From Politico Pistachio – Maryland Drops Sanctuary State Proposal

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Maryland Drops Sanctuary State Proposal

By Douglas V. Gibbs
The exodus of illegal aliens out of the State of Maryland is about to begin.
Maryland has been among the States with legislatures working on creating a bill to make their State a Sanctuary State.  Never mind that such a move is in opposition to constitutional federal immigration laws, making Sanctuary laws a violation of the Supremacy Clause in Article VI. of the United States Constitution.  The legislature in Maryland withdrew the bill after outrage surfaced from citizens of the State, Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions sent a rebuke, and the governor of Maryland threatened to veto the bill.
The bill was called the Maryland Law Enforcement and Governmental Trust Act, and its defeat may be linked to the outrage of Maryland’s population over two Montgomery County high school students, at least one of whom is an illegal immigrant, being accused of raping a 14-year-old girl inside a school restroom.
The other States pushing legislation for “sanctuary” status are California, New York, Illinois and Nevada.
The Democrats in Maryland are vowing to continue the fight, unhappy that the leadership of their party in the Maryland legislature has compromised on the issue.
“We are not going to stop until we have justice and protections for everyone in the State of Maryland,” Delegate Cheryl D. Glenn, Baltimore Democrat, said in a rally Monday afternoon in Annapolis.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s list of sanctuary cities tallies three communities in Maryland that have local policies shielding illegal immigrants from federal agents: the city of Baltimore and Montgomery and Prince George’s counties.  Across the country the list is 142 jurisdictions long – which has actually been reduced from last week, which had it at 151 jurisdictions.

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2017 Midwest National Security Conference

Fifteen years since 9/11, the United States is losing the war against the Islamic Movement – not on the kinetic battlefield ‘over there’, but in the information battle-space ‘here’, where the enemy has excelled at diverting our efforts away from his true objective: creating a global Islamic State subordinated to Islamic law (sharia).


The Islamic Movement advances along multiple lines of effort, including immigration (hijra), infiltration, and the compromising of key pillars of American society ranging from academia, banking and finance, faith communities, and government to the legal system, media, military, and National Security.


The Muslim Brotherhood forms the vanguard of the Islamic Movement inside the United States.  Since the late 20th century, the Muslim Brotherhood has worked closely with far left entities, including anarchists, communists, progressives, and other revolutionaries likewise committed to the destruction of American and Western Civilization.


Only a coalition of Marxists and Islamists can destroy the United States.

Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, aka Carlos the Jackal, Revolutionary Islam, 2003


The failure to identify, define, and counter the Islamic Movement endangers current and future generations of Americans and the future of the Republic.


A successful ‘battle’ plan begins with accurate threat identification and with thorough understanding of its strategies and tactics to destroy America from within.


Come!  Learn!  In this war YOU are needed!



Come! Meet Kenneth Dragotta the MAN of this great venture:


It is my love for this Country that brings me to the assembly of the Midwest Security Conference.  As I have watched the Communists and other subversive groups in America try to kill Liberty, I am compelled to do something about it.  For years I have met and talked with such wonderful patriotic Americans that I thought it would be a good idea to get folks together that know the “real inside” information about what has been happening to this Country from within.   The average Liberty loving American sees that there are structural problems in our ability to deal with  anti-American  elements within our borders.  The media is complicit with the subversive groups and actively hide the real agenda.   The numbers of groups that are involved in nationwide protests that have direct connections to the Communist party is staggering.  It is time that we work to educate America on what is happening.


Come!  Learn!  Get ‘armed’ and inspired to Make America Great Again!


Warm regards,

Debbie Anderson

Minneapolis, MN



2017 Midwest National Security Conference


“The Enemies Within”


Saturday, May 6th 2017

American Serb Hall

5101 W Oklahoma Ave

Milwaukee, WI 53219

7:30 am – 6:00 pm

Admission: $30.00, includes lunch



Featuring Experts Trevor Loudon, James Simpson, Frank Gaffney, Philip Haney, Clare Lopez, and Jeff Nyquist

Americans have thrived for 70 years under unparalleled safety and freedom in the afterglow of the Greatest Generation’s victory over Nazi tyranny.  Unfortunately, before, during and since World War II, malevolent anti-American forces have been stealthily, relentlessly attacking our homeland through its institutions, economy and culture.  For the last 100 years, Communists, Marxists and other internal enemies have engaged in penetration, subversion and influence operations that have effectively eroded American institutions and corrupted its culture, while breaking our society into warring fragments. This has created in us a severe identity crisis and spiritual vacuum that has exposed us to their deceptive wiles. Come discover the shocking truth as we unmask the people, the organizations, strategies and tactics seeking to destroy America from within. Come learn about the Red-Green Axis.

In this war YOU are needed.


Visit our website to register and to view speaker bio information:


Note:  We will be sponsoring up to 50 college/high school students at this event: NO CHARGE.  Please contact me on the website with your student information

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La Raza Group sends threatening Letter to City of Oceanside demanding they switch to race based Latino-Only Voting Districts

PLEASE FORWARD FAR AND WIDE – This affects all of our cities in California.

