Rally for Accountability In MoCo & MCPS – Sunday, March 26, 4PM

Event Details

Rally for Accountability In MoCo & MCPS 

When: Sunday, March 26th, 2017 at 4:00 PM. 

Where: We will meet 3:45 in front of the County Council Building,  100 Maryland Ave, Rockville, MD 20850. 

What: A rally to bring accountability and common sense back to Montgomery County’s government, security policy, and schools.  Come make your voices heard in Rockville, where the elected leaders of Montgomery County meet to spend our money and make policy – policy that is negatively impacting so many.  On the issues of taxes, educational standards, accountability, and safety in our schools, this county government is missing the mark.  Bring signs and a firm but calm demeanor.  Speakers, media, community groups and new candidates for Montgomery County government will be present.  

Organized by Dan McHugh, MCYR VP and MCGOP Member, along with many other community activists.  

Contact Dan McHugh at (301) 787-2021 for more information or to find out how to get involved.

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Say No to the Maryland Sanctuary State Bill! – Sign The Petition

Say No to the Maryland Sanctuary State Bill!

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***ALERT*** Passage Of “Maryland Trust Act” Will Put Bringing New FBI Headquarters In Jeopardy

Statement from Congressman, Andy Harris:  But Rep. Andy Harris, the state’s only Republican in Congress and a member of the House Appropriations Committee, did not sound overly optimistic. The Baltimore County lawmaker has supported the project.

“Given the fiscal difficulties facing Congress in light of the president’s desire to increase defense spending, although I wholeheartedly support the project, it is unrealistic to expect it to proceed on the original timetable,” Harris said in a statement.

Harris said the recent decision by Democratic majorities in the General Assembly to advance legislation to limit cooperation with federal authorities on immigration “certainly does nothing to help my efforts.”

Hogan has vowed to veto that measure.  http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/bs-md-fbi-hq-20170322-story.html

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Maryland high school rape case rocks sanctuary city debate – Fox News

New Fox Interview Regarding Rape In Rockville and Sanctuary Cities

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VP MocoYrs, Daniel McHugh Interviews On WMAL – Remember Rally Is Today








Here is an interview w WMALs Larry O’Connor I did yesterday Promoting tomorrow’s rally at 4:00 PM in Rockville.   


Thank You, 

Dan McHugh

VP MocoYrs

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HSM Social Media Director, Shares Personal Story With Senator Bobby Zirkin and Senator Brochin Over Maryland Trust Act

Commentary:  Generally, I am not known for sharing personal stories of my life in the public eye, but this time, it was something that needed to be done, to help Stop SB835, to make Maryland a Sanctuary State.  Senator Zirkin appears to be the deciding vote on getting the bill out of the Judiciary Committee, so I would suggest, to those of you in Baltimore County, and or Dundalk, to email him and share your stories, just as I did.

Also, a very thought out email from Brigitta Mullican (Immigrant, turned Citizen), shares her thoughts with her Montgomery County Delegation.

Contact Senator Bobby Zirkin at: bobby.zirkin@senate.state.md.us, jim.brochin@senate.state.md.us

Dear Senator Bobby Zirkin,

Commentary is not meant as an attack by any means, just sharing my thoughts this early morning.  

Do you really want to be the fall guy who was the last deciding vote in the Judiciary Committee on this Unlawful Bill to send out to the floor?  I am going to have Fox News and other Media Outlets contact you and ask you, Why would you support such a heinous and dangerous bill, that not only puts Baltimore County Citizens and Legal Immigrants at the mercy of criminal aliens, but will also provide your District with more outrage.  Is County Exec Ken Kamenetz putting pressure on you?  We know he refuses to work with the Immigration Laws.  Do you want to be known as someone who will not protect his voting base over criminal aliens?  Do you want to face criminal prosecution under President Trump’s VOICE program if an Illegal Immigrant commits a heinous and brutal attack on some young girl, or family?  Even if it’s just an assault at any level, you can be sued and federally prosecuted as a felon under the program.  If found guilty, you can face jail time, labeled a felon, and lose your voting privileges and your job.  Under Trump’s Immigration Executive Action, your County will stand to lose millions, that will make your District and County unsafe, because you will lose funding for Federal Jobs, First Responders and Law Enforcement and Schools.  Have a Town hall in your District, ask them how they feel about Maryland becoming a Sanctuary State?  Ask them how they would feel, if you are the deciding vote to push this out of Committee.  I know you as a common sense person, with good intentions and moral standing in your communities, but they do not want this law passed.  Think about it.  Do you want to be the fall guy?  The deciding vote?

