Help Save Maryland Newsletter – Adios DACA! Our Children Have DREAMS Too!

Adios DACA! Our Children Have DREAMS Too!

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA, one of the multiple Obama Administration open border amnesty scams for young adult illegal aliens, is toast.

Thanks to President Donald Trump, the never ending, illegal alien attracting, unconstitutional Obama Executive Order on DACA is scheduled for a slow but steady phase-out by March 5, 2018.

From September 5th forward, no new DACA DREAMERS (the bogus name for these illegal alien young adults) will be allowed to apply. The forever automatic renewals of previously granted two-year stays from deportation will end as well as they come up over time.

As a taxpayer and law abiding citizen this is all wonderful.

So what is all the hyped up drama, controversy and hate about in the Media, Hollywood, Big Business (the Monopolies known as Apple, Google, Facebook) and on Capital Hill (Democrats and spineless Republicans like McCain, Flake, and Graham)? Are the 3 Amigo Senators trying to revive the old DREAM Act sellout of our country?

Sure, I expect the radical illegal alien support groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), CASA of Maryland, the former National Council of La Raza (The Race) – but now called UnidosUS (what the heck is that?) and the Mexican Government to portray DACA DREAMERS as hardworking New Americans dragged unknowingly to America by their border jumping illegal alien parents.

But the reality is that these “kids” left their “documents”, which would allow them to enter the U.S. legally, in their Playpens as they hurried toward the border (their parents left their papers on the kitchen table)!

It’s Heartbreaking!

So who are these 800,000 DACAs in the U.S., with more than 15,000 in Maryland? Not surprisingly about 90 percent are Mexican citizens by birth.

Wow, where is the DIVERSITY in these so-called immigrants? That percentage is even higher than the percent of Mexicans which comprise the 25-30 million plus illegals in the U.S. (about 80% Mexican). And when you add in the Central and South American DACAs that percent shoots up to 95% Hispanic. Boy do we need that Border Wall!

So what is so special about these younger illegals? Obama called them “our best”. Maybe so because in Maryland I have spent about $20K per DACA, per grade (K-12) educating these special freeloaders. ESOL programs, medical, dental, welfare, etc., that just added icing to the cake. No more!

Let’s not forget the big lie about Maryland In-State Tuition for these uninvited guests. We were told In-State for illegals would be given to only dozens, maybe hundreds someday of illegals in Maryland. There are now THOUSANDS getting In-State Tuition. Out of State Tuition at the University of Maryland for example is $32K per year. In-State is $10,200 per year! So I have the honor of subsidizing these mostly Mexican citizen DACAs to the tune of more than $80K for college on top of the K-12 rip-off of the 13 year, $20K per year ripoff.

Plus these DACAs take precious slots at the University of Maryland away from our children who have to now find other colleges to attend. Without DACA, game over.

Finally, you have heard the lies about how carefully the paperwork for these DACAs was screened and scrutinized so the next step to citizenship should not be a problem at all. Sure the paperwork was reviewed (after being filled out by CASA of Maryland and ACLU volunteers).

But few if any of the 800,000 DACAs were actually interviewed by our federal government.

There are more hoops, checks, visits and INTERVIEWS given to people who want to adopt a MUTT DOG from the pound then these DACAs went through!

Now the Dems want to flip them into citizenship and make them future Dem voters. No Thanks.

DACAs should stay Mexican citizens and as a courtesy we can give renewable work permits. No path to citizenship, No voting, No more In-State Tuition and No ability to bring in their cousins and other relatives (chain migration). Just work, pay taxes and stay out of trouble, or go home.

There is a Diversity of people from around the globe to legally take the place of the DACAs, so no real negative impact on the U.S. if the DACAs go home.

In exchange for this non-deportation, the Congress should fund the Border Wall to the max so no more DACAs in training can sneak in. E-Verify should be mandatory for all businesses so remaining illegals will not be allowed to work. Increased numbers of Border Patrol Agents should be funded as well. And the Senator Cotton/Purdue RAISE Act should be passed and signed into law.

