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I apologize for the late HSM message regarding the wonderful and comprehensive White House Executive Orders (EO) on Border Security and Interior Immigration Enforcement.  Its just that after eight years of Obama, and eight years of Bush before him, I am just not used to a President actually looking out for the safety and security of our fellow Americans. 


Both documents are carefully crafted instruments to send a message to all American citizens (and the world) that we actually do come first when it comes to our country and resources.


The President’s Border Security EO states, “Continued illegal immigration presents a clear and present danger to the interests of the United States”.   


Help Save Maryland has been arguing that line of thinking for the past 12 years or more.  We get it, we always have. 


But do you think the likes of CASA of Maryland’s Torres or Montgomery County Latina Councilperson Nancy Navarro or PG County State Senator Victor Ramirez get it now?


Not yet I’m sure, but they will as their local illegal alien clientele slowly disappear from the scene in Maryland, and their hopes of new illegal alien replacements find themselves stuck on the southern side of the Border Wall.  These Anti-American radicals should get prepared for a slow and steady decline in visibility and power.


Below are links to both Executive Orders, as a summary of each would be too long.  But here are some key points:



“Aliens who illegally enter the U.S. without inspection or admission present a significant threat to national security and public safety”.   Amen to that!


“(a)  secure the southern border of the U.S. through the immediate construction of a physical wall on the southern border, monitored and supported by adequate personnel so as to prevent illegal immigration, drug and human trafficking, and acts of terrorism;


(b)  detain individuals apprehended on suspicion of violating Federal or State law, including Federal immigration law, pending further proceedings regarding those violations;

(c)  expedite determinations of apprehended individuals’ claims of eligibility to remain in the United States;

(d)  remove promptly those individuals whose legal claims to remain in the United States have been lawfully rejected, after any appropriate civil or criminal sanctions have been imposed; and

(e)  cooperate fully with States and local law enforcement in enacting Federal-State partnerships to enforce Federal immigration priorities, as well as State monitoring and detention programs that are consistent with Federal law and do not undermine Federal immigration priorities.” 

More details:


– Priority creation of Federal “287g Agreements” with State and Local law enforcement, effectively deputizing willing state organizations to be “ICE agents” in their local communities (think Sheriff Jenkins in Frederick County), is back with a bang.  A major force multiplier for enforcing immigration laws and getting illegals out of our schools, and off our health plans, street corners and public doles.


– Also back is the “Secure Communities Program”, which allows local jails to identify the immigration status of each and every person in police custody. 


Remember this program?  Prince George’s County was near the top of the list nation-wide for identifying illegals and having ICE agents pick them up.  And no wonder with CASA of Maryland headquartered in PG County illegals were literally falling out of the sky and dropping into PG jails. 


“Secure Communities” replaces the ineffective “Priority Enforcement Program” of Obama which caused a dramatic drop in internal U.S. immigration enforcement and deportations.


– The U.S. Government is now required to report all the illegals detained at the border and in all jails across the nation. No more phony stats regarding “Law-Abiding” illegal aliens.


 – States and Cities that refuse to give up their Sanctuary status will have Federal grant funds eliminated from their budgets.  Montgomery County, Maryland which refuses to give up the few millions it extorts from citizens annually via the ridiculous “Bag Tax” will soon find itself losing tens of millions protecting illegals alien law-breakers. 


– Homeland Security will now actually spend resources to care for those Citizens and their families negatively impacted by illegal alien crime and violence.  Sounds like citizens first again. 


Much more!  Here are the two links.  A short and quite enjoyable read!





Judge Jeanine: “Like it or not, laws are getting enforced”


Excellent video regarding the new Executive Orders on Border Security and Interior Immigrant Enforcement.







Mexican President Pena Nieto cancelled his face-to-face meeting with President Trump, in part because his country refuses to pay for the border wall as President Trump demands. 


But it did not stop Nieto from ordering the 50 Mexican Consulates in the U.S. to step up their efforts to protect “Migrants” – (AKA Mexican illegal aliens in the U.S.). 


Help Save Maryland continues to call for the shutdown of most of these Mexican Consulates as they aid and abet illegals, not promote trade as advertised. 


