Say No To CB9-2017 – Howard County Maryland Sanctuary Bill – Contact Information Listed

Dear Fellow Opponents of CB9-2017:

Grassroots Action Plan:

1. If not already done, mark your calendar on January 17 to attend a 6:00 pm public hearing at George Howard Building in Ellicott City.  Click for Directions 

  • Wear a red shirt to show unity in opposition. 
  • Create an opposition sign and bring to the hearing.
  • Jon Weinstein is the deciding vote, target him. 
  • Key places to sit with your signs: left side and front few rows – we want the TV cameras to see the opposition signs.
  • Bring 10 friends with you – wear red shirt (if own one). 
  • PACK the George Howard building with opposition – County Council needs to know Howard Countians will not stand for their disregard of our tax dollars, schools, safety, and disobedience of their oath of office.  The supporters will be out in full force – lets overwhelm them! 
  • 1,000+ people are required on January 17

Flood County Council with your voice of opposition: email, call, post on social media:

Howard County Council Contact Us Web Site

Jon Weinstein, (410)313-3110
Calvin Ball, (410)-313-2001
Jen Terrasa, (410) 313-3108
Mary Kay Sigaty, (410)313-2001
Greg Fox, (410)313-2001

You can send a fax to 410-313-3297- Simply send #NoSanctuaryHoCo


3. Thanks to Calvin Ball, illegals will be targeting Howard County as a sanctuary destination. Say No to Howard County Sanctuary!
Here are some easy Tweets to send out or Tweet your own. Use #NoSanctuaryHoCo hashtag in your tweets.

Let #CalvinBall know #NoSanctuaryHoCo.

4. Twitter storm.

  • Click on the http link below the Tweet.
  • It will open up Twitter with the Tweet you select.
  • If you are not logged in it will ask you to do so.
  • All you have to do is hit Tweet.

@CalvinBallTeam @MaryKaySigaty @HC_JonWeinstein @JenTerrasa RWe aCounty of No law&order? ObeyUr OathOf Office #NoSanctuaryHoCo

Keep HoCo police safe; they have a family too. Call your county councilperson and tell them to vote NO on CB9-2017

GregFox Only Adult in Room standing up4Voters rights& their tax$$. Obeys His Oath Of Office. Call @CalvinBallTeam 2VoteNo #NoSanctuaryHoCo

@CalvinBallTeam legacy he is proud of-No sugar 4you- Tax rain-Ur Taxes 2fund his campaign &Now Ur govt benefits2illegals #NoSanctuaryHoCo

@CalvinBallTeam Has Screwed voters-sugar ban-rain tax-politician tax &now illegals. What has he done for YOU? Nothing! #NoSanctuaryHoCo

@CalvinBallTeam Defying OathOfOffice in support of CB9-2017. Fed&MD law require legal entrance into US. All else is Illegal #NoSanctuaryHoCo

@CalvinBallTeam continues to divide instead of unite. Read his inflammatory comments in CB9-2017 #FailedPoliticianBall #NoSanctuaryHoCo

@CalvinBallTeam harkens back to the days of the Wild Wild West where no law and order existed. #NoSanctuaryHoCo

5. Watch for coming email to sign up for literature drop (no door knocking) this weekend, more tweets, info on Calvin Ball’s request to Foose and HCC president to create safe sanctuary places, rally on January 17 before public hearing.

Share this email with friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbors who are in opposition of Sanctuary bill CB9-2017.  They want to join the list?  Tell them to send email to

This is a huge grassroots movement!

Laura Walsh
Frank Mirabile
Carol Loveless

Grassroots Organizers

There is always strength in numbers. The more individuals that you can rally to your cause, the better.

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One Response to Say No To CB9-2017 – Howard County Maryland Sanctuary Bill – Contact Information Listed

  1. Michelle says:

    This is a worthy proposal because it shows that Marylanders are morally superior to South Carolinians because we prohibit our county employees from communicating about immigration status. We’re also morally superior to the Brits because they ask visitors to register with the police every six months

    You can download the pdf from (Primary Sponsor[s]: Calvin Ball, Jen Terrasa)
    Page 4, Line 13 has an exception clause that seems to negate the rest of the bill
    Page 4, Line 17 ditto
    or at least the clauses pass the buck along to State or Federal gov’ts to over-rule the County..
    Page 5, line 23 addresses the exception clause by asking the County Attorney to be the one who LEARNS OF A STATE OR FEDERAL LAW OR INTERNATIONAL TREATY THAT MAY PREEMPT THIS SUBTITLE,

    Here is perhaps a model for Governor Hogan.
    SECTION 6-1-170. Preemption of local ordinance relating to immigration; civil actions.
    (C) A political subdivision of this State may not enact any ordinance or policy that limits or prohibits a law enforcement officer, local official, or local government employee from communicating to appropriate federal or state officials with regard to the immigration status of any person within this State.
    (The next clause prevents over-stepping the limits of Federal law.)
    See also: <a href="; Title 8 – Public Officers and Employees CHAPTER 29 Verification of Lawful Presence in the United States

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