On a final note, I graduated from Towson Sr High School, and spent many years in Baltimore County.  I love Baltimore County.  I love the cheese steaks from Captain Harvey’s.  I loved going to the A-1 Crab Haven and Costas Inn for Crabs and Karaoke.  I also resided in Dundalk for a few years with my Son’s Mother, watching him grow up on the soccer fields of Dundalk, in a safe and fun environment.  Worked and Golfed at Rocky Point for a few years.  These are memories that cannot be taken away, especially how safe I felt in the Community.  I met my first real girlfriend working at McDonalds in Loch Raven.  I grew up during the most fun times that I ever had in Baltimore County.  I would hate to see it become a role model and safe haven for criminal aliens.  It will forever, not be the same memories to share if this bill is passed.  I really pray you make the right decision for those of us, who have had nothing but fond memories for Baltimore County.  It wasn’t until I was 17, that we moved up to Harford County, but yet, I still found myself going back to Baltimore County and duckpin bowling in Dundalk.  I drove from Bel Air, MD, for my final year at Towson Sr High, because I loved living there and missed my time there.  And while it was still open, I would go to Rascals and the former Bel Loc diner afterwards for some breakfast.  Those were some fun times, let me tell you (Smiles).  I eventually made my way out to Washington County, working with Delegate Parrott, and became great friends with Delegate McComas when I was in Harford County.  I watched Dundalk grow up.  I still remember the shooting in Dundalk when the man who killed his gf held up at her parent’s house before being shot and killed.  It was a scary time, because my son was enrolled at Bear Creek Elementary and all the schools went into lockdown mode, while the murderer was still on the loose.  We don’t want our Children to grow up in an unsafe and unlawful community.  I know you remember the story well.


Jeff Werner

Social Media Director, Help Save Maryland

Dear Montgomery County Legislator,

Please explain to me how you can pass a bill that says the following.

–    ”  Prohibits the creation of any State-maintained registry and prohibits any State information from being provided to the federal government to support a registry based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, immigration status or country of origin.
–          Prohibits law enforcement from doing any street enforcement, including routine traffic stops, from inquiring as to the country of origin, immigration status or place of birth.
–          Allows Maryland law enforcement to continue to police and detain any undocumented immigrant who has a pending judicial warrant alleging that person committed a crime
–          Asks the Attorney General to assist public schools, hospitals and courthouses to draft policies to ensure that these facilities remain safe and accessible to all Marylanders, regardless of immigration status.

 Allows counties currently participating with the federal Immigrations and Customs Enforcement detention program to continue operating under that program.” 

My interpretation is that the “Maryland Trust Act” does  make Maryland a sanctuary state  because you prohibit dangerous and violent immigrants from being detained or deported. My knowledge of an illegal person is one who is here without approval and no documentation.  As an immigrant I know the process of  becoming a citizens which I did at age 18.  I was told that if you are here illegal you have broken the law.  I don’t understand why the city/county/state will not enforce Federal immigration laws.  I always thought that all police officials must follow all laws.  If there is a law that needs to change this to make this happen, please advise.

I hope to hear from individual legislator and not only one. Thank you for your attention and I hope you improve the bill so that the illegal individuals are not allowed to be in our community without vetting them.


Brigitta Mullican

Rockville, Maryland

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Goooooood Mooooorning Annapolis – Attorneys For One Of The Rapists Defends Claims And Says Donald Trump Is To Blame For 14 Year Old Rape Victim At Rockville High

The Attorneys are deflecting from the actual crime and blaming Trump.  Typical Alt Left Spin.  Really? Consent while bleeding and having her mouth shut with hands over her and yelling out for help?  Really?  She asked to be analized, vaginalized, and forced oral sex with consent over and over again?  A 14 year old girl?  So sad.  I hope Montgomery County is taking care of her and her family.  This was savagery at its worse.

Does the police attached report look like consent to you?

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