Another Pro Sanctuary, Pro Criminal Alien Police Chief In Maryland Fights Enforcing Federal Immigration Laws – Gaithersburg, Maryland – Immigration Statement from Chief Sroka

Commentary:  Yes, of course, Gaithersburg, Maryland is in Montgomery County, for which there have been many criminal acts committed by criminal MS13 gang banger’s.  It’s very odd to see such disdain for Lawful Citizens and Lawful immigrants and to be put to on back burner in favor of criminal aliens.  Obviously, these Pro Sanctuary, Pro Criminal Alien police departments have a very specific agenda, and that is, we must protect them at all costs.  My question is, when will Police Chiefs like this one and MoCo Police Chief, Thomas ‘Barney Fife’ Manger going to stop playing politics?  Please feel free to share you’re views with the Chief:

The U.S. Court of Appeals ruled in 2013 that state and local law enforcement officers do not have the legal grounds to stop, detain, search, or arrest any individual based solely on an ICE civil warrant, unless they have been deputized by ICE to do so. No officer in the City of Gaithersburg has been deputized to enforce federal immigration laws. Gaithersburg Police Chief Mark Sroka recently issued a video statement reaffirming that undocumented immigrants in the City of Gaithersburg should not fear the police. Officers will not detain or arrest undocumented immigrants simply for being undocumented. To keep the City safe, it is important for ALL residents to feel comfortable coming forward to report incidents and crimes. (Left Wing Liberal Talking Points) Watch the statement and read the Spanish translation here.


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