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Maryland’s Congressional Reps Going Bonkers Over Feds Possibly Pulling Funds To Baltimore City – Congressional delegation calls Justice Department decision on crime fighting ‘unconscionable’

Commentary:  Here is the curious thing about this story.  Governor Larry Hogan actually controls the Baltimore City Jail.  First he states that the Feds need to get a warrant regarding illegal alien detainees to be held, than states that it … Continue reading

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Casa In Action, Which Is Casa De Maryland’s PAC – Goes After Governor Larry Hogan – IMMIGRANTS RALLY AGAINST HOGAN’S FAR-RIGHT ENDORSEMENT

Commentary:  Okay, first off, I am confused by which Larry Hogan we have.  A Centrist, or a true Right Wing Hardliner?  Someone please explain? Posted on August 4, 2017 One comment By Owen Silverman Andrews Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan endorsed virulently … Continue reading

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Daily Signal – How This Maryland Police Department Is Combating the MS-13 Gang – Montgomery County Maryland Should Demand County Exec, Leggett, Remove Manger and Liquorie As Inefficient

Commentary:  If you want to know the answer to this question, about Montgomery County Police Chief, Thomas “Barney Fife” Manger, all you need to do is Google the massive increase in Montgomery County MS13 brutal and savage murders and beatings … Continue reading

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Pro Casa De Maryland Supporter And Left Wing Radical, Baltimore County Exec, Kamenetz To Show Up At Towson Plaza Rally Against B32-17, Casa And Other Radical Groups Will Be In Attendance

Comment:  Read the full story by clicking the link below.  Read the list of the Alt Left Radical Groups who will be attending a rally at Towson Plaza.  If you are not sure where it is, it’s right in the … Continue reading

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Casa De Maryland Supporter – Baltimore County Exec, Kevin Kamenetz Uses Their Playbook – Vile And Hatred Language – Keep Trumpism Out Of Maryland

Comment:  With the huge defeat of Maryland’s “Trust Act”, County Exec, Kevin Kamenetz uses Hatred and Vile language in regards to our efforts to enforce 287g and federal immigration laws.  His comments are typical of the far left radical talking … Continue reading

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