****WOW**** Dozens of MS-13 members in Maryland and Virginia are behind bars as part of ICE’s “Operation Raging Bull Crackdown.”

Commentary:  This is fantastic news.  This has been a long time coming.  May they not enjoy the loss of freedom.  Hats off to ICE and Maryland and Virginia Law Enforcement.  Another story, just came out, that, many MS-13 gang members are here as DREAMERS.  They should have no pathway to lawful existence in the United States.  Contact Congress and tell them NO to any pathway to AMNESTY and NO to keeping any part of DACA if Congress can’t vet those DREAMERS who may be members of known gang affiliations.  The notion that all these DREAMERS are good people who came here without any choice, well here is the fruits of their labor.  I would urge our Republican Statehouse in Maryland, to remember this when the “TRUST ACT” bill is in committee to make Maryland a Sanctuary State again, which we defeated last time.  

Hundreds Of MS-13 Gang Members Arrested In Immigration Raids

By Cameron Luttrell, Patch Staff 

MARYLAND — Dozens of MS-13 members in Maryland and Virginia are behind bars as part of an immigrate raid to stop the spread of violent transnational gangs nationwide. Nearly 40 reputed gang members were taken into custody in Maryland and Virginia out of a total of 267 MS-13 gang members and associates.

Dubbed “Operation Raging Bull,” the operation led by ICE Homeland Security Investigations made 214 arrests in the U.S., while 53 arrests were in El Salvador. ICE officials confirmed to ABC7 that 38 arrests took place in Maryland and Virginia.

Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice officials held a press conference Thursday to discuss the nationwide effort.

“MS-13 terrorizes communities through violent crime and extortion in furtherance of its mission to rape, control and kill,” Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan said at the press conference. “MS-13 maintains a sophisticated global network that supports its involvement in a wide range of criminal activities in this country and others.”

The gang members were arrested for extortion, robbery, murder, human trafficking, prostitution and more. Foreign nationals arrested were from El Salvador (135), Honduras (29), Mexico (17), Guatemala (12), Ecuador (4) and Costa Rica (1). Sixty-four individuals had illegally crossed the border as unaccompanied alien children and most are now adults, officials said.



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  1. Stan says:

    where is the article that says that they are DACA? according to this article, 16 were US citizens and 5 others had legal status, but the other 193 were in the US illegally.

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