From ALIPAC – Americans defeat illegal alien backers in Maryland now focus on CA & TN

Attention all ALIPAC organized activists. Many thanks to each of you that have DONATED so far in 2017 to help us continue fighting and special thanks to each volunteer that joined our national network calling state lawmakers in Maryland to successfully stop the sanctuary state bill called the “Trust Act!”

Brave patriot activists and state level groups like Help Save Maryland fought hard on the ground, and your calls and emails to MD lawmakers created enough pressure to stop the amnesty legislation for now! It is a terrible shame that it took the illegal alien gang rape of a14-year-old girl to and so many angry American activists like you to stop these lawmakers, but we did it! Here are more details of our victory in Maryland. (CLICK HERE)

This accomplishment is being added to the ALIPAC Accomplishments list for 2017! (CLICK TO VIEW)

We now need all of you to quickly reorient your attention to our battles in Tennessee and California! We need all ALIPAC news archive builders to be on alert for the next illegal alien crime story in California and Tennessee that will show lawmakers why they need to defeat these bills.

On to fight for Americans in Tennessee!

We need you calling TN Governor Bill Haslam (615) 741-2001 and the Tenessee state Senate to oppose the in-state tuition for illegal aliens bill SB 1014! Focus on irate phone calls followed by written complaints about this legislation using the contact info you find at

On to fight for Americans in California!

We need you calling California state house members to oppose their sanctuary state bill that has already passed their Senate! Much like Maryland’s sanctuary bill you just successfully fought and defeated, SB54 would allow illegal aliens to commit crimes in California and avoid federal authorities and deportation in many cases. (CLICK TO VIEW More Info ON SB 54)

Here is all the contact info you need to use calls, emails, letters, faxes, and office visits to defeat SB 54 in California!

At ALIPAC we have supporters in Maryland that are tired of battle but now joining the efforts to stand with Tennessee and California.

We can’t fight and win unless we can persuade enough of you to DONATE and overcome the apathy and confusion to VOLUNTEER.

We need everyone we can get on the phones today and tomorrow trying our best to tackle and defeat SB 54 and SB 1014!

William Gheen and The ALIPAC Volunteer Team

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