ALL this BEFORE we give these 800K DACAs legal worker status. Don’t like it, not fair, cruel? Don’t care, as there are plenty of legal immigrants who already speak English and who are educated at the door. The DACAs can always go back to Mexico. Our economy will be just fine without them.

Speaking of Mexico, guess which country filed a protest with the U.S. Government about our revoking the DACA Amnesty? Correct, our so-called good neighbors to the South, Mexico. With about 10 percent of Mexico’s population already freeloading in our country, the Mexican Government is quite concerned about taking these DACAs and millions of other illegal alien Mexicans back. Frankly Mexico should be happy to take these wayward youngsters back. After all we did educate them, and provide for medical and health services, more than the Mexican Government provides.

“Above all else, we must remember that young Americans have dreams too. Being in Government means setting priorities. Our first and highest priority in advancing immigration reform must be to improve jobs, wages and security for American workers and their families” President Donald Trump


“College Park, Maryland, narrowly approves noncitizen voting in city elections”
Last-minute effort to restrict change to Green-card holders narrowly fails

By Ken Shepherd – The Washington Times – Wednesday, September 13, 2017

After months of sharp debate culminating in a heated city council hearing, the City of College Park on Tuesday night became the latest U.S. municipality to open its elections to noncitizen voters. The vote by a divided city council occurred just days ahead of a filing deadline for November’s local election.
The 4-3 vote approving the change to the city’s charter came after roughly four hours of debate, according to The Diamondback, the student newspaper for the University of Maryland. Councilman Fazlul Kabir, a naturalized U.S. citizen and University of Maryland instructor who had earlier pushed for putting the question up for voter consideration in November’s election, abstained from the final vote, the paper said.

After his call for a referendum was voted down, Mr. Kabir proposed to amend the city charter to allow only noncitizens who are permanent residents — colloquially known as “green card” holders — to join the city’s voter rolls. That amendment was rejected after a vote by Mayor Patrick Wojahn broke the council’s 4-4 tie.

“It’s really difficult when a divisive issue like this comes up in our community. I hope we can move beyond it and continue to work together for a stronger College Park,” Mayor Wojahn told the Reuters news service.

Under the new policy the city clerk must maintain a separate list of foreigners who are eligible to vote. The measure will be in effect for 2019 city elections.

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, at least 10 other towns in heavily Democratic Maryland also allow noncitizens to vote. Chicago also allows noncitizens to vote in local school council elections.

The charter amendment as passed will allow for foreign students at the University of Maryland on education visas, for example, to vote in city elections provided they have met College Park’s residency requirements for voting.

A contentious issue that drew out strongly worded testimony on both sides — one city resident supporting the charter change said opponents were “white supremacists” exhibiting “xenophobia,” The Diamondback reported — it’s unclear if Tuesday’s outcome will spark a backlash against council incumbents in this November’s election.

According to the city government website, persons wishing to run for city council or mayor must file the requisite paperwork, including a petition for candidacy signed by registered voters, no later than 4 p.m. on Sept. 22.

College Park holds municipal elections in odd-numbered years in November, and they are conducted by city officials separate from county, state and federal races, for which voters must be U.S. citizens. The charter amendment will not be in place this time around, however, going into effect in the November 2019 election.


The pro-immigrant activist group CASA praised the vote as a “courageous step in the right direction,” particularly given the controversy and debate sparked by the proposed amendment.
“All residents, regardless of immigration status, deserve to have a say on who should be the decision makers on municipal issues, from big topics like public safety and community building, to the daily work of garbage collection and snow removal,” said Gustavo Torres, CASA’s executive director, in a statement Wednesday.

“The City of College Park has just issued a declaration that everyone is welcome to the table of their community family,” he added.


Update (Sept. 16, 2017): The City of College Park announced in a statement on Friday, Sept. 15 that the city council had erred.

Charter changes like the noncitizen voting legislation require a 6-vote supermajority, and accordingly the law has not been changed to permit noncitizen voting in the 2019 municipal election.

