Wonderful News Reported – Help Save Maryland – Term Limits Passed – My How Things Have Changed – Illegal Alien Support Groups in Panic!

My How Things Have Changed – Illegal Alien Support Groups in Panic!


It has now been more than a week since the election and I am still trying to comprehend the magnitude of Donald Trump’s victory and the impact on the issue of illegal immigration. 


Clearly the fear of Hillary Clinton’s promise of a mass amnesty within her first 100 days in office is now dead and buried.  So is her threat of having an open border with Mexico (somehow more open than Obama’s walk on through border) so everyone south of the border, or wherever they are from, could enter the country with impunity.


A “huge” border wall (or fence in some locations) is not just a pipedream anymore.   Nor is mandatory federal E-Verify so all jobs can be screened, preserving employment opportunities for citizens only.  And Sanctuary cities?  Many localities are going to pay a stiff price in Federal dollars withheld if they do not comply with eliminating sanctuaries. 


Since the election, there are a number of jurisdictions that have reaffirmed their commitment to aid and abet illegal aliens.  Montgomery County, Maryland of course stepped to the front of the line today, with Catholic Charities and CASA of Maryland in total lockstep (see below).  


I would also expect the resurrection of the highly effective ICE 287g Program which trained/deputized local Sheriffs and Police Departments to assist in the enforcement of detaining and arresting illegal aliens.  Same for the ICE Secure Communities Program which helped identify and detain illegal aliens in jail.  Could the fantasy world of the so-called DREAMERS be over too?    



 Here are some of the statements by a number of radical Hispanic groups:


(1) Saludos Amigos,

News that Kris Kobach has been named to the president-elect’s transition team signals that the incoming administration remains committed to its promise to aggressively round up and deport millions of undocumented immigrants, tearing families apart and dashing the dreams of young DREAMers who had anticipated a clear path to citizenship.

LatinoJustice PRLDEF is equally committed to protecting mixed-status families, DREAMers, workers and communities from a Kobach-designed deportation effort. We stopped him before and we’ll do it again. We will continue to work with our peers to force the incoming administration to establish a fairer and more just immigration policy that ensures that Latinos and other communities of color can continue to strengthen the fabric of this nation.


   (2)  Beloved Presente Community:

Today we email with heartbreak, love, and strength. We have seen the rift in our country for many years, and thought Trump may win, but hoped we were wrong. Trump won. Our disbelief and heartbreak is unhinging, yet we come to fight racism, sexism, and xenophobia for the long term with the vision of creating a beloved America.

Election Day was a sad day for everyone in the nation. But, the election results were most painful for our communities, we who have used our bodies, minds, hearts, and resources to fight racism, xenophobia, and sexism everyday. Our lives, and those of people of color and other targeted groups, will always endure the violence first and hardest.


(3)  Susan Goering, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland, said calls to her office have doubled this week, and more lawyers have volunteered to help litigate potential cases. On Wednesday, the ACLU’s website began featuring a photo of Trump, alongside “SEE YOU IN COURT” and a button to donate to the organization.


 (4) Seven Baltimore schools asked the immigrant rights group Casa de Maryland for help counseling immigrant students frightened about what the future might hold. Later, the group held a community meeting at a Baltimore church. More than 150 people showed up, including 20 people who had never before volunteered, said Liz Alex, a regional director for CASA.

“People were depressed, people were angry, people were not really seeing any hope. They were afraid for their children or their parents or themselves,” Alex said. “After the grieving, we began to start to think about action.”


Help Save Maryland is Also Quoted in the Article:

“You felt helpless in the process,” said Brad Botwin, leader of the Help Save Maryland group that for a dozen years struggled to engage politicians about illegal immigration.  He’s watched as Maryland issued driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants, added programs for them in schools and allowed them to pay in-state college tuition rates.

With Trump’s election, Botwin thinks that maybe he might get a little more traction and enlist new volunteers.  “People can now speak up because someone at the federal level will be listening,” Botwin said.



