Postponed – Facebook Live Event With Sheriff Chuck Jenkins

Commentary:  I have been coding relentlessly with Facebook developers and integrating into the website, and due to some new policies implemented by Facebook, the integration is not working.  The goal was to be able to allow those, who don’t have Facebook accounts, be able to be involved through going to our website.  

Process:  I am in the process of coming up with another means of streaming the Event so that you will be able to go to our other social media outlets and engage, as well as, through the website.  

Once I have completed the coding and beta testing, and able to make it live, we will reschedule the event.  I have been trying for the last few weeks.  So bear with us, it will be resolved soon. 

Thank you. 

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Study: Montgomery would lose 47,000 jobs by 2022 if minimum wage went to $15

By Rachel Chasson

Montgomery County would lose approximately 47,000 jobs by 2022 if it raises the minimum wage to $15 an hour, according to a study released by the county government Tuesday evening.

County Executive Isiah Leggett (D) commissioned the study — which suggests the vast majority of jobs lost would be low-wage positions — when he vetoed an increase to the minimum wage in January.

Last week, county council member Marc Elrich introduced a new bill to bring the hourly minimum wage up from the current $11.50 to $15. The bill attempted to address opponents’ concerns about the impact of an increase by giving nonprofit organizations, adult day-care providers and companies with fewer than 26 employees until 2022, instead of 2020, to raise wages.

The business community and others who oppose a higher minimum wage criticized Elrich for proposing the legislation days before the study was due. But proponents of raising the wage questioned the value of the study, conducted by the Philadelphia-based economic consulting group PFM, since it asked employers to predict what would happen instead of looking at the impact of an actual wage hike.

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City Of College Park Non Citizen Vote Delayed Due To Threats – Delay in controversial College Park non-citizen voting proposal

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Help Save Maryland News Update Regarding, Sheriff Chuck Jenkins Of Frederick County, Maryland

To all:  I have been getting allot of great feedback about having Sheriff Jenkins on Facebook Live for a Q&A session. I will be in touch with Sheriff Jenkins this week to schedule a weekend time that fits his schedule.

I will also be sending out an EVITE invitation, along with setting up event on the website and our social media outlets, with a goal of getting a few hundred people.  Remember, Sheriff Jenkins will answer all your questions, respond to comments and discuss his great team and the efforts to keep Frederick County safe.

Sheriff, Chuck Jenkins, Frederick County, Maryland

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Help Save Maryland In The News – Baltimore Sun – Amid immigration battles, College Park considers giving noncitizens voting rights

Commentary:  Disclaimer, I did not say this:  Werner said he felt even more strongly that undocumented immigrations should go nowhere near a voting booth.  And, what I did say, is that, those here legally with Green cards and or Visas, should be allowed to work with their community leaders, but do not have a right to vote. 


John Fritze

John Fritze Contact Reporter

 August 6, 2017

Officials in College Park are weighing a plan that would make their city the largest in Maryland to give undocumented immigrants a right to vote in local elections, a long-standing practice elsewhere in the state that has drawn new scrutiny amid the simmering national debate over immigration.

The Prince George’s County city, home of the flagship University of Maryland campus and some 30,000 residents, is considering a measure to let noncitizens cast ballots for mayor and City Council — making it the latest target in a movement that has had more success in Maryland than anywhere else in the United States.

College Park officials are debating the charter amendment after a divisive national election in which immigration played a prominent part. Many left-leaning cities, including Baltimore, are now at odds with President Donald J. Trump‘s initial efforts to fulfill a campaign promise to crack down on immigration violations.

Supporters of the College Park measure say local elections center on trash collection, snow removal and other municipal services that affect people regardless of their citizenship status. The proposal, like those already approved in other small Maryland cities and towns, would not allow undocumented immigrants to vote for president, senator, congressman or governor.

Jeff Werner, who advocates tighter restrictions on immigration with the group Help Save Maryland, said people who are in the country legally should have a voice in their communities, but if they are not citizens, their participation should not extend as far as voting.

“What gives them that privilege?” Werner asked.

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