More to come Tuesday night when the College Park City Council meets again.
Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh, who it seems wants to run for Maryland Governor in 2018 against incumbent Larry Hogan, just had his plans leaked to the world.

Frosh’s trusted Deputy Attorney General Thiruvendran Vignarajah just got caught on video spilling his guts to a women in a failed attempt to get her in bed.

Frosh as you know is a major illegal alien supporter and amigo of Gustavo Torres.

Subject: Exposed In Undercover Operation by Project Veritas – Maryland Attorney General’s Office – Maryland Attorney General’s Office Investigation

A female undercover journalist from Project Veritas attended a national conference for state attorney generals in New York City. While there, she met Maryland Deputy Attorney General Thiruvendran Vignarajah, who attempted to lure the journalist to his hotel room. Vignargian, who is married, proceeded to disclose confidential information to the journalist, presumably in order to impress her. He expressed his views on the Second Amendment and his desire to ban guns entirely, in addition to texting the journalist details of what he would like to do with her.

Plans were made for another hotel meet-up and once inside the hotel room, he leaked confidential information concerning the Environmental Protection Agency and shared inside information on Attorney General Brian Frosh’s run for governor.


You have to watch the video:
In this video, you will witness Deputy Attorney General Vignarajah hitting on the undercover journalist, encouraging her to get tipsy and inviting her to his room. He shares his Second Amendment views, inside information on Attorney General Frosh and the confidential information he disclosed on the Environmental Protection Agency has implications in a major case involving at least 44 states.

“Skilled Labor should be at front of immigration line” by Ralph Hallow

What’s un-American about putting skilled foreigners first in line? Nothing


We Made Donald %#&@ Trump PRESIDENT — What Else Can We Do?
September 6, 2017 Ann Coulter

Congress has tried to sneak through amnesties three times in a little more than a decade. Every time, the American people somehow found out — despite the best efforts of the press — rose up in a rage and killed the proposed bills.

In 2006, President Bush got the brilliant idea to push amnesty on the country. His party was wiped out the very next time voters could get to the polls.

Liberals like to claim that their brave opposition to the Iraq War led to the midterm slaughter, but, as I recall, they were against that war in the 2004 presidential election, too, and Bush won. An April 2006 Washington Post–ABC News poll — taken about a month after Bush launched his amnesty crusade — showed that more Americans approved of Bush’s handling of the Iraq War than approved of his handling of immigration. In nearly every poll on Bush’s handling of immigration that year, a huge majority of the public disapproved .

Three years ago, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost his seat to an unknown economics professor, Dave Brat, by a whopping 55 percent to 45 percent, despite outspending Brat 40-to-1. It was the first time in history a member of leadership had lost a primary. (This despite Cantor being one of the “Young Guns”!) Brat had explicitly attacked Cantor for supporting amnesty.

Most spectacularly, last year, an utterly implausible presidential candidate crushed all his opponents — including the media — and won the White House by promising to deport illegals and build a wall.


he media imagine that President Trump’s deficiencies are an argument for not taking his positions seriously. Oh no — it’s just the reverse. The fact that Trump’s supporters implacably stick by him, through every horror, proves they are willing to put up with any lunacy if it means getting that agenda.

How many different ways can Americans express that they want a whole lot less immigration and absolutely no amnesties?

We already tried amnesty once. The 1986 amnesty under Reagan was supposed to be a one-time fix. We’d forgive the estimated 1 million illegal aliens living here and, in exchange, draconian measures would be imposed on any employer ever caught hiring an illegal again — up to a $10,000 fine per illegal and jail time for repeat offenders.

We never got the employer sanctions.

There weren’t 1 million illegals — it was 4 million.

It wasn’t a one-time fix. In another real-world example of “incentives,” the first amnesty led to a never-ending stream of illegals across our border, confident of getting in on the next amnesty. Today, there are at least 40 million illegals living in the U.S. (Eleven million is nonsense — they’ve been claiming that since the 1980s. See Adios, America )

And now, once again, politicians are lobbying for the exact same policy that was a complete failure last time. When it comes to immigration, it’s always Groundhog Day!