Term Limits and Sanctuary Status in Montgomery County

The November 8 election also brought a local victory of sorts – Term Limits for the Montgomery County Executive and County Council – 3 terms/12 years maximum.  Help Save Maryland was one of multiple groups and individuals that played a role to assist in getting this non-partisan issue on the ballot.  The rest was up to the citizens of Montgomery County, with nearly 80% voting in favor of Term Limits.  

Help Save Maryland in mentioned as a key player along with the original petition sponsor Robin Ficker, in the Wash Post article “A new era for big Md. county”, Sunday, November 13, 2016.


But the overwhelming vote for Term Limits and new leadership has not stopped the County Executive and County Council from continuing their policies in support of illegal immigrants.  Today the Council, led by Council President Nancy Floreen (Term Limited out) released a statement to “reaffirm community safety and trust, address harassment”. 

 Unfortunately it does not actually protect citizens but rather illegal immigrants.  It reaffirms that Montgomery County is a Sanctuary for illegal immigrants:

“The Council strongly opposes any federal action that may undermine the trust created in our community and threaten public safety”  

 –  That means we don’t want to upset illegals, criminal or not.

“Montgomery County believes that no deportations should take place without ensuring that the person to be deported received adequate representation and due process of law under the Constitution.  The Montgomery County Police Department will play no role in enforcing federal immigration law.  County residents should never be afraid to seek help from our public safety officers”

–  That means we don’t care about the safety, jobs, education opportunities, health care and other services available to our citizens, rather we believe illegal immigrants are above the law. 

The MoCo Police continue to be neutered when it comes to illegal immigration enforcement.  Did CASA of Maryland draft this statement for the Council and Executive?  





Even County Executive Ike Leggett (Term Limited out) got into the act when asked about the possibility of losing federal funds by maintaining Sanctuary status for illegal immigrants in the county.  This is the same County Executive joker who refused to disband and give up the millions in taxes collected from the County’s Liquor Board Monopoly. 


But Leggett seems to not have problem being denied Federal Funds which could run into the hundreds of millions in order to protect “our Citizens”, meaning Illegal Immigrants!  He will be missed (lol) !


“Obviously if it means the loss of dollars, we would have to analyze that very carefully, but this is not a question of dollar and cents at this time, this is about doing what’s right. So, from my perspective, if I’m faced with a choice of having to lose some federal dollars rather than run the risk of having our citizens treated in an undignified way, disrespected and hauled off to jail, and separate families, then I’d have to lose the dollars,” Leggett stated as the crowd broke into applause.






Commercial Drivers’ Licenses for Illegals 


On a related note, illegal immigrants who hold commercial (truck) driver’s licenses in the state of Maryland will be able to keep those licenses.  How nice!






All is good for the illegal immigrant community in Maryland……so far. Let’s see what happens starting January 20, 2017.




Final Note From Montgomery County Today


There was a protest of Richard Montgomery High School students today, who don’t recognize Donald Trump as our next President, one of many silly protests taking place around the country. 


One student wearing a Trump hat was beaten by 4 other students. 


Police have the name of one of the attackers and are looking for the others.  No word yet if they are DREAMERS or not.


“Pro-Trump Teen Beaten in Rockville Student Protests: Police”  








“In this fundamentally transformed America, “nationalism”, “sovereignty” and “rule-of-law” are new dirty words.  People who speak out about protecting the borders and sovereignty of this once great county, the United States of America, get labeled as bigots, deplorable and racists.  Are they racists and bigots if they simply want the rule-of-law in their country? If they want people to follow immigration laws when they enter the country? 


Tanzi Strafford





Brad Botwin, Director

Help Save Maryland.org









Tax Deductible Donations to Help Save Maryland are always welcome.  Donate by credit card at www.HelpSaveMaryland.org  or postal mail your donation to:


Help Save Maryland

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