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From ALIPAC – Americans defeat illegal alien backers in Maryland now focus on CA & TN

Attention all ALIPAC organized activists. Many thanks to each of you that have DONATED so far in 2017 to help us continue fighting and special thanks to each volunteer that joined our national network calling state lawmakers in Maryland to … Continue reading

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“THE CASE AGAINST LEGALIZING UNKNOWN MILLIONS OF ILLEGAL ALIENS: A supposed “solution” that would be catastrophic for America.”

At least as far back as the administration of Jimmy Carter, the immigration debate has been waged by globalists who have, over time, succeeded in hijacking the language and terminology applied to immigration. Consider that Jimmy Carter: Orignator of the … Continue reading

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News Alert – Casa De Maryland Delegates and Senators Become Unhinged Over Defeat Of “Trust Act” – Name Calling and Threats

Commentary: Wow, talk about becoming unhinged and detached from reality, Casa De Maryland’s Anarchist alt left liberal Delegates and Senators start calling opposition to the bill names, such as Senator Bobby Zirkin (D), a DINO, “Sen. Bobby Zirkin, shame on … Continue reading

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