****MAJOR BREAKING NEWS**** Rockville, Maryland, Rape Case: Child porn charges have been dropped after a girl’s family said she wouldn’t testify; a teen is being held for immigration officials

Commentary:  I know from talking with my sources, that the family was pushed into having the charges reduced by the States Attorney office and now, the family states that the alleged rape victim, whose charges were reduced to Child Porn, is not going to testify.  If there was no rape, than how would the police report be so explicit and detailed and yet, suddenly, after pressure, the charges go down to Child Porn.  I wonder what the family and young girl is afraid of?  What did they get in return for not testifying?  You decide.  Or is it just a case of malice and complicity?  Or, did she really lie in her police report?  My opinion, she did not lie, but it’s not up to me to decide, only those involved know what really took place.  

ROCKVILLE, MD — A Rockville High School student who was charged and then cleared of rape in a case that drew national attention, including condemnation from the White House, has had a possession of child pornography charge dropped, too. While Henry Sanchez-Milian, 18, of Aspen Hill, no longer faces charges linked to a planned sexual encounter with a 14-year-old girl who had accused him of the sexual assault only to later recant the charge, he remains in custody at the order of federal immigration authorities.

His attorneys sought to question the girl involved in the case, who reportedly had consented to sex acts with Sanchez-Milian, which her family objected to, Montgomery County prosecutors said. With that in mind, charges were dropped Friday to keep from harming the girl who has suffered mental-health issues.

“The parent of the victim expressed significant concerns that participation at trial would be detrimental to the physical and mental well-being of the child,” Assistant State’s Attorney Mary Herdman said in court, the Washington Post reports.

Sanchez-Milian’s friend, Jose Montano, 17, originally from El Salvador, in August pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography for having a lewd image of the girl on his cell phone, reports The Washington Post. The pair were charged in March with raping the girl in a school bathroom during school hours.

But in May, authorities dropped the rape charges filed against Montano and Sanchez-Milian, saying the evidence in the case was inconsistent with the allegations. The girl had planned the sexualencounter with the two boys, according to text messages between the girl and Montano, said Andrew Jezic, the attorney for Sanchez-Milian. Rape charges were officially dropped on May 9 against the teens.


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