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Here Is President Trump’s Complete Immigration Reform Package Detailed In Documents

FYI, You may need to save the files to open them, they have been scanned for viruses.  DETAILED OUTLINE–Immigration Priorities–10-08-17 EXEC SUMM–Immig. Doc–10-08-17 FINAL Border Security–10-08-17 FINAL Interior Enforcement–10-08-17 FINAL Merit Based Immigration–10-08-17

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ICE Arrests 11 Immigrants in Montgomery County as Part of National Crackdown

Commentary:  More lies coming out of Montgomery County Maryland, this time from Patrick Lacefield.  His comments that MoCo is not a Sanctuary Jurisdiction is a complete lie.  You can read in the story.  Do you know how much blood and … Continue reading

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***Correction*** 28 Of The Arrested In Sting From Baltimore City – ICE Arrest 500 Illegals In Baltimore City Sting Operation – ICE arrests dozens in Baltimore as part of Operation Safe City

Commentary:  This is just the beginning.  Big stuff coming down the pike. Greg Ng  Digital Media Manager BALTIMORE —Federal immigration authorities said they arrested almost 500 people in raids conducted over four days in 10 locations across the country, including … Continue reading

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Trump’s Advisor, Tom Bossert On Hurricane Harvey Relief Funds And Illegal Aliens – Illegal Aliens Will Not Be Getting Assistance From The Feds Or Local Government

Commentary:  Although Trump’s advisor stated during the press conference yesterday, that, no one will go unfed or without water, etc, Illegal Aliens will not be getting any Federal Assistance regarding federal funding.  He also stated, that, they will not be … Continue reading

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Illegals Deported in Record Time After Announcing 1 Thing in Middle of ICE Office – Gaithersburg Maryland Teens

Commentary:  The real story is, Unfortunately, it isn’t the job of the government to make those who break the law happy. It is to enforce the law, which the Saravia brothers were breaking. It’s worth noting, too, that according to WRC-TV neither … Continue reading

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