H.R. 83: Mobilizing Against Sanctuary Cities Act

https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/115/hr83 Continue reading

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Another Reason Why HoCo CB9-2017 Must Be Defeated – Wash Post Article About HoCo Illigal Alien Murderer

Please read the document.  Howard Cnty Illegal Alien Murderer

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PUSH4HoCO Dismantles The Sanctuary Bill CB9-2017 – this is the bill previous is the lefts Q&A lies

Please take time to read through the document and especially look at the highlighted areas where facts have been debunked regarding the bill.

HoCO Santuary CB9-2017(2)

Here is the FAQ’s of the bill.  Draw you’re own conclusions.  CB9-2017 FAQ.-FINAL

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Update To “Say No To CB9-2017” – Lit Drop and Information On Volunteering

The next several days are exciting times! CB9-2017 public hearing on Jan 17 is 3 days away. Volunteers are needed: Sunday, Jan 15  2:00 pm – literature drop in Jon Weinstein’s neighborhood. Weinstein is the necessary swing vote to shutdown the sanctuary bill. He is our target.

1.      Pickup map & literature at:  8001 Hillsborough Road Ellicott City -click on directions- Taylor Village Shopping Center

2.      Email PUSH4HoCo@gmail.com confirming participation. Walk-ons are encouraged to participate as well.

3.      Have fun!  Have your voice heard!

Volunteers are needed: Tuesday, Jan 17 6:00 pm – pack the council hearing – arrive by 5:30 pm

1.      Purpose – apply pressure to county council members to vote against CB9-2017

2.      Strategy – make sure we are a highly visible presence – red shirts, bring signs, let’s pack the house and fill the front rows

3.      Post action – continued pressure on any council member who votes for CB9-2017 Stay tuned.

Thank you for your support. The number of emails from the response has been phenomenal and the momentum is building in our favor. Thank you for your activism and having your voice heard. Share emails with others.


Like us on Facebook No Sanctuary Howard County  Visit often to keep up with news articles and press releases. We will be creating an event calendar on Facebook of scheduled dates for active participation. Look for events such as Twitter storms, Facebook posts sharing, email blasts; all events you can join in on from your home or mobile device.

If have any questions or comments or to sign up for the literature drop, email us at PUSH4HoCo@gmail.com. Thank you, Laura Walsh Frank Mirabile Carol Loveless Grassroots Organizers When tweeting or posting on Facebook Use: #NoSanctuaryHoCo #No2CB9-2017 #CalvinBall

Share this email with friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbors who are in opposition of Sanctuary bill CB9-2017.  Ask them to join our email list?  They can send an email to PUSH4HoCo@gmail.com

This is a huge grassroots movement!


There is always strength in numbers. The more individuals that you can rally to your cause, the better.

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Governor Larry Hogan’s MDSHA Slams 1st Amendment Rights – Larry Hogan’s Bureaucrats Shut Down Latest Overpass Display — “Nightmare Is Over”!

H/T Richard Falknor – Blue Ridge Forum

Maryland activists Ed Hunter and Lewis Porter reported that yesterday afternoon Maryland State Highway Administration apparatchiks took down their overpass display on Gorman Road Bridge over I-95 between Washington, D.C., and Baltimore.

But the two activists declared they were able to keep their display up for about an hour before the Highway Meanies arrived.

Of course, abridging free speech rights no longer bothers the Big Left, nor rarely troubles the Establishment GOP whether in Washington, D. C., or in Annapolis.

Maryland Establishment virtue-signalers bewail Donald Trump’s election by regular Americans. 

And during the last presidential campaign, many of the public voices of Mr. Trump’s own party in Maryland belittled themselves by deploring or ignoring their nominee.**

Our Political Class nationally simply doesn’t understand how disheartened so many thoughtful but civil American patriots have been to see our constitutional practices and core American values trashed for eight years during the Obama Regime — and with no effective pushback from an unmanned GOP leadership!

That is why these eight Obama years were a nightmare!

Larry Hogan’s Bureaucrats Shut Down Latest Overpass Display — “Nightmare Is Over”!

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