HELP SAVE MARYLAND ACTION ALERT!!!! – Non-Citizen Voting Council Meeting Tonight – College Park, MD

Commentary:  Update from a previous post.  Tonight is the vote by the City Council of College Park to decide whether Illegal Aliens should be given the right to vote in their local elections.  Please show up and let you’re voices be heard.  Stop this atrocity!!!


Dear PG Citizen

Non-Citizen Voting
College Park council votes on Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Election Integrity in Prince George_s County

Citizens especially in the city of College Park, take note of an important town council business meeting about non-citizen voting in municipal elections. Meeting is tomorrow and will include possible voting for a charter amendment, with very limited voter input into this important matter.

I have written my opposition to this proposed amendment to the town charter. Please take a look at an article I prepared on the subject at the PG Citizens website. Election Integrity in Prince George’s County.

At the last hearing on this proposed non-citizen voting, I was interviewed by Bruce Johnson on WUSA TV. Here is the video recording of the interview to see and here my brief discussion on the subject with Bruce. Today, I added more comments to the town council, with one question that has not yet been answered to me as yet:

If no non-citizen in College Park is even asking for a voting privilege, what then could be the possible motivation for members of the council to push this so hard in the first place?

Comments are invited to the mayor and town council – direct your comments this email address: If you want to attend the council meeting, and request to be heard further on this important subject, here is location:

College Park Municipal Center
4500 Knox Road, College Park MD 20740

Business meeting: 7:30 – 12:00 PM

Will non-citizen voting, improve the “inclusive” quality of life in Prince George’s County, as some political leaders declare? Or, will it provoke more corruption and control by these leaders who can thereby gain a new constituency to manipulate by expanding special interest services and benefits? This issue has gained county, state and national attention. So, you are encouraged to offer you opinion, whether you reside in College Park or not.

Corruption and Money in Prince George’s County School System
If you want to see for yourself how a teacher functions in the classroom of a public school, why not visit and observe a teacher actually conducting instruction with the students?. what a great idea for every citizen, whether you have a child in the system or not, to acquaint and inform yourself about what is happening to youth in our county.

However, when you try to qualify and apply for this opportunity, you find there are certain serious roadblocks (surprised?) It seems that before you can enter into this type of first hand observation, you must first get a finger printing and full national criminal background check. The paperwork to complete for this would be burden enough, but the icing on the cake is a whopping $60 fee the school system charges YOU for this “check”.

Even after you get qualified and pay your fee, there is still the matter of control and regulation of your “visit” in the school. These roadblocks to general public scrutiny point to a basic problem in the school system operation – lack of transparency that signals the school administration has something to hide. The current budget explodes from the prior year, with a lot of questionable items. Removing the fee for a background check would be a most favorable way to improve the school system, with a very small cost in comparison to $16,000 of taxpayer money that is being spent on each child.

The school system budget is up for public comment. Acquaint yourself with this massive multi-billion dollar enterprise. Are you concerned about waste and corruption in the use of these hard-earned tax dollars? Most of your money goes to this system that charges you $60 to take a look at what is actually going on.

Tell me your concerns about life and government in Prince George’s County. Only by working together, bringing light to issues of concern, can we hold our elected officials accountable to provide a better government for all county citizens.

Kindest regards,

Lee Havis, PG Citizens organizer

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