See attached March 22nd threatening letter full of lies and accusing Oceanside city government of “racism” because we have only one Latino on the city council.  Huh?  Apparently if Oceanside voters don’t elect 3-5 Latinos to city government, they are racist and discriminatory.  Never mind that Latino voters in Oceanside make up only about 30% of the electorate and that Ester Sanchez has been on the council for over 16 years, reelected four times now, and consistently gets the most votes against all challengers, including beating out 6 contenders for the top spot just last November.   And from 2002-2009, there were two Latinos on the council – Sanchez and Rocky Chavez.  And from 1994-2002, Oceanside had a very popular black mayor, Terry Johnson.  And other Latinos have served on the city council throughout the past 30 years.  But to these outside leftist, open border thugs threatening to bankrupt Oceanside, Mayor Johnson doesn’t count because he wasn’t Latino.  Totally outrageous!


And we thought this racial division and race-based politics went out in the 1960’s?  Nope.  It is still alive and kicking in California thanks to the Latino and open border operatives who apparently have unlimited funds to coerce our cities into submission and/or sue our cities into oblivion, like they did with Palmdale in 2013, milking them for over 4.5 million dollars because they fought the frivolous lawsuit and a judge ruled against the city and gave the Latino plaintiffs a ridiculous settlement.  La Raza wants more power in our cities and this is how they have chosen to get it, by judicial terrorism tactics.


According to the San Diego Union Tribune, the la raza group behind this effort, the Southwest Voter Registration Project based in Texas, has, through their sleazy attorney in Malibu named Kevin Shenkman, been suing cities all over SoCal the past few years with false claims of racism to get them to switch to race-based Latino-only voting districts.  At least 22 cities in SoCal have caved in the past few years and switched to race-based district voting, including most recently San Marcos in 2016 and Chula Vista in 2015.


Oceanside has until May 5 to respond to the above letter or the lawyer is threatening to sue.


We the Citizens of Oceanside reject the false racial claims made by Mr. Shenkman and demand that our at-large voting system be kept in place so that we can continue to elect all of our council members, not just one for a tiny district every 4 years.  That would be a violation of our voting rights and a violation of our Republic form of government.  We will take appropriate legal action to protect the rights of ALL Oceanside voters!


The city has scheduled this issue to be on the agenda for Monday, May 3.   We will need a large turnout of local residents to show up and speak out against this outrageous demand by forces outside our city.   Details soon on an email and phone campaign to the mayor and council too.



See and Like our new Facebook page for more information and updates to protect Oceanside voters from outrageous outside race-based voter schemes.   A website is coming soon also.



Below is the March 25th SDUT article about this threatened lawsuit by Kevin Shenkman and ilk.  Note that the letter above is dated March 22, but it was not received by the city until March 27th!  That proves this was a big media publicity stunt by the La Raza operatives and their sleazy lawyer, Shenkman.  They wanted a biased media article attacking Oceanside even before the council knew exactly what was being threatened and what they were being falsely accused of.  These anti-American forces have no shame and know no boundaries to get their race-based voting districts.



More info coming soon on how you can help us fight this and win.  We must stop their reign of terror now, in Oceanside,  before they take every other city in the state and turn them all into racially polarized districts and neighborhoods.  The  Balkanization of our cities must be stopped.


Let’s roll!



Jeff Schwilk

Founder, San Diegans for Secure Borders

San Diego Patriots

Jeff Schwilk Republic


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AG Sessions speaks out about Baltimore police reforms

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From ALIPAC – Americans defeat illegal alien backers in Maryland now focus on CA & TN

Attention all ALIPAC organized activists. Many thanks to each of you that have DONATED so far in 2017 to help us continue fighting and special thanks to each volunteer that joined our national network calling state lawmakers in Maryland to successfully stop the sanctuary state bill called the “Trust Act!”

Brave patriot activists and state level groups like Help Save Maryland fought hard on the ground, and your calls and emails to MD lawmakers created enough pressure to stop the amnesty legislation for now! It is a terrible shame that it took the illegal alien gang rape of a14-year-old girl to and so many angry American activists like you to stop these lawmakers, but we did it! Here are more details of our victory in Maryland. (CLICK HERE)

This accomplishment is being added to the ALIPAC Accomplishments list for 2017! (CLICK TO VIEW)

We now need all of you to quickly reorient your attention to our battles in Tennessee and California! We need all ALIPAC news archive builders to be on alert for the next illegal alien crime story in California and Tennessee that will show lawmakers why they need to defeat these bills.

On to fight for Americans in Tennessee!

We need you calling TN Governor Bill Haslam (615) 741-2001 and the Tenessee state Senate to oppose the in-state tuition for illegal aliens bill SB 1014! Focus on irate phone calls followed by written complaints about this legislation using the contact info you find at

On to fight for Americans in California!

We need you calling California state house members to oppose their sanctuary state bill that has already passed their Senate! Much like Maryland’s sanctuary bill you just successfully fought and defeated, SB54 would allow illegal aliens to commit crimes in California and avoid federal authorities and deportation in many cases. (CLICK TO VIEW More Info ON SB 54)

Here is all the contact info you need to use calls, emails, letters, faxes, and office visits to defeat SB 54 in California!

At ALIPAC we have supporters in Maryland that are tired of battle but now joining the efforts to stand with Tennessee and California.

We can’t fight and win unless we can persuade enough of you to DONATE and overcome the apathy and confusion to VOLUNTEER.

We need everyone we can get on the phones today and tomorrow trying our best to tackle and defeat SB 54 and SB 1014!

William Gheen and The ALIPAC Volunteer Team

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