Former Mexican President Vicente Fox likes to say, “Where there are Mexicans, there is Mexico”, justification of aiding and abetting those Mexican illegals in our country.  Our new suggested quote for Fox, “What happened to those illegal Mexicans, I guess they went back to Mexico?” 





Montgomery Councilmember Navarro denounces President Trump’s Executive Orders on immigration



Local politicians are not taking the new Immigration Executive Orders well.  Below is the press statement from Montgomery County Councilmember Nancy Navarro (our first Latina) expressing outrage at the orders.  Nancy who barely survived a career scare by dodging the Term Limit juggernaut passed overwhelmingly by County citizens, is back to her usual area of expertise – helping illegal aliens and MS-13 gang members come to Maryland to abuse our taxpayer funded public school system and social services network. 


While I understand Nancy’s almost robotic support for our hard-working, law-breaking Hispanic illegals, I can’t fathom what she is talking about regarding the Trump Administration promoting anti-Semitism.  Nancy, stick to what you do best, attracting illegals.






Montgomery Councilmember Navarro

denounces President Trump’s

Executive Orders on immigration

She assures community members that County will continue

to be a welcoming community for all residents


ROCKVILLE, Md., Jan. 25, 2017—Montgomery County Councilmember Nancy Navarro expressed outrage about the executive orders President Trump signed today on immigration that could eviscerate U.S. immigration policies, expand deportations and impact funding for local communities. In addition, Councilmember Navarro reiterated the County’s support for all of its residents.

“I am outraged that President Trump has chosen to single-handedly obliterate protections for many of our residents who are working hard for a better life in our County and in counties and cities across America,” said Councilmember Navarro, who is the first Latina to serve as a Councilmember in Montgomery County. “This type of punitive action has set the tone for the Trump presidency, and it is an affront to our way of life in Montgomery County. His rhetoric has become reality, and we have to stand up for all of our residents.”

Montgomery County has a long history of working to promote community safety and trust among its residents regardless of race, ethnicity, culture or religion. For example, in 2011 Councilmember Navarro spearheaded the passage of a Council resolution to promote public trust in government and law enforcement to ensure that that the federal Secure Communities program was being implemented consistent with its stated purpose. In November 2016, the Council approved a resolution reaffirming community safety and trust and denouncing anti-immigrant activity, racial bias and discrimination.

Montgomery County is known for its diversity. More than 70 percent of students in Montgomery County Public Schools are Hispanic/Latino, African American or multi-racial.

“We will not allow President Trump to turn back the clock on the progress we have made to build trust among people of all races, ethnicities and religions,” said Councilmember Navarro. “Our diversity is our strength. We will not let a culture of fear take hold in our community.”

The Montgomery County Police Department plays no role in enforcing federal immigration law; however, they do cooperate with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). For example, ICE is notified if individuals they are interested in are being released from County facilities, and the County honors ICE criminal detainers.


To read the full text of Resolution 17-108 on promoting community safety and trust among residents and the County’s law enforcement agencies, go to: .


To read the full text of Resolution 18-673 on reaffirming community safety and trust and denouncing anti-immigrant activity, racial bias and discrimination, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, hate speech, hate crimes and harassment in Montgomery County, go to: .


Residents in need of legal resources or support services should dial 311 or visit the web page for MC311 at:



I am sure there is a Spanish Language Version of Navarro’s rants on the Montgomery County Council Site!



Takoma Park to Hold Community Teach-in on Its Sanctuary City Status and Commitment

This promises to be a blast!  A full lineup of speakers on how to protest including Montgomery County Councilperson Marc Elrich (job hunting I assume as he was impacted by citizen approved Term Limits), and State Delegate Ana Sol Gutierrez, a long-time promoter of illegals (I thought Ana Sol retired from public service after her complete failure as a candidate for Congress, but what else could she do?  Do they serve free lunches for delegates in Annapolis, is that it?).  


 On Saturday, February 4, the City of Takoma Park and several community organizations will host a public forum, Takoma Park:  Sanctuary City — Then & Now. The program will explore the City’s 30-year-old Sanctuary ordinance and its amendments, and will underscore the City’s ongoing commitment to protect its immigrant residents under the letter and spirit of the law.  Takoma Park is one of 300+ sanctuary jurisdictions throughout the nation.

