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Montgomery County Council Approves Resolution Urging Protections for TPS and DACA Recipients and Creation of a Path to Permanent Residency – OUTRAGEOUS!!!

Councilmembers call on federal government to ensure legal status of beneficiaries of Temporary Protected Status and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals ROCKVILLE, Md., December 12, 2017—The Montgomery County Council unanimously passed a resolution today calling on national leaders to extend … Continue reading

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WOW Major Update In The Silver Spring Maryland MS13 Case – Some Disappointing News – Charges Dropped Against Suspect in Gang Killing, But Prosecutors Could Restart Case – But….

Commentary:  I must admit, I am a  bit confused here on possible blood evidence and the dark stain on the accused jeans, that they say, may be a mud spot.  They say it’s been a month and no blood determined, … Continue reading

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****Retiring Maryland Delegate, Montgomery County, Ana Sol “Casa De Md Shill” Gutiérrez Among Lawmakers Arrested During DACA Protest****

Commentary:  I find this part amusing.  Event organizers said they arranged with U.S. Capitol Police in advance that the roughly 200 protesters who refused to leave the Capitol steps would not be detained but would pay a $50 fee.  WASHINGTON … Continue reading

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****News Update On Sexual Assault Of Ride On Victim In Montgomery County MD**** Provided By Kevin Lewis Of ABC7 News

Woman suffers seizure, wakes up to stranger sexually assaulting her at Ride On bus stop According to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Sanchez is “unlawfully present” in the United States. ICE has since lodged an immigration detainer against the … Continue reading

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Another Pro Sanctuary, Pro Criminal Alien Police Chief In Maryland Fights Enforcing Federal Immigration Laws – Gaithersburg, Maryland – Immigration Statement from Chief Sroka

Commentary:  Yes, of course, Gaithersburg, Maryland is in Montgomery County, for which there have been many criminal acts committed by criminal MS13 gang banger’s.  It’s very odd to see such disdain for Lawful Citizens and Lawful immigrants and to be … Continue reading

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