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****Maryland Trust Act Forum**** Attend the Maryland Trust Act Legislative Forum – ACLU – Date And Time

Commentary:  Please be sure to show up.  Let your voices be heard, contact your groups and activists and media.  All the Pro Sanctuary Politicians will be there, including Maryland Delegates and Senators, Casa De Md will be represented.  It would … Continue reading

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HELP SAVE MARYLAND ACTION ALERT!! – Steering Meeting On Frederick County’s Participation On 287G Program – ACLU To Protest – Counter Protesters Requested

Commentary:  The ACLU is on an attack mission in Frederick County to try and get 287G eliminated from the Law Enforcement in Frederick County.  They expect about 30 people, we need to show our support for Sheriff Chuck Jenkins and … Continue reading

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Immigration Reform USA – The ACLU Again Uses the 9th Circuit to Undermine the Voters Intent and Will

OCTOBER 15, 2014 BY DAN STEIN On Wednesday, the 9th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals struck down a voter approved amendment to the Arizona Constitution that required the state to detain illegal aliens accused of serious felonies until trial. The case is Lopez-Valenzuela v. Arpaio, and … Continue reading

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Associated Press – ACLU may sue city over rejection of shelter for illegal aliens

ACLU may sue city over rejection of shelter for illegal aliens This was sent in to Help Save Maryland! The pro-amnesty pushers are doing all this for the “illegal alien children and of course, the $8.5 million annual payout from the … Continue reading

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