We’re told the DACA amnesty will apply only to a very small, discrete group of unbelievably fantastic illegals — who melt Ivanka’s heart by refilling her water glass at Cipriani with such alacrity!

Not only that, but there will be strict requirements on who qualifies for a DACA amnesty.

None of which will ever be enforced.

Congress has passed laws requiring that immigrants pay back taxes, learn English, not collect welfare and have good moral character. That’s not too onerous, right? It’s not like we’re requiring them to have any skills or talents that would be valuable to America.

Every single one of these requirements has been scuttled by immigration bureaucrats, federal judges and Democratic presidents. All of ’em. Our immigration bureaucracy is so dedicated to destroying America that it’s made citizens of thousands of convicted felons .

If you don’t understand how that could happen, you have no idea how much our cultural elites hate this country. Their governing philosophy is: Anyone we bring in is at least better than an American!

This nation is mind-bogglingly generous. But decades of lies make it impossible for even the most tender-hearted American to fall for this bait-and-switch one more time.

Every politician swears up and down that he wants a “secure border.” But then these same politicians go absolutely berserk when Trump says he wants to build a wall.

They say we’ll get enforcement right after the amnesty. That’s obviously absurd. When the tub is overflowing, water pouring out of the faucet, across the carpets, down the stairs, up the dining room walls, we don’t debate whether we’re going to dry clean the curtains or throw them out. We don’t argue about whether to use a mop or towels. FIRST: Turn off the water.

As long as both political parties stoutly refuse to build the wall, we know they are not serious about ever stopping illegal immigration. (Luckily, the Constitution gives the commander in chief full authority to protect our borders, with or without congressional approval.)

We know what happened after the Reagan amnesty. We know politicians and the media are lying to us. Why, some of the politicians who lied to us then are lying to us today, for example, Chuck Schumer.

No matter how innocent and lamblike a “Dreamer” they produce to tear at our heartstrings, it won’t work anymore. Decades of their perfidy has made sympathy impossible.

It’s as if, night after night, Paul Ryan knocked on our door and asked us to take in one helpless orphan and, night after night, we crack open our door, only to be set upon by 30 armed felons with tire chains and brass knuckles.

At a certain point, Ryan might actually produce a sad orphan. Who knows? It’s theoretically possible. But we could not be faulted for not opening the door.

Politicians and the press are themselves responsible for thoroughly killing any human sympathy Americans may have had for illegal immigrants — even the “Dreamers” (whom Ivanka adores, but would die before sending her kids to a school jam-packed with them).

The only question is: Will anyone in Washington ever listen?

Brad Botwin, Director
Help Save

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HUGE UPDATE – College Park, Maryland won’t allow non-citizens to vote in local elections after all

Non-U.S. citizens won’t be allowed to vote on local matters in College Park, Md., despite city council officials voting in favor of a proposal that would have allowed it earlier this week.

The College Park City Council voted 4-3 Tuesday night to allow legal permanent residents and illegal immigrants to participate in municipal elections. One council member did not vote.

For most Council actions, a simple majority of Councilmembers present must vote in favor of an item for it to be adopted,” the city said in a news release. “However, changes to the Charter have a different requirement. The City Charter was amended in June to require the affirmative vote of six elected officials to change the Charter.”

The council had planned to vote on the proposal in August but threats against council members pushed the vote back.

Caitlin Yilek Law Elections Voter Registration Maryland News Politics
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Is President Trump Betraying His Base? – Democrats say they have deal with Trump on young immigrants – No Border Wall

Commentary:  Is President Trump betraying his base?  If you read the article, it appears that, Trump struck a deal with Schumer and Pelosi to protect DACA all the while getting no border wall, but only security enhancements.  

WASHINGTON — The top House and Senate Democrats said Wednesday they had reached agreement with President Donald Trump to protect thousands of younger immigrants from deportation and fund some border security enhancements — not including Trump’s long-sought border wall.

