Kittleman pledges to veto Howard County ‘sanctuary’ proposal


Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman, a Republican, said today that he would veto a proposal by two local Democratic council members that would make Howard County a sanctuary jurisdiction for undocumented immigrants.

Kittleman called the proposal a “hollow political statement” that provides a false sense of security, compromises community safety and could compromise federal funding for critical programs and services.

“I am not willing to jeopardize existing programs and services which benefit all Howard County residents to adopt a label that would not change any of the policies and practices that we already have in place,” Kittleman wrote in a statement released Thursday evening.

Council members Calvin Ball and Jen Terrasa proposed the measure in a direct response to what they said were “dangerous sentiments” galvanized by President-elect Donald Trump. The designation, which has no formal legal definition, would bar county employees, including police, from voluntarily cooperating with federal immigration authorities.

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