Baltimore County Council to consider jail immigration screening – Kamenetz Would Veto He States – Watch Kamenetz Come Unhinged In Video

Check out this video from MDGOP as Democrats Become Unhinged:

Check out this video from MDGOP as Democrats Become Unhinged:

Illegal Alien Supporter, Baltimore County Exec, Kevin Kamenetz

Despite a veto threat from the county executive if it passes, three members of the Baltimore County Council are pushing legislation that would require the county’s jail to screen for illegal immigrants.

County Councilman Todd Crandell introduced the bill Monday night with the support of his two fellow Republicans on the council, Wade Kach and David Marks.

It calls on the county’s jail to join a federal program known as 287(g), in which correctional officers would be trained to use federal databases and spot possible immigration violations.

A public hearing will be held at the council’s work session May 30, with a vote set for June 5.

Crandell said despite heated rhetoric on immigration issues, his bill aims to use an existing program to enforce existing laws.

“This is not about immigration, or anti-immigration. It’s not about racial profiling,” said Crandell, a Dundalk Republican. “This is just about upholding the rule of law.”

The jail screening program has come under scrutiny in recent months amid President Donald Trump’s efforts to crack down on illegal immigration and the backlash against those policies. State lawmakers considered a bill that would have banned counties from participating in programs such as 287(g), but the bill eventually failed in the General Assembly.

Frederick County is the first jurisdiction in Maryland to join the 287(g) program, which supporters say is a way for local governments to assist with immigration. Harford County is getting its program up and running, while Anne Arundel County has applied to the federal government to join.

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