Help Save Maryland Mission Statement


Help Save Maryland, is a multi-ethnic, grassroots, citizens’ organization dedicated to providing facts regarding illegal aliens who live and/or work in Maryland. Help Save fosters public awareness and education, supports analyses and research, facilitates effective engagement by citizens in the Maryland legislative process, and provides helpful facts to citizens otherwise frustrated by Maryland policies which encourage illegal immigration.

Join fellow citizens as we fight to eliminate the use of our tax-dollars on programs and services for illegal aliens in Maryland. Let’s work together to end Maryland’s unlawful sanctuary policies at the state and local level. Help us achieve the following goals:

  • No drivers’ licenses, in-state tuition, voting privileges or access to state and local government services for illegal aliens. Implement the federal REAL ID ACT.
  • Shutdown all tax-payer funded Day Laborer Centers.
  • Authorize Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) 287(g) training for all Maryland law enforcement officers to expedite removal of illegal alien gang members, criminals and immigration law violators from our communities.
  • Enhance and enforce housing, parking and loitering code violations.
  • End school overcrowding and hospital financial burdens.
  • Terminate all state and local funding for the group CASA of Maryland.
  • Identify and boycott businesses that aid and abet illegal aliens.
  • Make English the Official Language of Maryland.


Help Save Maryland welcomes as members, all U.S. citizens and legal residents of any ethnic heritage who believe that the presence of illegal aliens in Maryland poses an unacceptable economic burden and physical threat to our communities and families, and must be opposed in a manner consistent with the law and due respect for the inherent worth of all individuals.

If you want to engage in these issues in a reasonable manner, I encourage you to join us. Together we can make a difference. Please fill out the membership form and mail to:

Help Save Maryland
P.O. Box 5742
Rockville, MD 20855

We will periodically e-mail you with updates and events. Please regularly check this website for the latest Help Save Maryland activities and media articles.

Brad Botwin, Director
Help Save Maryland

3 Responses to Help Save Maryland Mission Statement

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  2. Emily Gingle says:

    Has anyone or group brought charges against Maryland for or or not or cannotor its violations of Federal Law?
    Montgomery County Child Support Enforcement isolates men, discriminates against men, provides no legal help as it does to the “undocumented”, sends Asst. Attorney Gen 98theral to prosecute men with zero evidence, forceably takes tissue for DNA testing, may also bank the DNA or use excess for research, etc. Public needs to know so supporters of these corrupt practices will be voted out, starting with an attorney general who prosecutes United States Citizens in violation of their Constitutional rights. Flow of tax dollars being used to elevate the life style of the Undocumented needs to stop. All, repeat ALL, and their anchor children need to immediately be returned to their redpective countries. There is the issue of tax dollars. There are equally important issues of lying and deceit. We are asleep while the Ship of State continues off course.

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