The teach-in, sponsored by the City of Takoma Park; the Mayor Sam Abbott Living Legacy Project of Historic Takoma, CASA de Maryland, and Takoma Park Mobilization, will take place at 3:00 p.m. at the Takoma Park Community Center – Sam Abbott Citizens’ Center, 7500 Maple Ave. in Takoma Park.

The program will feature a wide range of speakers, including City, county, and state officials, as well as members of immigrant legal rights and service organizations.  Among the participants are: Takoma Park Councilmember Terry Seamens; Montgomery County Councilmember Marc Elrich; Takoma Park Police Chief Alan Goldberg; City Manager Suzanne Ludlow; Maryland State Delegate Ana Sol Gutierrez; CASA Executive Director, Gustavo Torres; Denyse Sabagh, Esq., Partner, Duane Morris; and Takoma Park Mayor Kate Stewart.

In the early 1980’s, local churches began offering sanctuary to some of the thousands of refugees fleeing brutal civil wars in El Salvador and Guatemala. This led to a series of supporting resolutions initiated and adopted by then Mayor Sam Abbott and the Takoma Park City Council. In 1985, the ordinance was passed making Takoma Park a “Sanctuary City”. Affirmed and amended several times, the last in 2007-08, the Takoma Park Sanctuary law (Municipal Code, Chapter 9.04) prohibits city police and other city employees from asking Takoma Park residents about their citizenship or immigration status. It also prohibits them from cooperating in the enforcement of federal immigration laws that could lead to the deportation of residents.

In his message to the City on Nov. 11, Takoma Park Police Chief Alan Goldberg said, “Our Constitution specifically prohibits a ‘National Police Force.’…We have no interest or authority in the deportation of immigrants. The mission and commitment of the Takoma Park Police Department is the safety and welfare of all our residents….”

Safeguarding and building trust are key community values.  Mayor Kate Stewart warmly affirmed the City’s support for its immigrant neighbors. “We are a City that welcomes those who are the victims of terrorism and violence regardless of their national origins and that refuses to demonize Muslims. We are a City that upholds the right of ALL people to live their lives with dignity and respect.”

Attendees will have the opportunity to speak and question the panel. The event will also include Takoma Park Poet Laureate Merrill Leffler and singer Rudy Arredondo. The program is free and open to the public.


CASA of Maryland’s Top Virginia Operative Being Deported


Almost as good as President Trump’s Executive Orders on Immigration was the news that a top CASA of Maryland operative was being DEPORTED for being, oh my goodness, an Illegal Alien (and a drunk driver). 

Shocking news I know.  Who would have expected that illegals (who work in lockstep with CASA’s radical American women on staff) actually are on Gustavo Torres’ executive team and payroll?

It begs the question, how many more of these taxpayer subsidized positions at CASA of Maryland, Virginia and now Pennsylvania are encumbered by illegal aliens?   

Just think about this. 

Taxpayer subsidized positions at CASA’s multiple Day Laborer Centers (Illegal Alien Job Centers) staffed with illegal aliens helping to find work (also against the law) for local illegal aliens in our communities.  Mind blowing.  All CASA staff and day laborers, without legal presence, should instead be deported for breaking multiple U.S. immigration laws!    

Will Maryland Governor Hogan call for an investigation of CASA??


CASA of Maryland Cancer Spreads to York, Pennsylvania








Contact to see how you can help


Different U.S. laws for citizens and non-citizens?

Interesting clip of seemingly criminal illegal alien Jose Vargas clashing with American Mom who lost her son to an illegal alien criminal.  Why is Vargas still in the U.S. after admitting he obtained a Social Security Card illegally, which is a felony.



