ICE Arrests 11 Immigrants in Montgomery County as Part of National Crackdown

Commentary:  More lies coming out of Montgomery County Maryland, this time from Patrick Lacefield.  His comments that MoCo is not a Sanctuary Jurisdiction is a complete lie.  You can read in the story.  Do you know how much blood and violent crimes have taken place in Montgomery County due to the protections of the Sanctuary Status there?  Those crimes and blood are on their hands.  By the way Patrick, where is your programs to help the victims of these heinous acts of violence against the Citizens and Lawful Immigrants here?  

Agency targeted “sanctuary jurisdictions” around country

Published: Immigration and Customs Enforcement is an agency within the Department of Homeland Security.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement is an agency within the Department of Homeland Security.


Updated 3 p.m. Oct. 2: U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement arrested 11 immigrants in Montgomery County this week in part of a four-day crackdown on “sanctuary jurisdictions,” according to the agency.

The agency, known as ICE, announced Thursday that more than 450 people had been arrested around the country this week, including 28 in Maryland and 14 in Washington, D.C.

In a press release announcing the arrests, Tom Homan, the acting director of ICE, wrote that “sanctuary jurisdictions that do not honor detainers or allow us access to jails and prisons are shielding criminal aliens from immigration enforcement and creating a magnet for illegal immigration.”

As a result, ICE dedicated more resources to “these communities” for the arrests, he wrote.

ICE spokeswoman Carissa Cutrell said Montgomery County is not consisently cooperative with the agency.

“Montgomery County does not consistently honor ICE’s detainer requests and denies ICE officers access to jails to interview suspected immigration violators without ICE coordinating with the jail ahead of time and the jail granting permission,” she wrote in an email.

Patrick Lacefield, spokesman for County Executive Ike Leggett, said in an email Friday the county is not a sanctuary jurisdiction.

“We honor ICE detainers that come with warrants and/or for serious crimes, including 10 we have honored this month,” Lacefield wrote.

He said there are certain detainers the county will not honor but stressed the county is not a sanctuary community.

“We would allow ICE access to our facilities just as we do any other law enforcement agencies. No law enforcement agency just walks in the door of our facilities,” he wrote, noting that agencies typically submit a request and complete paperwork before the county allows a meeting. “This has been in place for many years. We regularly communicate with ICE.”

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  1. David J. Orehosky says:

    After triple by-pass surgery in May of 2014 then cancer in 2015 I was not able to do my job as a regional safety superintendent for Asplundh. I covered the eastern half of the United States. From Florida, (where I live), all the way to Maine. I also covered Maryland, PA, CT, WV, New Jersey, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and the states go on. Mostly all other RSS’s only covered one state. I worked for the (brush) side of the company. This entity of Asplundh dwelt with the (transmission) lines which fed the substations, then out to homes and business’s. I traveled over five thousand miles a month, then home for a week, then back out to do it all over again. The week home was not all fun and games. It was a time to catch up on reports. This was the same for weekends, I would travel or do computer work so that I was most efficient for Asplundh. I traveled by way of my company truck. I must tell you I truly loved my job!
    Sometime around September/ October I became aware of the fact I was not able to do the job, especially trying to walk a mile or so to see the crews. Winter was brutal. At this point you probably get the point. It was a challenge to say the least.
    At this time Asplundh had bought out another tree company, which they were doing on a consistence basis. I found out by way of supervisor who I worked for, he was retiring. All the manager’s and supervisors received a e-mail of the positions, when they became available. They rarely did, unless you had a relative or close friend, this is who got those jobs. If I were a illegal immigrant or my uncle was a friend of Scott Asplundh I bet I would have gotten one of the twelve positions being offered in Florida. I was told, “you just need to retire and go away”. Instead of getting a job in my home state I was forced to retire. If you are wondering of my performance, It was beyond great. I could go on and tell you some stories which you would say, “NO, , WAY”!
    Just a note, ” I have a college BA, in Cross Cultural Communications, thirty years experience and I worked for one of the hardest utilities, (Gulf Power). This is the saying at the home office in Willow Grove PA.
    David Joseph Orehosky

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