2017 Midwest National Security Conference

Fifteen years since 9/11, the United States is losing the war against the Islamic Movement – not on the kinetic battlefield ‘over there’, but in the information battle-space ‘here’, where the enemy has excelled at diverting our efforts away from his true objective: creating a global Islamic State subordinated to Islamic law (sharia).


The Islamic Movement advances along multiple lines of effort, including immigration (hijra), infiltration, and the compromising of key pillars of American society ranging from academia, banking and finance, faith communities, and government to the legal system, media, military, and National Security.


The Muslim Brotherhood forms the vanguard of the Islamic Movement inside the United States.  Since the late 20th century, the Muslim Brotherhood has worked closely with far left entities, including anarchists, communists, progressives, and other revolutionaries likewise committed to the destruction of American and Western Civilization.


Only a coalition of Marxists and Islamists can destroy the United States.

Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, aka Carlos the Jackal, Revolutionary Islam, 2003


The failure to identify, define, and counter the Islamic Movement endangers current and future generations of Americans and the future of the Republic.


A successful ‘battle’ plan begins with accurate threat identification and with thorough understanding of its strategies and tactics to destroy America from within.


Come!  Learn!  In this war YOU are needed!



Come! Meet Kenneth Dragotta the MAN of this great venture:


It is my love for this Country that brings me to the assembly of the Midwest Security Conference.  As I have watched the Communists and other subversive groups in America try to kill Liberty, I am compelled to do something about it.  For years I have met and talked with such wonderful patriotic Americans that I thought it would be a good idea to get folks together that know the “real inside” information about what has been happening to this Country from within.   The average Liberty loving American sees that there are structural problems in our ability to deal with  anti-American  elements within our borders.  The media is complicit with the subversive groups and actively hide the real agenda.   The numbers of groups that are involved in nationwide protests that have direct connections to the Communist party is staggering.  It is time that we work to educate America on what is happening.


Come!  Learn!  Get ‘armed’ and inspired to Make America Great Again!


Warm regards,

Debbie Anderson

Minneapolis, MN




2017 Midwest National Security Conference


“The Enemies Within”


Saturday, May 6th 2017

American Serb Hall

5101 W Oklahoma Ave

Milwaukee, WI 53219

7:30 am – 6:00 pm

Admission: $30.00, includes lunch



Featuring Experts Trevor Loudon, James Simpson, Frank Gaffney, Philip Haney, Clare Lopez, and Jeff Nyquist

Americans have thrived for 70 years under unparalleled safety and freedom in the afterglow of the Greatest Generation’s victory over Nazi tyranny.  Unfortunately, before, during and since World War II, malevolent anti-American forces have been stealthily, relentlessly attacking our homeland through its institutions, economy and culture.  For the last 100 years, Communists, Marxists and other internal enemies have engaged in penetration, subversion and influence operations that have effectively eroded American institutions and corrupted its culture, while breaking our society into warring fragments. This has created in us a severe identity crisis and spiritual vacuum that has exposed us to their deceptive wiles. Come discover the shocking truth as we unmask the people, the organizations, strategies and tactics seeking to destroy America from within. Come learn about the Red-Green Axis.

In this war YOU are needed.


Visit our website to register and to view speaker bio information: www.midwestsecurity.org


Note:  We will be sponsoring up to 50 college/high school students at this event: NO CHARGE.  Please contact me on the website with your student information

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