Trump Supporters Charged With Hate Crime By Somalian Refugee in San Diego


Posted on November 7, 2016by Admin

Three San Diego men, Sean Arevalo, Terrance Crow, and Scott Peretti, are alleged to have “beat down” a young Somalian refugee with a chair and brass knuckles in the “Zappy Pizza” take-out shop at 5971 University Ave in San Diego. The three Americans were charged with felony battery with a deadly weapon and a hate crime. The penalty could be several years in prison. This occurred on October 30, 2016, just a week before the election. This prosecution seems to be motivated by politics. We have a La Raza Assistant DA, who was looking to nail someone on a hate-crime charge, so it can be used for propaganda purposes before and after the election. Many Trump opponents were eagerly looking for hate crimes among Trump supporters at that time, which they could trumpet just before the election.

Note: The preliminary trial date is the following. Please attend, if possible. We need to fill the courtroom to overflowing. The evidence against them will be presented.

San Diego Superior Court, Department 11
02/09/2017 at 8:30 AM
County Courthouse
330 W Broadway
San Diego, Ca

San Diego Deplorable Three Defense Fund

San Diego media outlets have already convicted them, conducting a shameless media lynching. The story was syndicated by the Associated Press and has been published by other media outlets all around the nation, with very little effort by the media to get the other side of the story.


There were no brass knuckles used or any other “deadly weapon” and the Somalian was not hit with a chair as the media slanderously portrayed the incident from only one side. An independent witness was not difficult to find. The incident started when two of the accused, Scott Peretti and Terrance Crow, were ordering take-out pizza at the counter. Crow declared “VOTE TRUMP” The Somalian refugee took offense at that and replied “FUCK TRUMP” In return, Crow said “FUCK ISLAM” Then, a mutual altercation started, a scuffle.

One Somalian moved on Peretti, who felt threatened and struck the Somalian with his bare fist in self defense, producing a minor wound. Peretti’s other friend, Terry Crow, did not hit anyone. Sean Arevalo was waiting in the car rushed in to break it up and get his friends out of there. Sean Arevalo had some car keys in his fist, but never hit the Somalian. The cloth lanyard attached to the keys wrapped around his fingers was apparently mistaken for brass knuckles. The keys were inside his fist.

One Somalian was only slightly injured and refused medical attention. The Somali, who was punched is the son of a politically influential leader in the Somali community, which reportedly numbers around 15-30K (potential voters) in San Diego.

There were no video cameras operating in the Pizza shop. The police did not arrive until the incident was long over. They arrested the three Americans based only on the version of the story of the Somalian. The three men were arraigned on November 7th in Superior Court charged with felony battery with a hate crime add-on. There was no deadly weapon. Supporting Trump for the presidency should not be classified as a hate crime. Expressing disapproval of Islam is free speech, protected by the Constitution. Americans have every right to disapprove of a inherently theocratic religion founded by a “prophet,” who was a mass murderer, sex-slave monger and child molester.

They have “multi-cultural policing” in this area of San Diego, where many refugees reside. However, It is not the duty of the police to enforce Sharia law in the area, which is called “Little Mogadishu.” Expressing opposition to Islam is not a felony hate crime. The charges against these three Americans should be promptly dismissed. They have already suffered too much abuse at the hands of an overzealous District Attorney, politically-correct police and the sensationalist media for their politically-incorrect opinions.

Hate crimes are “thought crimes,” which are Orwellian in nature, intended to be applied only to certain segments of society to punish them for historic events, for which the current generation had no responsibility. But that is beside the point in this case. These three men went into the shop just to order a pizza, not with the intention of committing a “hate crime.” The scuffle resulted from a mutual verbal altercation.

If Muslims want to live in America, they have to learn to accept free speech, even if it may be rude speech, without becoming violently enraged. The overly multi-cultural San Diego police ought to learn to uphold their oath of office, which requires them to defend our Constitutional rights, not to defend Islam.

The original defamatory story was blown out of all proportion by the media, and rapidly spread around the country. This was probably because it was election time and a supposed hate crime committed against a Muslim refugee plays well in the liberal media, who present it as a fact without doing any real journalistic investigation. An independent, disinterested witness to the incident called the media reporting “nonsense” and “irritating” that the media went into a feeding frenzy about something that “didn’t happen,” he said.

For more information please contact:

Roger Ogden San Diego, CA



Brad Botwin, Director

Help Save



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