15 MS13 Gang Members Attack 2 Men In Wheaton Maryland – Pack of MS-13 members choke, kick, stomp, beat 2 men with tree limbs at Md. park

Commentary:  Enough is enough.  It’s time for us to take the fight to MS13.  If PG County and Montgomery County Maryland can’t do it, we must take matters into our own hands.  If the Governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan does not call for help, he should be ashamed of himself, same goes for Attorney General, Brian Frosh.

H/T Kevin Lewis ABC News7

WHEATON, Md. (WJLA) – Yet another case of unbridled violence at the hands of alleged MS-13 members has made its way into news headlines in Montgomery County.
Around 7 p.m. on June 14, two men were walking in the Wheaton Regional Park, located about two miles northeast of the Westfield Wheaton Mall. As the men approached a public restroom to wash their hands and face, they encountered five Hispanic men staring them down.

The men did their best to ignore the awkward situation, but the five suspects followed them inside of the otherwise empty bathroom. One victim had his hat knocked off his head. The other victim had his North Face backpack taken.
The five suspects separated and interrogated the two men, asking if they were affiliated with a certain gang, what country they were born in and what high school they attended.
The suspects confiscated cell phones from both men, searching for photos and text messages that would allude to gang ties. One suspect used a knife to demand the screen lock password set on one of the phones.
The five suspects took the two men to a pavilion beside the park’s main playground area. There the suspects called for reinforcements. Despite repeatedly denying any gang allegiance, the victims continued to be held against their will. It wasn’t long before 10 more men arrived at the park, bringing the total number of suspects to 15.
Seeking more privacy, the suspects forcefully led the victims through some 300 yards of wooded land to a secluded lake on the park’s property. Police described the walk as, more or less, a death march.
Beside the shore of that small lake, the victims were encircled, patted down, photographed and had their wallets taken. Then for the first time, the pack stated they were part of MS-13. They further explained their belief that one victim’s Nike Cortez shoes and red hat suggested he was a member of the rival 18th Street Gang.
Without provocation, all 15 MS-13 members began to punch the two men in the head and chest. Upon falling to the ground, the victims were placed in “chokeholds, kicked and stomped on,” court documents state. A few members went so far as to grab hold of large tree limbs, using the heavy, coarse wood to beat the victims’ defenseless bodies.
One of the men reportedly grabbed hold of a knife and shouted, “Let’s just kill them now!” Other members secured weapons of their own when two park patrons happened upon the ongoing assault. Those witnesses inadvertently spooked all 15 MS-13 members, in turn, making them scurry away.


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Unreal – Immigrants ICE detained in Highlandtown released after lawyers intervene

Luke BroadwaterContact Reporter
The Baltimore Sun

The immigration arrests of a barber and a small business owner in February galvanized many in Baltimore’s Highlandtown neighborhood.

Neither man had a criminal record. Protesters hit the streets. Lawyers snapped into action. Nervous friends and family took to prayer.

Today, after advocacy lawyers succeeded in arguing their cases before immigration judges, both men have been released from the Frederick County Detention Center and reunited with their friends and family.

“They could have easily been removed from the country, but they have viable cases,” said Michelle N. Mendez, a senior attorney at the Catholic Legal Immigration Network who represented both men. “This is why we shouldn’t be doing these fast-tracked deportations. If the person has access to competent counsel, it makes a big difference.”

Serbando Rodriguez, the barber and bike mechanic who had faced deportation to Honduras, was back in Highlandtown this week, repairing bicycles for neighborhood kids and adults.

A judge heard his account of hardship in fleeing gang violence and ruled last month that his removal order should be withheld.


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Heads Up Montgomery County, Baltimore County, Baltimore City, PG County – Acting ICE Director Says More Immigration Agents Will Be Deployed to Sanctuary Cities

Commentary:  Could the ICE Dragnets soon be coming to Maryland?

by Ana Sofia Knauf • Jul 19, 2017 at 12:43 pm

Hundreds of undocumented immigrants are held at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma.
Hundreds of undocumented immigrants are held at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma. ASK
President Donald Trump and his goons have been targeting so-called sanctuary cities for months. He’s tried publicly shaming King County for refusing to comply with immigrant detainer requests and even threatened to strip federal funding from cities vowing to protect undocumented residents.

To further build up a culture of fear, Immigration and Customs Enforcement Acting Director Thomas Homan said this week that he planned to send more resources and ICE agents to sanctuary cities “to arrest illegal criminals,” the Hill reports.

Homan told Washington Examiner on Tuesday that he plans to address “ludicrous” sanctuary cities.

“In the America I grew up in, cities didn’t shield people who violated the law,” Homan told the publication. “What I want to get is a clear understanding from everybody, from the congressmen to the politicians to law enforcement to those who enter the country illegally, that ICE is open for business.”

“We’re going to enforce the laws on the books without apology, we’ll continue to prioritize what we do,” Homan continued. “But it’s not OK to violate the laws of this country anymore, you’re going to be held accountable.”

Although officials with the Trump administration have called for additional enforcement previously, Homan’s statements are “troubling on many levels” and “make it seem like we are punishing people,” said Jorge Barón, executive director of the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project.

Barón also took issue with the acting ICE director’s framing that sanctuary city officials are “sheltering or concealing” people who are undocumented. In reality, sanctuary cities are refusing to use law enforcement resources to follow the immigration department’s detainer requests “because the courts have found them to be unconstitutional,” he said.

People calling the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project for help are wary of accessing services for undocumented immigrants because they fear any information they provide will be shared, Barón said. With statements like Homan’s, people worry “they will be caught in the ICE dragnet” during sweeps or simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, creating “a tremendous amount of fear and anxiety” in the community, he said.

“This fear in the community is not an unintended consequence, but an intended objective that they agency, at least the agency director, has articulated,” Barón said.

Local Immigration and Customs Enforcement representatives did not return calls for comment.

Barón commended King County and Seattle city officials for their decision to launch a $1 million immigrant legal defense fund, which should open in October.



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Pro Illegal Immigration Policies have lead to an increase in crime in Montgomery County

Listed are stories related to the increasing rise in crime by MS13 in Montgomery County and violent crime as a whole.

H/T Daniel McHugh, MoCo YR’s

In 2014 County Executive Ike Leggett put out a policy that says by and large Montgomery County will not comply with Ice Detainers.

Leggett Orders Policy on ICE Detainers


2015 Reported MS 13 Violence, Activity and Recruitment has increased in Montgomery County.


2016 Reported Montgomery County Homicides have spiked 2 years in a row.

Homicides spike in Montgomery County 2 years in a row

2017 Montgomery County District Attorney John McCarthy is alarmed by growing gang violence.


It is time Montgomery County start complying with Ice Detainers, County Executive Leggett’s 2014 Policy on Ice Detainers has made our County and its citizens less safe!

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College Park, Maryland Considering Allowing NON-CITIZENS to Vote

The College Park City Council held a lively public hearing Tuesday night on a proposal to eliminate U.S. citizenship as a voter registration requirement for city elections.

Currently, the city uses the Prince George’s County Board of Elections voter list, which has to satisfy Maryland’s voter registration guidelines, including a requirement for U.S. citizenship.

More than 30 residents attended to listen to the public comment session, and about 10 of those residents stood up to voice their concerns on the issues and to represent their interests.City resident and U.S. Army veteran Larry Provost stood firmly opposed to the amendment. He said he and his wife try to teach their child, whom they adopted from overseas, about what it means to be a citizen.

READ MORE HERE: http://www.dbknews.com/2017/07/12/college-park-city-council-non-citizens-voting/

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