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  1. Cindy Nation says:

    Last Friday morning, I awoke to read that Steve Scalise had been elected to replace Cantor as the House Majority Whip. The first thing he did was to push to pass that worthless immigration bill and when it was pulled by Boehner for lack of support he said the Sen. Jeff Sessions had “gummed up” the bill. I took to the internet and on numerous conservative websites on multiple articles on each, I inserted my comments. It is a challenge to every conservative in this nation!

    A few years back, when immigration was boiling over, thousands mailed bricks to their Reps and Senators to “help build the fence.” Now, in light of Steve Scalise blaming Jeff Sessions for “gumming up” the current legislation, I am calling for every conservative to send an unopened pack of your favorite chewing gum to the local offices of both of your senators and your house rep with the note, “Here is more gum for Senator Sessions to use to keep gumming things up on the immigration bill until you get behind proper border security and a ban on Obama’s executive actions for amnesty.” There are 5 weeks for us while they are on recess to overwhelm their offices with gum and some will hold public meetings. I strongly encourage you to attend one if you can and take gum with this note to those meetings and drop them all over the podium from where they will speak to get the message across. You might even buy a large enough pack to pass out to others attending with the same note. LET’S BE HEARD LOUD AND CLEAR OVER SUMMER BREAK! NO MORE OPEN BORDERS, NO MORE AMNESTY, NO MORE DREAMERS AND NO MORE EXECUTIVE ACTIONS!

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