept next year. We recognize that admitting more Syrian refugees to the U.S. is only part of the solution, but the President believes this policy decision is consistent with our responsibility to do more.
The U.S. has welcomed more than 3 million refugees for resettlement since 1975—more than any country in the world. The U.S. remains deeply committed to achieving the dual goals of safeguarding the American public from threats and providing refuge to some of the world’s most vulnerable people, most of whom are themselves, the victims of terrorism. Refugees are subject to the highest level of security checks of any category of traveler to the U.S. Screening includes the involvement of the National Counterterrorism Center, the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Center, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Defense.
Thank you for contacting the U.S. Department of State.

Bureau of Public Affairs
Office of Public Engagement

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