The deal announced by Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi following a White House dinner would enshrine protections for the nearly 800,000 immigrants brought illegally to this country as kids who had benefited from former President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program. The program provided temporary work permits and protection from deportation.

Trump ended the program earlier this month and had given Congress six months to come up with a legislative fix before the statuses of the so-called “Dreamers” begin to expire.

“We agreed to enshrine the protections of DACA into law quickly, and to work out a package of border security, excluding the wall, that’s acceptable to both sides,” Pelosi and Schumer said in a joint statement.

It was the second time in two weeks that Trump cut out Republicans to reach a deal with Pelosi and Schumer. A person briefed on the meeting, who demanded anonymity to discuss it, said the deal specifies bipartisan legislation called the DREAM Act that provides eventual citizenship for the young immigrants.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but said in its own statement that the president had had “a constructive working dinner” with Schumer, Pelosi and administration officials “to discuss policy and legislative priorities,” including DACA.

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City Of College Park Votes To Allow Illegal Aliens The Right To Vote – College Park to allow non-US citizens the right to vote in local elections

Commentary:  Absolutely outrageous and Anti American.  The Constitution of The United States of America is seriously in jeopardy when municipalities allow Illegal Aliens the right to vote.  This is completely obscene. 

College Park joins six other towns in allowing legal permanent residents and undocumented immigrants to vote in municipal elections.

The council’s vote on this issue was supposed to happen back in August, but it was postponed due to threats made to council members over the proposal.

One man against the proposal came to the podium saying he was called a Nazi while waiting in line to voice his opinion.

“The reality is allowing all people to vote in municipal elections is going to make College Park more inclusive, and that has been the history of voting rights expansion in the United States and what has happened in our neighbors in Maryland who have expanded voting rights to non-U.S. citizens,” said Todd Larson, who is in favor of the proposal.

“Although you come up here and you say that there are hundreds of citizens and residents of College Park that are for this charter, I can tell you that there are thousands against it,” said Beth Debrosky, who is against non-citizen voting. “Voting is a right of the citizens. It’s plain and clear. It’s constitutional. It’s also written at the state level and it also belongs at the local level.”

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Casa De Maryland Living In Fear – Undocumented Immigrants Concerned After Leaked Memo Reveals Planned Raid

Radical and Racist, Director, Gustavo Torres

Commentary:  Fear is good.  They should be concerned.  You break the law, you pay the price. 

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Days after Homeland Security cancels “Operation Mega,” a nationwide crackdown and round up of undocumented immigrants, some are worried it’s only a matter of time before they’re booted out of the country.

Immigrants rights advocates from across Maryland took their frustration and fear to the streets Tuesday at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office in Baltimore.

“We’re demanding that ICE show us our papers as community members and really document that they’re not going to be doing these violations against our community,” said CASA lead regional organizer Lydia Walther-Rodriguez.

The group is demanding that ICE be transparent about any policy changes that impact the immigrant community. They also want to know if any mass deportations are on the horizon.

The backlash comes after the leak of an internal DHS memo revealed that nationwide raids targeting 8,400 undocumented immigrants were planned for later this month.

“Frankly, we are very scared about what’s coming down the road,” said Megan Essaheb for Asian Americans Advancing Justice, an immigration advocacy group.

The immigrant community is still reeling following the announcement that the Trump Administration would end the deferred action for child arrivals program or DACA, the Obama-era policy allowed people brought here as children, to stay if they meet certain requirements and are felony-free.

“We can not admit everyone who would like to come here,” said U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions last week.

Jonathan Jayes-Green came with his parents from Panama to the U.S. when he was 13. He graduated college and recently bought into the American Dream.

“I’m here as a home owner and being undocumented,” Jayes-Green said. “We deserve protection. We deserve to be safe and to be able to have opportunities as well.”

He is one of about 800,000 DACA recipients who he says are living in fear.

The groups are planning info-sessions to teach undocumented immigrants what their rights are just in case the raids happen at some point.

There are an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the U.S.

Undocumented Immigrants Concerned After Leaked Memo Reveals Planned Raid

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